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Wow, 2011 started with a kick like the drop in the bath tube on Inception.



The Kick from Sevan on Vimeo.


We find ourselves plunged into a fast moving reality while seeing what has been predicted come to pass. In that so much more knowledge has been gained and I find so many connections everyday. Soon I will be able to have all the time necessary to focus on bringing the A-Z 0-9 on the process of ascension and the knowledge and actions that must accompany it. 


Today's discussions is in regards to tattoos. I have often been asked what are the meanings behind tattoos and birth marks and I have spoke of branding and things that one may have gravitated to or may have been a part of in previous lives. The fact is the skin is the most holy parchment (paper).


In the books of talismans one of the most important things beyond the inscriptions themselves is the actual parchment the inscription is written on. In this case it is often mention that the virgin carcass of some sheep must be used, no pun intended. So beyond all the sinister activity we can conclude the skin is important for its organic nature in conjunction with the intent of the inscription.


What I have noticed is tattoos many people have commonly gotten are ideologies and energies that their consciousness has gotten attached to somehow on a deeper level to the point the image/idea wishes to make itself externally reflected permanently. This brings to mind immediately the amount of anchor tattoos people where getting during a recent era. And that all to familiar Panther which is generally accompanied on the same body with a cross. Jesus Ben Pantera could easily be drawn from that. 


So I started to notice 2 things. People with many tattoos seemed to have some story playing out on their skin that went far beyond the theme that they had consciously perceived to be the reason for the inking. However, that can either be here or there and what a person has tatted on them will bring much more clarity to them as of why in this grand age of realization which appears to be picking up rapidly.


My main address is what are all these new tattoos that I keep seeing on the Hollywood actors? As a connoisseur of languages I have noticed many foreign markings on the actors of today. We now know that a major part of this "new wave" is about an internal spiritual invasion. I'm starting to consider that it is highly possible many of the actors have already been completely taken over as hosts and the resident is in fact marking them. This doesn't mean tattoos are not irreversible, especially when they are just drawn on, but this gives us wonderful insight into the consciousness of the media and their esoteric branding.



1. Arabic, Hebrew, and some type of accompanying esoteric script.

2. A Binary Code/Undecipherable.


A pattern emerges....


1. Teneo Vestri Vox - Not in correct Latin order but this means "Know Your Rights". Hmmmyu could say that to the strawman again.

2. XIII - Thirteen (13) in roman numerals which there is no need to explain here amongst Resistance members as if there is not posts about that number in several places.


1. Blood, Sweat, Tears in Illuminists Reversible Ambigram Script.

2. The coordinates to the lost pyramid. Apparently Angelina really had this tattoo and then got it removed. However it shows up again on this movie which was filmed after it was reportedly removed. All that tomb raiding she has obviously found something, or should I say it found her.


1. Actor from the new Movie Skyline is abducted by aliens flashing Blue Lights "Blue Beam" as a lure before they hybridize or consume the attracted prey. The language on this tattoo, which is almost illegible, but the clearest shot in the movie is definitely alien.


If I get in to what this all means I will never finish this post today. What you are seeing here are called magical cubes accompanied with spirit and physical plane geometric diagrams. A magical cube is a cube that contains numbers that add up to equal the same thing from top to bottom left to right. Since numbers are letters these cubes are said to contain magical names due to the anomaly of the numbers. This language appears to be some type of Tamil Sanskrit Hybrid.


I have a whole dossier that is in the working in regards to the upside down triangle and the whole Avatar concept and what it means as the media is portraying it. It does me no good to spill it all here as the pictures that need to be added would not be relevant to this post. Much more to come on this.


Well well well the Seal of Marduk, Chief of the Necromicon the book of Dukes the most troublesome companions. This is from Babylon A.D. while he actually fights "Necromongers" their title in his previous movie Pitch Black. Its obvious the type of Kabalistic work involved here. Always keep in mind in most movies you have the bad side and the even worst side.




Never get Jedi mind tricked with the good guy in movies as he is simply a lighter variation of the bad guy to make one choose. Think good cop bad cop. Even in the end of Star Wars they finally learn that the person controlling the Republic (Luciferian) is the same as the one controlling the Empire (Saturnalian). That leaves the Rebels (Fallen Angels) RE - BAEL (meaning join the legions of Bael, still pronounced "Bell" who is Able which is an anagram for Bael the first to enter the beyond according to rabbinical lure). Remaining you have the Separatist "Draconian" Ashkanazi serpents feeding on everything lowed in the frenzy they can capitalize on with the backing of Emperor Palpitine who is the  Star Wars version of the Pope.



Here we go again.

Here on the film Repo Men employees receive a very foreign looking mark to denote rank and affiliation. There is talk of an "M-5" neurological implant in this movie that is supposed to make a person that is inserted with the device live in a perpetual dreamworld. Truth or Fiction?


A side note. Since we covered very briefly currency on the Real Matrix video series I think there is a heavy correlation with why we went from using paper money to now plastic (credit cards). Many are avoiding the idea of being chipped and tagged but yet they find it has already been done in an entirely different way. The purpose of the Resistance is to allow individuals to learn how to go beyond what they have done in error as there is no such thing when it becomes a lesson and that is the name it is then given.

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I have been looking heavily into getting a tattoo recently, however, I would really like your input before I make a final decision. I wanted to get the Sanskrit text for the word love on my left upper arm and gratitude on my right upper arm. I have already researched the words I am going to use (Sanskrit has many ways of saying both), and I will more than likely use black ink. Some things I have been reading, and have come to know as true are somewhat clashing and opposing. I have read that at least one person felt that while doing qi gong he could feel the sites of his tattoos because they felt dead. This goes along with what I have read about blocking meridians or overstimulation of energy centers in the body.

However, on the other hand, I have read about many ancient cultures partaking in tattooing and that it helped to amplify their "power" in one way or another. The reason I chose those words, besides the fact that it reminds me to be loving and gratuitous, is based on Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on water crystallization. And since our bodies are around 70% water...well it seems to make sense to imprint the water with positivity. And because we are made with around 70% that lends credit towards the fact that we are holographic representations of the earth, which has ley lines (meridians), which can be used to free or dominate people. What do you think? I appreciate your help!!!!!

You definitely bring up some good points, thank you for your reply, Ayzik :)

and there are those who love them for the body is a vehicle only, and adorning the symbols and art that holds most true to your soul is a great thing, no other creature here on this plane with us can relate or choose to feel the pain by choice for right of colouring our temple, It is self expresion and self honnor, it is our right to play god and we have every oppertunity to know and understand the choices were given, liveit and breath it, life is our playground

Would love to know more about this, I would love to know the real reason I was drawn to get the tattoo I got

Egpytian Scarab.......u mean Khepera from Kemit....the symbol for rebirth....



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