i went out last night to watch the olympic opening ceremony on tv with a friend. When i got back home late, i heard at one point a blop in my right ear, It is quite quiet and relaxing, and I have been hearing it off and on all day, seemingly when I move, but there is no definite direction or cause for it. It doesn't feel negative in any way, but it kind of wakes me up, or activates my consciousness. I'm really not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

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Actually no, but seeing as I have viewed your comment, I felt it would be at least polite to respond otherwise it feels like you are just speaking into the dark and no one is listening. You can feel isolated.  I have many strange things that happen to me that I cannot explain such as when i'm at work I get nudges from things that are not there that wake me up  just in time to see something important that I may otherwise have missed.  My experience and yours may be spiritual or may be something to do with perhaps overloading the nervous system. I am not a doctor but maybe you are stressed but may not know it. I read somewhere that low frequency can have an effect on the liquid in the ear but check out your day and see if you were exposed to very loud or high frequency sounds. These comments are not intended to be offensive in any way. As Sevan would say wholeness and balance vibrations... I think that's it.

For me the third ear (inner ear) is a vastly underdeveloped sense on most people, so first don't panic.

I would advise exploring when it happens and why, what information or insights you can decipher from its arrival or use.

The uses I have found for these signals or noises.

To track my frequency, to see if its high or low, and how its doing. This is a soft, light ringing which happened when I first started perfecting my body and life.
To hear another's frequency, I've only heard this a few times, but its a great warning signal if something you don't want around is around.

To feel the deepening and relaxation of consciousness, in a rush of air in waves, like entering a tunnel. Its helpful as sometimes I don't realise an activity has done it, and this reminds me of what the state I was in was.

There is a fourth use I am not yet accustomed too, like a build up of energy in the ear, but I am still working out its purpose - possibly it is related to the crystalisation of a chakra.

Finally on the negative side, there is a suggestion that when certain frequencies are played, an external source is hitting you with a frequency, odds are this has been going on for some time, so no need to panic but investigation is warranted. It could well be a positive or negative suggestion.

do research on ringing in the ears, voice projection technology and project blue beam. interesting you mention the olympics, there is a bigger story there.  keep in mind you have the power to heal yourself and protect yourself from all psychic and technological attacks.  i have firsthand experience with the technology and dealing with other dimensionals. be well, much love. WBV. 

Well it did stop after 3-4 days, but did seem to keep me in the here and now, which perhaps was its purpose. 

Great advert by the way, it is amazing that they can find a drug which can positively affect hairs in the cochlea, but can't find anything to cure cancer or tobacco addiction :P

Anyway it has given me an idea, to send some 432 Hz sounds from youtube to my sister who suffers from awful tinitus at times. Do you think that those who do suffer are ones who are being purposely depressed, or are so much more sensitive than the rest of us?

I can only speak from my personal experience.  I have been targeted over the years because I am exra sensitive, as have many others.  I think the difference between myself and those who suffer attack, may have something to do with my own personal protection fields.  Bottom line, I think thats what it boils down to, especially in cases of psychic attack and abductions.  A person has to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to resist such attacks.  In such cases, a person may have to use extra measures to combat illness and attack.  Mind over matter.  Hope that helps.  Please let me know if there is more I can do to help.  I would be happy to read for her.  I can tell if its a natural or personal attack and what she would need to do personally to deal with it.  Everything happens for a reason.  Love.



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