Terrorism, Christiani​ty and the Archon Demiurge Yaldabaoth



It might sound like science fiction, but it’s considered to be the Gnostic understanding of the metaphysical realities of Planet Earth. Namely – an ideological off-planet virus morphed into the three ubiquitous religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which have been used to divide, conquer and rule Terra for thousands of years through fear, intimidation and all those other reptilian stimulus-response mechanisms. [See “New (Reptilian) World Order” by Uri Dowbenko, New Dawn Special Issue 7.]
The Gnostics, by the way, were the losers in a war with Roman Christianity, a long-term focus of religious terrorism ensconced in the Vatican. And what was the Gnostics’ biggest mistake – and crime – and why were they annihilated? Because they dared to speak the Unspeakable, namely that the Christian “father-god” was not only an imposter, but also quite insane.
You can call him Yahweh. You can call him Jehovah. But the Gnostics identified him with the demented Archon Yaldabaoth, which they taught was the Judeo-Christian false god. In other words, if this “god” is telling you to do wacky things like kill those who don’t share your religious Belief System (B.S.), then there’s a good chance those “Gods Must Be Crazy.” And they are…
Therefore, it was not a very smart or politically correct move on the part of the Gnostics to point this out to the Christians. Nevertheless the Gnostics’ perspective on life is still worth examining because of its relevance today – namely their unique world-view and their model for the metaphysical realities of Planet Earth.
Religion and the Seeding of Death Culture
According to John Lamb Lash, author of Not in His Name: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief, it was this Abrahamic legacy of religion which incorporates the fear of death that carries the virus.
Lash’s brilliant analysis of mythology, religion and power politics is at once self-empowering and enlightening. And just reading his interpretation of Gnostic cosmology and wisdom-science illuminates the heart and mind because it is the counter-program to the prevalent Death Culture on Earth.
Lash’s book is a must read for everyone who is interested in spiritual and metaphysical studies, and it remains the most important reinterpretation of history, mythology and religion from the Gnostic perspective.
So where did this human proclivity for “terrorism” come from? Lash writes that the Gnostics recognised its origin in the wacky philosophy of the apocalyptic cult called the Zaddikim.
“The Zaddikite sect of the Dead Sea presents the larval form of the global terrorist syndrome of today,” writes Lash, referring to the ancient scrolls found at Qumran as evidence, adding that, “the Zaddikite ideology found in the scrolls presents the ideological infrastructure of Christian religion.”
“That Qumran was an outpost for militants fighting to free Judea from Roman occupation and not a haven for hippie-like pacifists called Essenes, was information withheld from the public by a team of scrolls scholars controlled by the Vatican,” writes Lash.
In a story-line much stranger than science fiction, the “virus” would morph many more times until it became recognisable as present day “religion.”
“The core ideology of modern fundamentalist Christianity derives from the Zaddikim of the Dead Sea and not from mainstream Judaic religion,” Lash continues. “Resurrection in a physical form identical to the living body (contrasted to some kind of continuity of soul life), transport to heaven, intervention of God the Father in history, the battle against Cosmic Evil ending in Judgment Day, and divine retribution – all these beliefs reflect Zaddik, the superhuman standard.
“In the cult of righteousness led by Melchizedek, militant and mystical elements combined into a lethal explosive mix. The Zaddikim sect self-destructed by bringing down upon itself and the entire Jewish community the military might of the Roman Empire, but their program survived and mutated into what was to become Roman Christianity. The enemies of the system became the system.”
The irony of this history is deafening, while the apocalyptic theology and its dogma of final retribution rears its ugly head with every terrorist bombing or “preemptive” strike that kills, maims and tortures humanity on earth.
So why have “terrorism” and “religion” become so closely identified in contemporary life?
“In epidemiological terms, Christianity was the pandemic vector for the ideological virus of the Zaddikim belief system,” writes Lash. “…Over centuries patriarchy mutated into a religious system based on the four components of the redeemer complex. The sulfurous pathological core of the system is terror; terror before the father god who creates the world and commands its fate; terror for those who follow the Lord’s plan and those who do not; terror for the innocent victim tormented and dominated by the perpetrator; terror for the perpetrators who will be caught out and punished by God; …terror that drives human society to a final solution, the lethal madness of a species hell-bent on its own destruction… The belief that the world can be saved by destroying it exemplifies annihilation theology.”
The “religious” fervour of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan bespeak of this theology of death that rules and dominates the planet.
Alien Trickster ‘Gods‘
Adding a bit more science (fiction) into his analysis, Lash asks – “Who is willing to consider that salvationist religion is an ideological virus insinuated in the human psyche by an alien species?”
Through first-hand experience and close encounters with UFO-ET tricksters they called Archons, the Gnostics understood the off-planet origin of the three redemptive Abrahamic religions.
So was our “Father Abraham” himself duped by “alien” tricksters?
Gnostics allowed the transmundane origin of redemptive religion – ‘Yaldabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham and made a covenant with him’ – but proposed a different way to view it. Yaldabaoth is the Demiurge, a.k.a. Yahweh-Jehovah, a demented pseudo-deity who works against humanity. This is the Lord Archon head of the legion of cyborgs…
“Demiurge” is defined by Lash as the leader of the Archons “who claims to be the creator of the material world and demands slavish obedience from his creatures,” but is actually a demented pretender or impostor who “can originate nothing but must imitate what already exists.” This might be an apt description of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its future manifestations.
And what is the result of this religious Belief System, most notably exemplified by Christianity which awaits an extraplanetary saviour, who will come from the sky and make everybody feel high, to quote the late Bob Marley? “Salvation by superhuman powers, rather than through the divine potential innate to humanity and aligned with Sophia, is the hallmark of extraterrestrial religion,” Lash writes.
“Gnostics explicitly warned that the Archons work through salvationist religion, not to destroy us, however but to deviate us from our proper course of evolution… They do this, Gnostics claimed because they envy us. Archons lack both ennoia (singular intentionality) and epinoia (moral-creative imagination) and they want to have this specific endowment of ours, to assimilate or steal it. The diagnosis of Archontic intrusion conforms in many respects to reports of people who have encountered alien entities, especially the Grays and the Reptilians.”
According to Lash, the Gnostics also taught, “if evil arises from error when error runs beyond the scale of correction, we can nip evil in the bud by deepening our awareness of error. The Gospel of Philip says ‘Ignorance is the mother of all evil.’ In a lucid passage on error theory, the Gnostic master says: ‘So long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong. But when it is recognised, it is dissolved. When it is revealed it perishes… As for ourselves, let us dig down after the root of evil which is within each of us and produces its fruit in our hearts. It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive to make us do what we do not want and what we do want we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognised it’.”
Lash writes that “the root of evil is human error, the mind mistaking itself. To defeat evil, we must unmask it by seeing its origin in the erring operations of our own minds.”
Origins of the Illuminati
The Gnostics also had a very plausible explanation for the origin of the so-called Illuminati, those behind-the-scenes puppet-masters and obsessive control freaks of society, who have been the de facto Ruling Class for thousands of years.
Lash explains that the Gnostics – or telestai as they called themselves – were initiates endowed with special knowledge in cosmological issues, who were actually “sophisticated shamans, past masters of ‘archaic techniques of ecstasy’.”
“As initiates of the Mysteries, behavioural manipulation, psychological programming and mind control were utterly repugnant to the genuine telestai of the ancient Mysteries,” writes Lash.
“Such procedures represented to them a path leading away from consecration to Sophia and the Great Work of co-evolving with nature, toward social engineering and personal power games. The goal of the telestai was to foster a sane and balanced society by helping individuals reach their peak potential, and never to interfere directly in social management.
“Over the course of time some initiates did take the path of social engineering. Dissident members of the Gnostic movement, who came to be known as ‘Illuminati,’ chose to use initiatory knowledge to develop and implement various techniques of behaviour modification. Their predecessors were known as the Magian order, an ancient Persian lineage of shamanism from which the Gnostic movement was derived…”
“Around 4000 BCE, with the rise of urban civilisation in the Near East, some members of the Magian order chose to apply certain secrets of initiation to statecraft and social engineering. They became the advisors to the first theocrats of the patriarchal nation-states, but in fact the advisors were running the show. Their subjects were systematically programmed to believe they were descended from the gods. The Illuminati inaugurated elaborate rites of empowerment or kingship rituals. These rituals were in fact methods of mind control exercised on the general populace through the collective symbology and mystique of royal authority.
“The intention of the dissident Magians to run society by covert controls was based on their assumption that human beings are not innately good enough, or gifted enough to create a human world.”
Even the term Gnostic (gnostokos) is a pejorative term invented by the so-called Church Fathers who ridiculed their rivals by referring to them as “smart ass” and “know it all.” The Gnostics called themselves “The Children of Seth.”
Lash notes that “paradoxically [even the word] ‘Gnostic’ comes down to us tainted by the condemnation of the Roman Church and associated with the very members of the Magian order who were disowned by the guardians of the Mysteries.”
The Illuminati then are the former adepts of the Mystery Schools who perverted and abused the spiritual teachings they had received in order to acquire material wealth and power, subverting their raison d’etre of life on Earth.
“The Illuminati program was (and still is) essential to patriarchy and its covert perpetrator religion,” Lash continues. “While it cannot exactly be said that the deviant adepts known as Illuminati created patriarchy, they certainly controlled it. And still do. The abuse of initiatory knowledge to induce schizophrenic states (‘entrainment’), manipulate multiple personalities in the same person (‘platforming’) and command behaviour through posthypnotic suggestion (the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ technique) continues to this day, with truly evil consequences for the entire world… These behavioural modification tools of the Illuminati were strictly forbidden in the Mysteries overseen by Gnostics.”
Thus the Illuminati were spiritual renegades and deviants who became the dominant controllers of the planet through their manipulation of patriarchal salvationist religion and a theology of terror. These former initiates of the Mystery Schools had seemingly taken the so-called left-handed path of ego-glorification and power games, rather than consecration of their lives to the enlightenment of humanity, whose goal was and always has been spiritual evolution on Earth.

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Hi Neil!

I signed a "People of Turtle Island" document with Vic Beck, Wally Dove and another fellow from Ontario in 2000. The peaceful inhabitant seems to be cut from the same cloth.

I walk the natural path as best as I can, but I ain't no angel. Besides posting that info here, I sent it to some people who are not Resistance2010 members. I got a couple replies regarding Jesus being the way and the only way to God. Here is the most detailed reply I received:


"There NO authority to  this. The writer writing such gobbly goop will ultimately choke on his own words when he himself stands alone in front of the GREAT WHITE THRONE of GOD.
There will not be any church labels nor anyone else with him. The Almighty, the Creator, will determine firstly whether he has ever recieved the free gift of salvation ( the one that cannot be determined by any good works but accepted only by faith alone.) Secondly, all his sins shall be reviewed in front of all heavenly hosts.. and they will see if he ever heard of the gospel Christ
from any of the saved saints.. or if he ever turned down the opportunity to accept Christ into his heart, that he exercised the "choice"  that God gave him- to believe that Jesus died on the cross in his place.. this is all tha matters.. all the creeps that think they have it figured out shall wither away. Christ is the only ultimate Authority. His Word stands for ever.

Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth and the light, no man comes to the Father accept by me"    it is the God that created you as a perfect human being before the fall of man when he  was given a choice to choose. It is also God who determines whether or not we are granted to take another breath by which some still speak with such pride, guilded layers of lies and sentiments of unbelief.. the Bible is historical and infalible and profound.. no man will ever be able to stamp out God's word and stop the foretold prophesies of the very near future.. The same God that is mentioned in all the 400 or so translations..is consistant with the substance tha God created all things.. by Him all things were made..
The latest man made blunder of predicting the Rapture of the believers is man's doing not God'. The Bible says that no man knows the hour, not even the angels in heaven.
Incidenlty, the Roman Catholics represent on them.

The mainstream Evangelical Chistians are not represented by the Pope or any other man except Jesus Christ. The name of a church is not as important as the substance of it's faith. There are variations of doctrine that give each church a flavor which is not always crutial to the beleif of Jesus atoning for our sins. We will all know the whole truth someday. All of man has a soul that is eternal. Mankind (individuals) will either spend it in Heaven or hell..

Religion in itself is empty.. whichout the Blessed Hope of Christ's return. It is popssble for a christian to die with the faith and beleif in Christ without ever going to church or ever having done a particular number of good deeds. Salvation is not earned. "For We are saved by grace, not of good works lest any man boast."  Ephes 2:8   Amen."


I just give these nice folks some time and then I will send them another controversial reading. Then the next time we meet, live, I will be as polite and amiable as I can be. We will share some laughs, live in the moment and then go about the constant change that is life. I really enjoyed reading the novel , "The Shack", www.theshackbook.com pretty well straight through the rainy day we had here. It touched on a lot of deep subjects in a lyrical way that focused on forgiveness. The author addressed the question/issue, Is God a Christian?,  very directly with a resounding NO! answer. Wm.Paul Young, the author, also has a Sophia character in his novel and he has cleverly exchanged her for the Jehovah type of judgmental God as opposed to the view the Gnostics held about her being the galactic center

Hi Neil!

"con-fuse-sion":  the first two parts are easy - Not-Join but the scion or sion part comes from tree nursery language where a scion is cleary defined:


"In most cases, one plant is selected for its roots, and this is called the stock or rootstock. The other plant is selected for its stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits and is called the scion. The scion contains the desired genes to be duplicated in future production by the stock/scion plant."

from here:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafting


The scion is considered the "superior branch" grafted onto an existing tree.


To me it is pretty obvious we have two species on earth. Placed here by the Seraphic angels or reptiles and allowed by the Ophanic angels ( bird angels ) to birth stars in a Seyfert arm of our galaxy that was falling apart after a long war. Birthing stars requires focused awareness and in our case awareness has been 'harvested' through coordinated global celebrations and massive death rituals timed and placed to synch with celestial alignments.


Archons, or 4th dimensional entites, ie. metaphors or memes are akin to viruses that infect the brain of God which is man's brain connection to mind - the overmind ie. collective consciousness.


Mankind and Earth's really deserves a pat on the back for the stellar work it is doing here. ( bad star pun there heehee! ) being used to accept another species which considers itself superior or the 'scion' branch that has been grafted into our reality. They feel this way because their system is very old and to them DNA change is a function of weakness. These warriors are used to establish footholds in very difficult areas where a warrior mentality is crucial to survival. Earth is a long way from galactic center.

It is all coming to a head pretty soon as the changes will reach a tipping point. Then the genepool will be harvested to carry on learning lessons and having their attention energy used in a similar life to the one they live right now - for most anyways, but for others this will be an opportunity to not follow the pack and go to an incarnation somewhere that suits them. Maybe closer to galactic center? Or maybe right through galactic center! Or maybe to Arcturus or some other star system of their choosing.


Barbara Hand Clow was heavily referenced in the original article to this thread ( linked right at the top ) and I like her opnion that the 4th dimension is one of metaphor ( from her book "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions". As an engineer by training I accept the connection to Vortex Based Mathematics or VBM that "9" offers as we replace the 'nothing' metaphor of the zero with the sideways 1 and the face on circle, the hypersphere. To me the mental virus is nothing more than a flat, duality structure that is the number system:

   ..., -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0 ,1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,... where in nature 0 and negatives do not exist. Teach the unity centered , hypersphere and vortex based math that is:

....., 1/5 , 1/4 , 1/3 , 1/2 , 1 , 2/1 , 3/1 , 4/1 , 5/1 , ....  all positive, centered at the one and this Archon virus is gone as it never existed in the first place. Just manipulated into awareness via commerce through the Bab-illu or the Atlantean black magicians hex, the gate of god.


Replace hierachy with holarchy and all external authority is gone. Rules and principles are simpler than relationships, but rules will never give you answers to the deep questions of the heart and they will never love you. Once we adopted a hierarchal math system we needed rules to protect and administer it and then we needed enforcement of rules or a system of orderthat destroys relationships rather than promoting them. We are in a "Circle" of relationship, a sphere, or viewed from the awareness of constant flow - a hypersphere. Flow fast enough and the virus will be churned into subatomic particles - the cosmic dust of Hamlet's Mill our Galactic Center. The our awareness will ride the Zuvuya on board the fractal we are synching up with as we speak.


Zuvuya explained here: http://www.holisticwebs.com/earthwizard/zuvuya.html


Wax up the board! The Zuvuya is coming! Here's my whole, Gotta Go!!!


Take care, Neil



That's a pretty lengthy article. Is it their strategy to wear down any other view by baffling them with b*******? As in, the more they say something the more it is accepted as true? You cannot have a thought without a geometric metaphor. Nassim claims that YHWH is a part of a pattern called a singularity, a black hole. We live in a black hole. All that personification mumbo is just distraction to me.

Sorry I misinterpreted your post as being your position in this issue!

Thanks for clarifying where you were coming from.

Halo Quiet*Riot!

YHWH, the tetragrammaton is explained here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSR3KelGDKA

I am not a Christian and I didn't write that info on Jesus and I don't listen to intently to those who need a messiah. Jesus isn't mine.

I prefer the truth that the individual is the messiah. Any info that forces someone to their knees is not cool with me.

"YAH is He test him."  What are you talking about???





We, the human species, may be on the verge of experiencing a "quantum leap" in evolution. So dramatic is this leap, perhaps, that it might be something akin to "ascension". At least that is the narrative we can infer from another aspect of the November 8 twin events heavily interacting with Arthur C. Clarke's classic sci-fi novel Childhood's End (1953).

Clarke in Childhood's End gives us living and breathing aliens, flesh and blood like us... except they look like demons.




They are called "Overlords" who came to oversee the "final phase" of human evolution, which is to merge with the "Overmind" - a god-like cosmic intelligence. The Overlords themselves are somehow incapable of this merger and their function in the universe is to serve the Overmind by helping other species make the cosmic transition which is one of going from beings of flesh and blood to one existing on a higher plane of existence, i.e. "ascension". The Overlords are in effect "midwives" giving assistance to those "giving birth".


In the demonic-looking Overlords we can see a clear reflection of "Lucifer" (fallen angel) which as we've seen is everywhere during this "Rebirth"/Resurrection" period around "2010".

Ritualistically then Easter/Lent/Carnival represents a period of great significance to the birthing process. ("Obama Birther" movement anyone?) Carnival in particular resonates deeply with Childhood's End as "carnival" literally means "farewell to flesh" which could have easily been slapped on the book as its title or subtitle.



Well "they" didn't remove the last one... Is there some other kind of god than a living one? Like a dead one?
 I didn't pull his comments but Yah or someone else did. He must have been embarassing someone?



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