Taking advantage of existing technologies not living up to their potentials

One thing I have been amazed with is the Tibetan Culture. Although what most people know about Tibetan people is not the heart of what they are really manifesting. They have for hundreds of years engineered sustainable communities called "Gars" which function as spiritual hubs for individuals to learn from masters who have in turn done their own years of study under a master (golden mean ratio-infinite compression). These communities allow families and individuals the opportunity to put age old passed down teachings into practice and have valid experiences themeselves for appropriate feedback, using these guideposts they can understand whether their practice is functioning properly- They are working with many variables such as sound, light, or lack there of (dark retreat) statues filled with certain gems and herbs activated by certain frequencies in the presence of certain variables in the past (again fractal compression embedding)- to achieve certain geometries and frequencies. Many people will assume I am talking about Buddhism but the knowledge of Tibet precedes Buddhism entirely and they actual findings are that the buddha forms are geometries actually embedded within the fabric of reality, which go further into different forms and arrangements when pursued. I would love to create a blog or discussion thread about certain mantras, shamanic tools and practice supports as to how they relate or if they can be related in physical engineering terms of electricity and magnetism. 

Also as far as existing technologies and to have them better serve us I have had the thought of doing what the Tibetans do and apply that (spinning mantras) to anything that we would spin today which would include Car Rims (busses taxis, all cars, trucks etc.) Bicycles, industrial plant devices that use large spinning turbines or containers (cement trucks)... 

I would love some feedback around this idea, and if there are certain geometries or symbols that when spun give off greater harmonic resonance than Tibetan Mantras do- also would love anyone who is versed in the field of mantra to say what their thoughts are on these mantras and how useful are they for us to accomplish integrating with Totality


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This is a very interesting nest of topics, thankyou for sharing and I look forward to hearing some responses~



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