The Basic Training of the Tao


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This post is fantastic brother! This is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to Taoism - a 101 on the practices. Much appreciated! Love and Peace to you!

WBV to you! Thank you very much for sharing! I have a book on the Tao... I have had it for a while, and this goes along perfect with where I am right now. Wholeness to you! and thanks again!!!
Thanks so much for bringing this information.  I had begun following his teachings and this is the most indepth lessons I have seen thus far.

Arrrite Whole, thank you bruddha !!

Thanks light Inside for reminding us this great resource is here wil place back at the top for any new members to enjoy thanks again brother Whole for bringing this to us.

This post is empty, are there videos? Huh come I can't see anything :(



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