As we are more than sure there are Tron like vibrations many are immersed into through some frequency switch what of the true Organic Earth? It is my pleasure to give you this book and in it I feel I have completed a large part of my agreement here with humanity. To fulfill all promises I made across lifetimes to those that have trusted me to guide them and to all those guided to this Space. Always keep in mind there are several methods to bring a Being to complete awareness, I have only added my personal flavor and essence as you will to many others.




Earth and Moon Part I

Earth and Moon Part II



Earth and Moon Jakob Lorber

Update: Book is attached also below in order to skip through Scribd sign up procedures if you do not already have an account.

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Update: Book is attached also below in order to skip through Scribd sign up procedures if you do not already have an account.
you passed this on to beth earlier,this is some very unique material .I am gratefull that this has been provided .I think maybe im at a point now where i can really innerstand it.The stuff it said about the heart of the earth and really all of it is not mind expanding but conciousness expanding
I have finished reading the work and right now im kind of at odds with the idea he basically represents himself as jesus,not by name but the references are obvious.There is truly spiritually high information to grasp here.the information about the living earth and the being inside,the spirits and there progression,but it has that err of attitude in the author.It might be like the "cosmic awareness"in that the information is filtered by incarnation filters and subject to that manipulation of perspective ,hence the you must beLIEve in me ,OR else you stay here and die in various ways but its really good, idea that the bible has already layed out.My christ loving friend loved the book because at least in my view it supported that baggage hes been carrying around for decades,not of the highest order of information in that you still must give your energy.under the pretense that if i dont i must need to be purified again and again my earth and moon magnetic energies.But I also see the wisdom in what is said maybe im seeing through the blocks the writer had.I really hope you go into more of this Seven and all else.I drive to advance in higher knowing and its tingling my everything.There is really something more to this book,I see a channeled message.anyway it is stiring to say the least and i have had some unique experiences since reading this matter.wholeness and balance on our journey i love you all.

Thank You. Words cannot describe how deeply this resonates. Love and gratitude for your beautiful contribution


the book of heart! nice timing.

A lot of what is said in this book shows even more facts to the truth we all seek, for is been said by many there is life on the moon, we will not over look the obvious.. I share this footage with you family... wholeness


Sevan, are you Jakob Lorber?


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Still reading this joint, classic...



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