My only comment is what we will now see follow is the death of Inorganics. I think suicide is living a life oblivious to what is really going on around you.


Steven P. Jobs, the Apple Inc. chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal computer industry and changed the way people think about technology, died Wednesday at the age of 56.

His family, in a statement released by Apple, said Mr. Jobs "died peacefully today surrounded by his family...We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief."

The company didn't specify the cause of his death. Mr. Jobs had battled pancreatic cancer and several years ago received a liver transplant. In August, Mr. Jobs stepped down as CEO, handing the reins to Tim Cook.

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I read this a couple of times before realizing you said "the death of Inorganics" rather than "the death of Ignorance".  Can you elaborate on what you mean by "inorganics"?



I believe he is referring to the death of all things non living that do not have souls, like computers and anything else droid related.
its also the apple of knowledge. knowledge of good and evil.
interesting he died at that age
How is a bitten apple a symbol of an imperfect pentagram?

Good day Learner, good question. It is know in the occult that an apple was used as a symbol in the garden of Eden story because an apple is a hidden symbol for the pentagram or five pointed star. When splitting an apple down the center you will find a pentagram just about every time.

Further it is claimed a pentagram is a perfect circle but it is not as 5 is the symbol of a straight line while 6 is the symbol of a circle. This is basically how Phi through Abrak created an imperfect world, but that is another story.

So was Jobs conscious of using occult symbolism when he came up with this? Or is he just an actor in this larger manipulation?
Most of them die still listening to their ego... so much for not listening to someone else, This reality is the ego's own perception into projection for being one fraction off, which is either your divided or undivided, we play this because we live in the ego(body).  Men is traped in Pi














Steve Jobs expiration, the U.S. Jobs iniative and Microsofts XboX...


"In the meantime, one of Apple rivals, Microsoft, announced a major new push into the television business on Wednesday, before the announcement of Mr. Jobs’s death. The company said it was entering a partnership with nearly 40 television providers, including Bravo, Comcast, HBO and Verizon FiOS, that will allow the 35 million members of its Xbox Live online service to watch mainstream cable programming through Microsoft’s game console."

Well that "bytes"....


I find it interesting that apples (æppel....a generic term for all fruit other than berries but including nuts) contain a cyanide called Amygdalin which was at one point said to cure cancer but obviously didn't and caused poisoning. Eating enough apple seeds could cause death/daath.


supposedly the reason for the byte/bite in the apple logo is to distinguish it from a cherry.


How is 5 the symbol of a straight line and 6 a circle? Confused there.

Thats why, imo, 6 is like a circle. But about the nr. 5 i dont know. Maybe because its an imperfection of 6.

PS: Theres a great mystery behind each numbers regarding origins and meaning. In other words, one can find meaning and symbolism in everithing because of the complexity of the reality.



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