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Wow, 2011 started with a kick like the drop in the bath tube on Inception.



The Kick from Sevan on Vimeo.


We find ourselves plunged into a fast moving reality while seeing what has been predicted come to pass. In that so much more knowledge has been gained and I find so many connections everyday. Soon I will be able to have all the time necessary to focus on bringing the A-Z 0-9 on the process of ascension and the knowledge and actions that must accompany it. 


Today's discussions is in regards to tattoos. I have often been asked what are the meanings behind tattoos and birth marks and I have spoke of branding and things that one may have gravitated to or may have been a part of in previous lives. The fact is the skin is the most holy parchment (paper).


In the books of talismans one of the most important things beyond the inscriptions themselves is the actual parchment the inscription is written on. In this case it is often mention that the virgin carcass of some sheep must be used, no pun intended. So beyond all the sinister activity we can conclude the skin is important for its organic nature in conjunction with the intent of the inscription.


What I have noticed is tattoos many people have commonly gotten are ideologies and energies that their consciousness has gotten attached to somehow on a deeper level to the point the image/idea wishes to make itself externally reflected permanently. This brings to mind immediately the amount of anchor tattoos people where getting during a recent era. And that all to familiar Panther which is generally accompanied on the same body with a cross. Jesus Ben Pantera could easily be drawn from that. 


So I started to notice 2 things. People with many tattoos seemed to have some story playing out on their skin that went far beyond the theme that they had consciously perceived to be the reason for the inking. However, that can either be here or there and what a person has tatted on them will bring much more clarity to them as of why in this grand age of realization which appears to be picking up rapidly.


My main address is what are all these new tattoos that I keep seeing on the Hollywood actors? As a connoisseur of languages I have noticed many foreign markings on the actors of today. We now know that a major part of this "new wave" is about an internal spiritual invasion. I'm starting to consider that it is highly possible many of the actors have already been completely taken over as hosts and the resident is in fact marking them. This doesn't mean tattoos are not irreversible, especially when they are just drawn on, but this gives us wonderful insight into the consciousness of the media and their esoteric branding.



1. Arabic, Hebrew, and some type of accompanying esoteric script.

2. A Binary Code/Undecipherable.


A pattern emerges....


1. Teneo Vestri Vox - Not in correct Latin order but this means "Know Your Rights". Hmmmyu could say that to the strawman again.

2. XIII - Thirteen (13) in roman numerals which there is no need to explain here amongst Resistance members as if there is not posts about that number in several places.


1. Blood, Sweat, Tears in Illuminists Reversible Ambigram Script.

2. The coordinates to the lost pyramid. Apparently Angelina really had this tattoo and then got it removed. However it shows up again on this movie which was filmed after it was reportedly removed. All that tomb raiding she has obviously found something, or should I say it found her.


1. Actor from the new Movie Skyline is abducted by aliens flashing Blue Lights "Blue Beam" as a lure before they hybridize or consume the attracted prey. The language on this tattoo, which is almost illegible, but the clearest shot in the movie is definitely alien.


If I get in to what this all means I will never finish this post today. What you are seeing here are called magical cubes accompanied with spirit and physical plane geometric diagrams. A magical cube is a cube that contains numbers that add up to equal the same thing from top to bottom left to right. Since numbers are letters these cubes are said to contain magical names due to the anomaly of the numbers. This language appears to be some type of Tamil Sanskrit Hybrid.


I have a whole dossier that is in the working in regards to the upside down triangle and the whole Avatar concept and what it means as the media is portraying it. It does me no good to spill it all here as the pictures that need to be added would not be relevant to this post. Much more to come on this.


Well well well the Seal of Marduk, Chief of the Necromicon the book of Dukes the most troublesome companions. This is from Babylon A.D. while he actually fights "Necromongers" their title in his previous movie Pitch Black. Its obvious the type of Kabalistic work involved here. Always keep in mind in most movies you have the bad side and the even worst side.




Never get Jedi mind tricked with the good guy in movies as he is simply a lighter variation of the bad guy to make one choose. Think good cop bad cop. Even in the end of Star Wars they finally learn that the person controlling the Republic (Luciferian) is the same as the one controlling the Empire (Saturnalian). That leaves the Rebels (Fallen Angels) RE - BAEL (meaning join the legions of Bael, still pronounced "Bell" who is Able which is an anagram for Bael the first to enter the beyond according to rabbinical lure). Remaining you have the Separatist "Draconian" Ashkanazi serpents feeding on everything lowed in the frenzy they can capitalize on with the backing of Emperor Palpitine who is the  Star Wars version of the Pope.



Here we go again.

Here on the film Repo Men employees receive a very foreign looking mark to denote rank and affiliation. There is talk of an "M-5" neurological implant in this movie that is supposed to make a person that is inserted with the device live in a perpetual dreamworld. Truth or Fiction?


A side note. Since we covered very briefly currency on the Real Matrix video series I think there is a heavy correlation with why we went from using paper money to now plastic (credit cards). Many are avoiding the idea of being chipped and tagged but yet they find it has already been done in an entirely different way. The purpose of the Resistance is to allow individuals to learn how to go beyond what they have done in error as there is no such thing when it becomes a lesson and that is the name it is then given.

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wow awesome... I am about to get a new tattoo LOL no worries, none of the above ;) loll
Anything technique that can harm also has the potential to empower, it is a matter of the wielder.
Amazing post 7!  ;)


(Click to Enlarge)

Express Clothing releases this season its new clothing line titled LVTHN which is of course the cabalistic value for Leviathan. "Loyal to Leviathan seems to be the message they are attempting to convey. Its becoming very clear to me that we will see in our near future more factions, more clicks, that have come together under a common Sigils utilizing the power of the Mark. Seekers should keep their third eye open at all times and keep guiding your ship to pure unadulterated energy.


Everything is unfolding in the reality just as predicted by the cabalistic controllers. The greatest footage that we will gain is to first comprehend the system that is being used and then find the antidote. I do see a great deal of awakening reaching various people or what is called "revelation" however do keep in mind after one "finds out" they began a greater quest called, "what should I do about it".

for some reason the embeded code isnot working on this post here is the ;ink ot the video > powerful tattoo 



"Vi veri veniversum vivus vici" Meaning > "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe".


The peaks of the Paed Tidt Tattoo symbols the 8 directions of out universum. It is a stong protection tattoo, which protects you specially when you are on a journey. For every cardinal direction there is a special Kata to pray, to activate the power of the tattoo.
The Tattoo monk Luang Pi Nunn from the temple Wat Bang Phra chooses the Paed Tidt tattoo. Now the monk tattooes carefully the body.

Yantra (यन्त्र) is the Sanskrit word for "instrument" or "machine". Much like the word "instrument" itself, it can stand for symbols, processes, automata, machinery or anything that has structure and organization, depending on context.

One usage popular in the west is as symbols or geometric figures. Traditionally such symbols are used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, enacting and/or concentrating on a yantra is held to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yantra




A Yantra tattoo is a form of magical tattoo. It was once widely practiced throughout Asia - most commonly in Cambodia where the tattoo's purpose is primarily for self-protection. Many Cambodians believe that yantras have magical powers to ward off evil spirits. It is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to ensure good fortune with these sacred tattoos. With the ever increasing modernization this practice is becoming less common. Despite Cambodia’s modernity, its culture is still pervaded by superstition and its religious traditions are quite tolerant of these older beliefs.


With yantra tattoos as practiced in Cambodia the relationship between the tattoo artist and person being tattooed is that of master and disciple, a relationship that continues throughout both their lives. The symbols the master uses, copied from his masters, are always close at hand for reference, and are specifically chosen to fit the disciple’s personality.

Yantras or symbols imbued with magical powers are usually obtained from a religious person or monk. The tattoo artist guarantees that the person cannot receive any physical harm as long as they follow certain conditions. A person is not supposed to talk to anyone for three days and three nights. There are usually two elements which make up these tattoos; one is a geometric pattern or yoan (yantra in Sanskrit) and Vedic chants known as muon (mantras in Sanskrit). The practice, rooted in pre-history, has gradually integrated elements of Hinduism and Buddhism.


Once the yantra tattoo is finished it must be consecrated. The master and disciple light five candles and five incense sticks representing the five incarnations of the Buddha. The master places petals, incense, perfume and betel leaves inscribed with protective enchantments into a silver container with water.

Those with traditional tattoos may not show pride or arrogance, steal from others, take more than one wife, eat dog meat, or walk under houses (traditionally Cambodian houses are built on stilts). If these rules are broken, the tattoo’s power is lost, becoming "like a drawing on paper." Sometimes disobeying the rules can even result in madness.

Yantra tattoos are also popular in Thailand and is also written in ancient Khmer and Pali text. Most notably it is widely recognized that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has had yantra tattoos done. Although many people believe that the underlying power and meaning of yantra tattoos will disappear and be replaced by empty aesthetics.


* so it makes perfect sence that angelina is WAY IN THE KNOW, the question is how far has she gotten in the know? (how far in the rabbit hole is she and what side does she play in?) well is obvious in the type of roles she plays in movies...


Yantra tattooing is a traditional Thai, Khmer, Lao and Burmese practice using beautiful and intricately designed yantras for good luck, fortune, strength and protection.

Traditionally, yantra tattoos were borne by those in dangerous professions such as soldiers and elephant mahouts. They were applied by Buddhist monks, some of whom achieved great fame for their work. More recently, commercial tattoo masters (site in Thai) have become popular, and the tatooed have included gang members, westerners, and movie stars.

The methods and implements used are often still very simple. Assistants hold the person being tattooed steady, a design is transferred to bare skin, a bamboo or iron skewer is sharpened with sandpaper, dipped in ink and then repeatedly and quickly jabbed into flesh. Fine control is achieved through the guidance of the artists other hand, and sometimes foot.

Designs, however, might be simple but are often not. Many designs have very specific meanings and effects, and require the intonation of particular mantras to acquire their power. Famous designs include: the five lines yantra (as seen on Angelina Jolie); the nine spires yantra and the eight directions yantra. Yantras that include figurative imagery include: Phra Narai Song Khrut (Lord Vishnu on Garuda above Rahu); Hanuman; and Ganesh.

For anyone seeking a yantra tattoo, Thailand is probably your destination of choice. In particular, Wat Bang Phra is renowned for the number of masters working there. > but there is always "WHOLE" from the resistance, yours truely UR tattooist! :) /div>
I am telling you this next phase is pure creation we are taking this universal next tattoos will be cymatic symbols with ancient skripture.. "POWER"

I was wondering if getting a Tattoo does any harm to our light bodies? Also I was thinking about getting a Tattoo saying "Only God Can Judge Me" but would I not be referring to the Most High although I truly believe in It.

Its a prison tattoo, Im sad to say, Its definatly an anger a judgment of the system, though I thing "god" is a shallow word, and its not the most high who makes the judgment anyway, its you

Brilliant I am a tattoo artist and Im well aware of the mana and responsablity I descovered the Karma when 2 artists i trained betrayed me, I fired one for theft the other for grose neglegance and 1 broke his tattoo arm that day and the other fell through a window and tore the tendans from the tattoo arm, the universe saying with inscibing in flesh comes great honners and great punishment for ignorance, I have found i need to know the meanings and understand the symbols im carving because the blood is the life,  the same reason Runes were carved in the blood of the Vitki "mage". Thats where my souls path came the knowledge Is in my soul, I was tattooing befor i left school its a soul memory, when some asks how you become a tattooest I say you dont, its a given right. earnt by soul responsibility. It is truly an honer to mark the symbols in flesh, and must be done with great care. It changes your light body, it also changes the planetry and solar body, it can impower and corrupt, your carving in blood and that gives it life behond life. just writing this in getting tingles own my spine and in my hair, there Is power in these words.

What do you guys think of tongue bifurcation? I always thought splitting my tongue would be cool, but never wanted to because of the relation to that of a serpent.

the human genes are serpent with varying amounts in individual, why hate it, its part of us now. lat the duality of the separation fall away and the oneness build from with in, celibrate it. with undersatnding come enlightenment,

Feel remorse for those who have fallen into corruption, there souls are lost, in there beneficence they benefit not.

though the DNA is not to blame here.

There is an immense amount of energy put into body modification. It is an art form, a shamanistic experience a way to not just modify your body but empower your Soul should you choose to take the process seriously. We often forget that the real Power lies in the process or getting tattooed or modified. It is your Trial, so to speak. What is left is an ARTifact. A symbol of the experience and something that will stay with you. 

I would also caution against getting tattoos of your Zodiac signs and/or Tarot cards and the like as you will permanently draw upon that energy. 

What's also great is the ability of modern people to incorporate body modification into a ceremonial setting. We end up tapping into the memory encoded into out life force, ties to our Ancestry and overall sense of connection to the past, present and future. It's quite an amazing experience. 



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