(the herbs used are for curing internal ear problems such as Tinnitus, but any herbs can be used in the process)

for a 1 month supply you will need:

Goldenseal   45 grams   (crushed powder)
Coffea Cruda    30 tablets    (the small round pill ones you can usually find at Whole Foods) (crush the pills up to a powder as well)
Ginkgo Biloba    21.6 grams    (crushed powder or buy the pills at the supermarket and crush them yourself with a mortar & pestle)

#1 Crush all herbs and mix them in grain alcohol in a jar

#2 Close the jar with a tightly closed lid.

#3 Stick in fridge for 2 weeks to let magnetic absorb (you can also shake it daily to keep it all mixed up)

#4 Take it out (keep the lid on tight!), Put it on hotplate (with the lid still on tight) and heat it at 150-160 F for 2 weeks

#5 Strain off herbs, set the pulp aside, keep your modified alcohol!

#6 Take pulp and put it in a ceramic crucible, heat it to WHITE ash using a frenel lens (or just heat it on a stove in a few stainless steel sauce cups, put the sauce cup on center of burner and turn the flames up high and give it 1 hour or so until your powder is very WHITE, the whiter the more purified it is)

#8 Put white ash in a jar with 1 oz or so of distilled water (I use water I buy at the grocery store! Or could use alkaline water)

#9 Close the jar tight with a lid and heat this on a hotplate at anywhere between 150-160 F for 2 weeks.

#10 Take off hotplate and filter out ash, you should have crystallization occurring in your water, this is the electric property of the herb I believe we have just extracted. (you can dump the ash at this point! or keep the ash to make more of this water!!)-keep the ash, This is the alchemical Salt of the herb. you can also use it to make a philosophers stone of the herb later.

#11 Unite this filtered water (electric) with the modified alcohol (magnetic) and you will immediately see something amazing ! the stuff appears out of no where and it heats up nicely, Congratulations! you made it! :) now you can use a few drops under your tongue once a day before you go to sleep at night to cure the ringing in your ears. :)

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Hi there,

thanks for posting, will this tincture be an on going thing you need to take or after some time will the ears heal, I have had constant ringing in the ear for many years, at the start it was hard, but now im able to fade it to background noise and generally dont notice it a whole lot unless I get sick, so I make sure I dont get sick, haha! Im a bit unsure about heating it for 2 weeks? would that be like on a heat pad you would use for garden seeedlings?

thanks again

Hi Anthony,

I would recommend buying an electric hotplate at walmart like this one


also get some canning jars, plastic lids, white teflon tape and sand, pour the sand on the hotplate and set your jar on top of the sand. this will allow an even heat distribution. use the teflon tape to seal the lid to the jar better, wrap it around the glass threads before you screw on your plastic lid.

This is a nice medicine and it should cure your tinnitus if you take it once every night, the trick is making enough of it to last you...Herbs get expensive, but the trick in alchemy is energizing those herbs so you don't have to buy as much :D and they end up working faster too! I would recommend taking 1 dropper full before bed each night, you can also re-energize the herbs if you repeat the process with your new salt I'm sure, but I havn't tried this! :) Good luck!! Let me know how goes dude :)

Wholeness Delphinny!

Any possibility of this being on the market for sale? I see that you had originally posted this discussion over a year ago. Have you received any testimonies? Although in my case this just flares up off and on, however, it seems to be occurring more frequently now.  I'm at a point where I am ready to try just about anything!

Sorry I am not set up with enough equipment and materials to be able to market this otherwise I would at the drop of a hat! but I am now working on more powerful medicines such as the Oil of Metals via Solar alchemy works..Off topic but I am looking for anyone with access to Yale University Library to get a book on the Solar Alchemy stuff, anyone know of anyone with access to Yale library? Thanks!! :)

Thanks delphinny i'll definitely get on with this! :)

What other kinds of organic material will this work with , try apply this to the DMT chemistry could possibly extract a new part of the molecule . Just a thought , ive never heard of using ash , very interesting .

DMT is a very strong substance that triggers something in a person to be able to see beyond their own perception already, I don't know if it would be safe but I wouldnt recommend it, at the same time I would be very curious of your reports on any additional results. Everything has a Salt/Sulfur/Mercury and can be raised in a vibrational sense, so it should work. :) Be careful with the dosage!! Try diluting it in water perhaps at first to know the dose

and feeding it to an animal or someone who volunteers (experienced psychonaut)



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