Before I even begin posting this year I wanted to compile this list of the best document reading software to acquire and how to do so for free. Many have remarked about how much they have to read and how they are falling behind somewhat so here is a perfect solution which I use to cover thousands of pages a week with ease. Document reading software has made great advancements and here is the best available right now. I will have to separate the software by computer system, in this case of course MAC and PC. Let us begin. 


I personally use a Mac now however I'm proficient on both systems and often cross platforms in order to utilize the abilities of both systems. Of course PC's have a lot more software however I find that when a company chooses to make a Mac version of software it generally is a few standards above like software available on PC's.


We will talk briefly about OCR or Optical Text Recognition. There are generally two types of pdf. files you come across. OCR'd and non-OCR'd. The first means the document has been developed in some type of word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or something of that nature and when the Author finally transfered the book into pdf. format the text is recognizable because it was first generated in a digital format. 


If you happen to find a book that is in pdf. format but is Non-OCR'd or scanned basically the file has just been "scanned in" you will discover that no document reading software can recognize the words and characters until the document is put through OCR software. This means the document cannot be read because the computer is basically reading the text like a photo with no words. 


In the event your document needs to be put through the OCR process here are the top softwares for that. These are links so just click on the titles or where "here" is indicated. 

MAC - Company Website PDF to OCR X  Get it for free by clicking here, number 71 is the software you need. Be sure to install Little Snitch which stops any software from accessing the internet without your permission. You will find that by clicking here

PC - Company Website Nuance OmniPage Professional Get it for free by clicking here $500 value. :-)


Now we are ready to talk about Document and Book Readers.


MAC - Company Website Convenienceware Ghostreader This product is free for 30 days and you can install voices available on the site also for free. So far the best to me is Heather. Once the software expires you can then uninstall it, run a cleaner such as this one available for free by clicking here, and then reinstall it for another 30 days. You will find this program very useful because it can turn an entire book in to a pdf., export it to itunes, and then add it to your iphone, ipod, playlist with just a few clicks. 

Note: As a precaution pay close attention when you are using the Cleaner Software to avoid deleting files valuable to your computers functionality. 

Another great alternative for MAC's and PC's alike is Adobe Acrobat Professional which can be found for free by clicking the link proved.


Adobe Acrobat Professional for Mac


Adobe Acrobat Professional for PC  Note: Be sure to follow the instructions located on the link.


You can find the built in reader by installing the program, then clicking on the "View" tab within the software, scrolling down to, "Read Out Loud", then scrolling over to "Activate Read Out Loud". Once this is done then go to the view tab again scroll down to "Read Out Loud" once again and then click "read" and it will start playing. You can install voices such as those available by AT&T you will find those for free, for PC only by clicking here. For Mac all voices loaded from Ghostreader will appear in the "preferences" section of Adobe Professional so you can change the voice and/or speed up the reader there.

This software is sometimes more useful than ghostreader if the document itself contains foreign languages such as greek or hebrew which ghostreader has trouble deciphering. While Adobe will not decipher it either it at least skips over it while ghostereader will try to read it and thus fill an entire recording with mumbo jumbo.

You will also be able to highlight, then copy and paste Resistance Posts or save them in to pdf's and then import them in to these programs for brisk reading. Remember, use everything at your disposal. 

That should do it, I will be posting some very unique books and content this year and I would like everyone to have the opportunity to cover all the information presented in a manner that does not swamp ones lifestyle and schedule. Wholeness.

James Evans Bomar III

Developer of the Planetary Resistance 




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Brilliant ideas, Sevan. Thank you.

TYVM, your the best SevaN

To add here is a list of all available speakers. I myselffound the 16 khz voices to sound the most natural  but see for yourself first and pm me if you need help finding any of the resources

can someone please help I keep getting the message warning empty page on adobe reader

has this to with audio reader? because what had to do was reinstall it and shift the page up and down to get to work, hope this help!

Linux SW and free online OCR service (I guess this would be cross platform, mac, windows, linux, etc etc).

Here's a site reviewing different sw available for linux, you can click at the hyper link name of the app the comparison box.

Just in case there's some ppl using linux system, another one is pdf-ocr but it's command line based. If you are using ubuntu just type in the console: sudo aptitude install pdf-ocr

I now using the command line is not user friendly in the beginning at all, and there's a very reduced user base but I thought some people would benefit...  Or maybe I'm being redundant as the linux users probably already know about what I posted.

The online app: I haven't used it, so I can't speak how good is it but still, here goes:

Thanks Chava I'm on it asap

Oh, sorry Latoya, I mistakenly posted a reply to your message.  But if it had or has value for your usage I'm glad I made it :)

I guess writing wishes on new potatoes really does work  ( first  potatoes you eat after new years )  , Thanx Sevan 



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