We have reached the zenith and it is now time for full disclosure, join us for this preseason episode of The 2012 Show. We will discuss one of the hottest topics being discussed today in the spiritual world, the Pineal Gland and other counterparts such as the Pituitary Gland. We will discuss what is its use and why it remains the most sought after ability of all Adepts. We will also get in to a top review of what works best for pineal gland activation. You won't want to miss this one. Wholeness

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Its an entirely different existence we are entering, one in which we will experience the highest levels of who we are and what we are capable of. On this very Planet there are special people all around us, people who have awaken Kundalini and experienced higher levels of Wholeness. This should not be confused with sparse tales of Ascended Masters, no, it is much more tangible. In the pursuit of compassion my life has led me to not only meet these various Beings from time to time but to also become one myself. In actuality this is the exact process of individual enlightenment that has always existed on Planets such as the one we are on now. All around us there appears a great deal of confusion and unrest but you are the calm in the middle of the storm and what you see occurring is the knowledge of Earth and what it has to teach its inhabitants through contrast.

I ask you to consider this, as I have discovered in the deepest ways that beauty can only be noticed in this reality when its hideous companion is somewhere in vicinity. We are learning slowly but surely to rid ourselves of this way of seeing things but for now it is much necessary for humanity to see what their choices are and to have their thoughts whether positive or negative manifest into physicality around them so they may take notice, examine, learn, experience. These "choices" only appear as such, after all, it is all one thing just made to look different here is an example; If you have ever taken a moment to watch a Sunset and witness the beauty you may for quite some time wonder why all don't desire to see such things and have chosen to confine themselves to busy cities and the hustle and bustle of life. One can easily come to the conclusion that everyone has been fooled, programmed, and cohersed to no longer connect with the organic actuality but the truth is when that need which goes beyond desire returns then nothing can hold these individuals back from reconnecting with totality, it is only a matter of time.

What you will also notice is those that have access to such environments all of their life such as many people living here in Costa Rica only long to go to places such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. This is because after seeing the beauty of nature for so long they now desire to see its opposite. If you ask such an individual if they would rather have a Mercedes and a Condo uptown in exchange for never seeing another Sunset they would make the trade immediately. This means a person would agree to no longer see the light just to have the opportunity to live in darkness. This darkness I speak of is that of the mind, not ghosts, phantoms, and demons but simply living a life were there is very little of anything that is truly alive or real.

So you see that our world is bigger than us, obviously, as it knows our extremes. In addition it also knows  that we are new Beings which also becomes apparent after awhile. Most wish to be ancient and advanced, however, that is something that must be gained and all wise people know it is not something that can be rushed just as the Sun does not rush to the end of the day but moves in a timely manner. I want more than anything to let you know that what you seek has arrived just as sure as the consistency we witness with the celestial spheres. So in short the Universe never forgot about us, it is more vice versa. We forgot to take interest in the things that truly matter, natures secrets are not just immortality as it should be clear now that the Soul is immortal. Nature has a far more advanced lesson, that lesson is learning how to be immortally happy by learning harmony. If the Planets/Gods/Organs were truly in conflict then the Universe would already be dead. This should be clear since the Universe is also the body if our Heart decides to go to war with our Lungs none will be the victor as the loser would still cause death to the entire body as it cannot function without its main components. So the perceived conflict is an illusion, something we created to exist inside of our psyche. I will tell you now, if you do not discover harmony within , you will terminate your Innerverse and have to start over.

Our existence demands that we take another breathe until the body expires, in this we have discovered that our basic job with the Universe is always fulfilled when we just breathe and exist. If you wish to show initiative you then make an effort to expand your involvement, you take on more duties, and most importantly you balance your title as a Giver and Receiver. What you will see is many people are set on "Receive Mode" all the time as they are yet to discover the advantages of giving. The fact is when you are receiving you control very little and nothing you get is truly brand new, hence the term their is nothing new under the Sun. Let us look at the word and letter (You) (U). This is the symbol of the Urn or Vessel set to receive essences such as wisdom, experience, enlightenment etc. If you did not notice our entire body is filled with water which is also very heavy. Have you ever tried to lift large water bags? So you can see that U are set up to receive direction from the Cosmos, however, the next state is for you to become a giver and to begin to work with the two in conjunction with one another. Ultimately this will bring you to a very lofty state, a space in which what you are impelled to design will be of a new kind for this special time we have now entered.


I have now seen worlds that have never been used, just waiting for Minds and Souls that are ready to enter then. There is no leaving Earth as all is here, these spaces may be difficult to find in the externalized city or town but internally you have access. My duty to you is to show you how to access these worlds that don't have a problem with their population. In fact the reason why these worlds have seldom been accessed and long for the human spirit is because they remain on a higher frequency that one must raise themselves up to in order to gain access. This should not sound like a fairytale as it is fact when you truly think about it. As I said before it is easy to create places such as Earth which is still teeming with life everywhere but it is much more difficult to tend and take care of it over prolonged periods. The parallel you will find of this in our world now is with babies, it is much more easier to create them than to take care of them. These worlds that I speak of remain on a higher frequency because there are few people who have the knowledge of how to reach them as it has not been made clear in the past, but now no longer, the wisdom is here. Earth has made a sacrifice to be a bridge for you to these worlds. In effect Earth has sacrificed her beauty in order for us to even know what that truly is. So at every point We arrive on her side. The Beginning is Near…

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Most grateful ... just what i needed to hear !!

Heavy and profound...  thanks



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