there isnt too much info out there on these rare space stones. i managed to score a set and have some on the way. i am excited to feel the energy of these stones, esp moldavite since people have strong reactions to that stone.


anyone have any experience with these ?

should i make a piece of orgonite from these ? i have a feeling thats never been done before...


if i can score another set i might want to pour some orgonite, i have a feeling that the synergy 12 with gold flakes, and iron oxide will be super powerful, but im not sure they will emit the right energy.



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moldavite is the only one i have of the 12 and ,it is very small but i cycle energy through it just about daily .Sometimes i hold it under my tung.I have had interesting effects with poeple when showing it to them they do react,especially some of the more perceptive.I head that using moldavite for orgone isnt so great cause it likes to be alone but i dont know.I havnt felt the urge to put my one peice in there yet so i wont. I know one crystal i have been using latly that is good for orgone that is the selenite there are many kinds some that grow in water and some that disolve in water,i usually go with the more see through crystals.anyway good luck i hope to hear how it goes for ya

I would agree with Raymond in regards to moldavite seems to like being used by itself.  It does tend to dominate; however, some of the synergy crystals do work well with it as well as some other stones.   Also, silver and gold jewelry with moldavite is great.  However, I am careful where and when I wear my moldavite earrings.  For example, I do NOT wear them to work or if I am going to hang out with friends at the pub.  It tends to amplify feelings-both good and not so good.  I do wear them when I am hanging with kindred spirits in a non-public setting or while doing outdoor activities such as in woods.  Meditating, shamanic journeying, and any type of energy work can be enhanced with moldavite also.

Personlly, I would not put them in an orgone piece.  Not saying you couldn't use moldavite. It is just that I would use others for that.  Moldavite is incredibly expensive.


Robert Simmons, author of the book, "Stones of the New Consciousness"  had this to say:

"Moldavite has the ability to enhance and accelerate the benefits of many different stones.  It works well with all types of quartz, amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Charoite, Lapis, Larimar, Rhodochrosite, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Pietersite, selenite, and most other gem stones.  For healing purposes, it works well with Saraphinite.  For enhanced visionary experiences, Herkimer Diamonds are a good ally.  Use with Libyan Gold Techtite will increase power of third chakra. It works with all of the synergy crystals."




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