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It Might be a Stupid Question but i was not able to Find Answer for this.

I Performed Exorcism in my dreams,it was about Girl who was in trouble Later she got help from local chruch  i was standing near by her and she was staring at me in a Crazy demon look ones i touched her in forehead Demon left her body and i got awake time was 4.30 AM.

(I watched clearly what she was going through how a demon posses her everything in Dream it was like i watched her for many years)


I never saw any Exorcism video lately i dont belive in demons as they show in Hollywood Movie ,i know they are the Negative side of Positive existences never afraid of them Because i am neither Positive nor Negative


Any similar experience and Comments would help me 



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I have had several experiences with the same thing lately. I cast out a super heavy dark energy out of someone. What I notice is, the energy in them is causing them to do all sorts of things the person or being wouldn't normally do. I did this for my parents and battled a demon (for lack of a better word), but when I realized in the dream I could not be destroyed...I cut off his head with a straight razor. I recently had a dream where I was being attacked my minotaur looking creatures who fell from the sky out of the clouds...they were made of light and fire and they could not affect me but I did not want to be around them. I tried to hide and one found me and stuck a huge claw into my chest and it hurt like hell, but I looked at it in the eyes and and with more power and energy than I have felt in a long time, transmuted that energy into wholeness and balance and watched the being return to a human and super weak and confused,  but a thankful look on his face that he had returned.  A few friends came up to him to help after they saw what I had done. This is very real these dark energies and we are powerful beyond measure and I am glad to be doing this work without fear.


wholeness and balance

I Wonder all this experience is part of Higher souls Plan to overcome fear.

I am preparing myself for the Kavadi Event in my Hometown,which will change individual Body Identity and bring them closer to Spiritual Awakening,i meet several people who went through this process never have any fear of death , it surprises me so much,how they transform thier inner-self when enter this transcendental state not even a drop of blood is spilled during this event it amazing what human body can do when awakened spiritually



May be it is my message to overcome Fear.



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