The biochemical cell salt kit - Results or Experiences.?

I am intrigued if anyone has had any results and experiences from The biochemical cell salt kit .?

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I am on my 14th day of taking the cell salts and on the 10th day I started the Bioplasma. Taking them first thing in the morning before I do anything. Waiting the 30 minutes I then drink 64 ounces of water. Note that I am taking only those that work with my birth sign. I've noticed that my workouts feel different. I can feel these shifts moving though my body. What I've also done is take a picture of areas that I'm watching for change. I'll post them on my page when this happens.

Now how about U? Wholeness

Great Day Morad,

My pantry is stocked full of cell salts and I can attest to their usefulness.  They are minerals that are the building blocks to life and they provide assistance in coming into and maintaining balance.  I've used them to assist me with sinus issues, increasing of flexibility, repair (sprains, muscle pulls) and more.  We are expecting a baby and have used the cell salts for every pregnancy symptom that we've come across.  And they've worked wonders!!

Very useful, effective and inexpensive.

I would suggest that you do some research on which cell salts assist your particular condition and move from there.


Is it also true that the salts are to be used to balance the complete body in a daily routine? Im planning on buying them.

Wholeness all... I've been taking cell salts Bioplasma for about 18 months or so now and can highly recommend them ....I use a dosage of 2 three times daily , I found it took 3 to 6 months to see the greater effects ...also try to blend your self into the idea of what they can do ( if that makes any sense to anyone !! )..I do this with all my intake now and have phenomenal results...I also start each day with some Shilajit and a brew of Chulen ...again i'm not even sure how to express the power of these elements except to say seeing is believing...!! hope this helps and good luck on your quest and all really is self....Shout out to Sevan for sharing all this !

I also found this site really useful when working with the salts...



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