The Ark of Christos and The Cloak of the Illuminati Rated: Initiate

These books obviously written by an Illuminate pacificst wanna-be are great tools in investigating the current symbols, locations, and history related to the illuminate and thier conection with Nibiru and Jesus.

Rated: Initiate

These rating are of great value and excersing wisdom at all times it key, if you are a Neopyte you should be aware Adept Level books may be very harmful to read, you have been warned. Intiate Level for the Neophyte is great for mental challenges however you should always be aware that every book is alive and speaks for itself as if it is all truth. Remember Spirituality is somewhat of a buffet, take what you like and leave the rest. We are here for you.

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thank you Sr. incresing knoledge, increasing power...
It is good Leon brought a lot of these post back alive so the new people can see what is in the archives and have a chance to acquire the information.
More tasty info, thanks 7
Pocelo je
thank you ,i completly missed this.I am not scared of the next stage.I am looking for guidance and am receiving it from the universe.The connections are getting stronger .



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