I was hoping someone could shed some light on the following experience I have when meditating especially when I'm concentrating on my Chakra's.

As I work my way up my body I get a sort of vibrating/tingling sensation in my whole body and its stronger in the centre of my forehead just above the brow. The deeper I go with the meditation the stronger the sensation gets. It also happens without meditation but only when I'm very conscious and aware of my presence.

I'm pretty new to meditation and I'm just finding my way with it so I was hoping somebody could possibly explain this for me.

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What does the vibration do? When this occurs should I be doing something?
and when I'm finished meditating, my whole body seems to stiffen up and I could barely open my hands. I'm trying to prevent the stiffening, but if this is a good thing I guess I shouldn't be trying to avoid it.
Okay now I realized what the vibrations are. If your vibrations are very strong you would be able to ascend to higher planes,dimensions, etc. I also realized in this physical realm our vibrations are very low.
Is it possible for one Chakra to take over your emotions and actions. I feel as if there is an imbalance on one of the Chakra's and its changing my mood and the way I look at things, but as always, I'm unsure.
i suggest you try to find material about kundalini, Samael aun weor helped me to get some knowledge about it. try to find his:, mysterys of fire, im a swede (known to be stupid. :-) so i dont know if thats the title in eng.
Maybe someone could help me too . I want to know what it means and if other people experience this .When I practice yoga in a specific pose called Tree Pose the second I lift my arms and open them I get into a state hard to explain in words my focus goes into one point my mind gets cleared up everything is like a white blur I do not feel sick I feel very light and detached of physicality..I always think I can get further with it it just needs more time but everybody moves to other pose so i have to get out of the pose that takes away everything I experience. I control it as I know how it feel to go in and I can come out of it ..it feels good like a trans it feels like a portal like if I go to the next step something awaits for me .... Could anybody let me know what this is and if they have experience it before and when ?/?
This is caused by a particular organ vibrating and thus you are feeling the effect. They key is to go further and see what is there. As everyone is different once one hits a higher state they most likely see or feel something very different than others. Practice doing this alone for a longer time until you reach the magnitude of it, then report back here and tell Us what happened.
Thank you for this reply I will do it and report back . Thank you for a great Blod and a great Book that I am trying to send it to as many people as I can .
You are more than welcome Cris We are in constant action to do more.

Expanding innerstanding same question eye had on vibrations..wow...love getting answered right here

From my innerstanding, vibrations happen when I raise my frequency...it's focused intentionally, other times it just happens when I least expect it. It can happen during any altered state of consciousness. OOB's are one experience. I personally have had vibrations during meditation sessions, yoga, dance, during ritual majick, and during psychonautic quests using various entheogenic plants, specifically Salvia Divinorum. There is a particular buzzing hum...a certain vibration all It's own that comes on at the beginning of a Salvia experience. To me, it's the sound or resonation that one hears/feels at the tearing of the veil between dimensions.

Let it flow and see where It takes you. You might be surprised and find yourself ascended one day ;)
Thank you for the inspiration brother, Peace and love.
Take a look at Chakra Yoga book that is available on this site you will gain innerstanding from it.




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