Our disconnection from the elders has caused the greatest confusion and much of that can be accredited to the Papacy and their tyraid of promoting ignorance and carelessness through their false god money. In these recording you will find great truth, as with all things I ask for people to read between the lines as we will talk more about all of our true histories as this series continues and we go into neo-Universalism. We have now heard from the North/Norse, in the future we will hear the ancient story of the South, East and West also. Injoy!






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Wholly shizznizzle bop! This is some DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ish right here,can't wait for more.......

This is what i picked up off of the recording(couldnt understand a bit of the pronounciations so bare with me and the spelling is according to the way i heard him pronounce it,if anyone can find a good copy of the alphabet that would be awesome!)

ROOT LANGUAGE has 29 sounds (23 one ring and outside of this ring is 6 more sounds)

"*Eee - brick of this bock(?)

*Ah means Aser - people who live in Odenma,North Pole before ice age who speak root language.

*Bay means bory(?) - cas tel. Cas is rock in nature and Tel from cas one building on top(?)

*Cay(say) means mune-shera,moon sickle,phallus symbol related to Frey. Also means See,pronounced "C".

*Day means dark,day. Nice day to Day.

*Aye means ache(?) ake - Oak tree. All people outside of the Bock familky belonging to Oak tree.

*Ef means Frey,Freya froy(?) means seed,seed from which  all life comes from.

*Gay means grund,ground,ground we sit on.

*Ho means home. HEL,Hel is our home where we originate from.

*Eee is repeated in sound system. Two Eee in story,Eee in first and Eee tenth in sound system. Eee and Eee make eleven(11).

*Yee(?) means yalaer(?) One class of people of Vaner who go out. highest class of Van.

*Ko means kalaer(?) Second class of people.

*El means luck(?) law, Log Ic,logic,lucky in Van language.

*Em means moneh(?) moon.

*En means nurcharnan. North Star,Pole star. Also knowledge. Sound knowledge starts with "en",Knowl Edge,take the edge of one knowl,one ring,open up to all kind of things.

*Ou(?) means O den. Oden means ring.

*Pay means po-leh. north Pole south Pole.

*Quo means quadroten. Symbol for mathmatics. When you have O den,one ring,and put pole in center you get 2dimentionally "Q". When you put the whole thing in sunlight the shadow creates "Q",Ooo, Oden,and pole create "Q" symbol for mathmatics.

*Err means Ra,1st son of Bock,also moon.

*Es means Su Len,means sun. Su means mouth, Len means smile,smiling mouth.Big magic on planEt. Every child who makes sun is drawing it is with a smiling mouth :)

*Tay means tor,tor means heart. Heart friend(?) in Tors hammer.

*Uu means uurstrum,horse shoe. Uu means origin and everything comes out of one uurstrum.

*Vay means Vaner. People who live outside of Odenma who speak Van language which is based on the 29 sound of root.

 So we start the alphabet with Ah - Aser and we finish with Vay - Vaner. And inbetween is Eee. Vay-Eee-Ah...(continues with the cycle of the alphabet,twice i believe...). Outside of this ring are 6 more sounds:exis,Ouu,ceta,ooo,ahh,uhh(i have no idea if any of these six letters is spelled/pronounced correctly:)...."

Whoa! "Tay means tor,tor means heart...".I remember reading somewhere that the heart is the first self generated organ(Has a brain to give out commands to everything else). It's in the shape of a doughnut or a torus(tor=heart,us=love)"vortex ring". "Think with your heart(feeling,magnetism) and not with your head(mind/electric),sacred space,heart space,sacred heart,heart chakra,creation begins with a bit of intention and a whole lotta Love(not jove:)....implosion anyone.....just tinkin' outloud. Also wanted to show much love to Sevan for all he does and continues to do for Us. This ain't easy with all the typing, listening, retyping, relistening,relistening re...well you get it,you mos def are a one man Army yo. Wholness brothers and sisters(more than we know it...) 

Good link to check out as well:http://www.nomind.me/8/bocksaga.html.WBV!

Greetings,   wow this is the best information I have ever come across conserning sound, & the origins. Sevan I am just learning how to do simple operations & function of my computer but it is because of what I recieve from the resistance, makes me egar to learn more & more so that I might be some assistance to this cause. You have touched many lives, & my hat is off to what you have helped me get through in my life. Thanks!

You are so more than welcome Tyeesha such wonderful statements. Thank You



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