has anyone else been more staticly charged recently? iv been getting progressively worse shocks over the past month starting from adv static shock to almost painful now

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Definitely.  Although, I don't know what the weather has been like where you are, but the dry air of winter maybe playing a role.  

lolol thanks! your probably right just never noticed it before. and its been cold and dry nova scotia canada lol

Have definitely noticed the same phenomenon here in Toronto.  The increase has been occurring over the past month or so.  Confirmed by my co-parent as well.

Yep, sure has. I live here in Atlanta, Ga. The weather has been very bi-polar. Tank top weather one day. Jacket weather the next. Every time I go to pet my buddy Morris the cat I get shocked.

i had the same problem. the problem is grounding. i place a 1/4" onyx pebble in each sock as a ground.

add me to this list..weather in phoenix up and down too; The shocks are intense as well as intense visuals. Kissed my daughter on her forehead and shocked her right up left a mark :(

Yeah i remember i period in time where i was abnormally shocking everything

I've been increasing in static electricity discharge by doing things like intense meditation, when i touch a person or a door, often there's a spark of electricity... hmm! :o

I have noticed in the past 6 months and more, the receipts stick to my hand as it rolls out of the register. The weather in Michigan has been cold and warm. 

Funny you should say this but yes. Sometimes I hesitate in touching any thing as the shock seems to be getting worse, when you least expect it. It really hurts. this is no fun. I am in New York. Yesterday I was getting out of my car and the spark was so intense I could see the flash, that one made me cry out ouch aloud.  Now a days I pause before I touch anything  as the intensity of the shock hurts so much. What is this anyway? the frequency has become more prominent.  

Found that alkalizing the body with lots of greens, salads, minerals helps reduce or eliminate the static. Used to have this issue but diet helped me.
Found that alkalizing the body with lots of greens, salads, minerals really helped reduce or eliminate the static.



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