Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male And Female Sexual Energy

Stripped of the religious deities , customs and traditional cover.
The innerstanding of how to cultivate male and female sexual energy.

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From page 304..."if a woman and a man have intercourse on Saturday night and she has fertile mucus but doesn't ovulate till Tuesday, she could get pregnant some time on Wednesday."

That is news to me and, if true, something we all should be aware of.
The knowledge I found to be of great help for those trying to achieve total knowledge of the body and its functions. I am currently trying to center all of the information I study into one . I am not practicing Qigong as of yet , but as for the Taoist sexual cultivation, I have had great results from just a few sessions . My body is stronger when I properly conserve my life force essence and the meditation to bring the energy up the spine you can feel.

For me at first and I am still struggling with it now the force seems to get stuck in the neck area sometimes building up a pressure. I would love to hear similar experience of any who practice any form of cultivation . yoga , tantra, ect.
Much thanks. I do plan on practicing Qigong just been researching it.
Lamond Haugton I got to thank you. I just went over the content of this book and I was like "wow". Master Chia teachings is very closed to Master Samael AunWeor about the power of sexual energy. I was felt that sexual energy can be used for spiritual purpose. Most guy can relate to that, don't u feel more condident during the day when you have the urge or when you just wake up in the morning with an erection. Back in the day when I am going to a job interview i make I stay away from sexual activities in order to build up my sexual energy. I got to tell, the interviewer can sense, in a subtle level, the confident power you have at the moment. I cannot explain it but this book can shed some great light on the subject.
All are welcome ,knowledge is to share. These fundamental processes of the body has been far misunderstood for too long. Sexual understanding and knowledge is stuck at the mechanical function level for most of our society but this book like many other spiritual fields of thought explains the connective nature of all things . Particularly sexual energy is the most primal forces as it creates life ,sustains life through cellular division and is life in all its expressions ( dual nature in the universe). Understanding this dual nature (yin and yang , negative and positive) ( through cultivate practices) allows us to create harmony throughout what ever we seek to create.

I have some more book by the same author will be uploading more soon.
On one note Black Men especially will benefit from teaching as such and i believe it will be a part of our finding our way back to self knowledge . Love the interest your have brother LIGHTONE.
Thank you so much!

These books are amazing, have you submitted them to the general library? 



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