It's me again :) this time I wondering about super greens. Sevan spoke about growing these greens in one of his radio shows. I am curious if there is another name for these greens so that I know the greens to purchase. The seeds and growing trays, has anyone started growing? Maybe you can shine the light on how to get the seeds and the location to buy the trays to grow them, as well as any pointers or suggestions. I'd really like to start partaking in these super food greens daily and as soon as possible
Thank you in advance. Peace is with you all brothers and sisters:)

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sprouting seeds..? what video was it on.

but i am sure its

will help they have every seed you can sprout super live foods yes 100%


Wholeness Lindsay,

I have been away, and now see your queery.
For myself, I have for a long time, had a relationship with nature, not always in a way one assumes.

I note the ambiance of the plant and interract, I sing, breathe my warm breath into plants, tenderly handling seeds and beans as though they were babies..

Do you know, after you innerjoy the mango, you are left, with a hairy seed... within this seed, is a beautiful fetus of perfect Fibonacci sequence life.... you can find many videos on youtube in the loving art of mango growing, growing 'mango babies',

One can, if climate is suitable, put into fertile soil.. otherwise, carefully place on tissue that has warm water in... keep warm. 

All, life form, to me, can be nurtured.. and it blossoms...and as we interract with all of the universal energies that are so multi dimensional,

so, we too, blossom.

A tray, a small dish, can have some tomatoe seeds in that you are eating.  So many living foods that we eat, have seeds, roots, some part of them that is awaiting opportunity to transform into other form...

Alfalfa Seeds, are very small, and you can grow them in a jar, anywhere, or, if you are really wanting to grow to farming the trays, they simply need water and
however....the quality of water fed.. the environment and treatment that a seedling has, like a long ago sharing, of seeds falling upon rocks, dry ground, artificial.. rich growth..  We can determine, as in all we come into contact with, I believe, the levels of energy we wish to give, maintaine, use, grow.... It is cycles, that respond, and grow, with love.... it is a way of being - an 'ALL INTERACTING ESSENCE.'

For You and I, are also.....LifeForce.

So, remember to programme the water, crystals, nature to nature....and all...respond, with Love.

Alfalfa Sprouts, you can get tierd trays, with a lid, containers especially for these super foods.

They have the bottom that collects water and helps create the right environment.
One can use:,

Mung Beans, Lentils, Peas, Alfalfa Sprouts, Vegetable Sprouts, and Many  more, try your seed seasonings, like Fenugreek, and Mustard, and generate your own crops, Just this week, I gave some of my crop of Mustard Seeds away to a neighbour.  Beautiful yellow flowers, that attract bees and wildlife, and the seedpods follow.

Have fun interracting with your seeds, wheat grasses, babies ;)




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