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Being a newcomer, I can truly say that all the information and knowledge I’ve acquired from being connected to the Resistance, has and continues to improve my life daily. Every step is upward and for those of us, who climb mountains or set the treadmill on max incline, know how that can be.  Regardless, the results are so worth it.

When I reached the end of the Code to the Matrix, I was compelled to make major changes. One of which is starting a homeschool. Is there a curriculum guide anyone can suggest for me to use that won’t derail my children on their path to wholeness? I have one who is ready to start kindergarten and a 1st grader.

So far, we’ve gone from regular food to all organic over a year ago. The past few months we’ve gone a step further by eliminating all meat/ animal product from our diet as well. We’ve also upgraded our water with the Berkey Filters and MegaHydrate and even more changes with the health and household products we use such as fluoride free toothpaste, all natural laundry and dish detergents etc. Our source of entertainment no longer comes from TVs or tablets but from nature right in the backyard.

You would think children would have a hard time making all these changes but they have embraced it and love to police everyone in the household making sure we don’t step off base:) Learning together is the key. I’ve witnessed a tremendous improvement in their behavior, and overall health. I went from always refereeing and feeling overwhelmed to truly enjoying parenthood and the time we spend together. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can share information to help us continue to expand:)

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Wholeness, my soulmate and eye have implemented homeschooling 4 ourselves and our 6 children (ages 5-14). At the moment we are using a variety of different free homeschooling websites, as well as the common core classes 4 the best of both worlds. Free homeschooling 101 I'm sure will assist you in many ways. I hope this helps, great day 2 u!

We greatly appreciate the information Tyrone! This will definitely help especially the "free" part:) All the best to you and yours! 

Wholeness. I have began taking apart the Montessori curriculum because it really centers around the child in various stages getting what they need, not forcing them right in to linguistic and arithmetic based learning or holy books at the wrong stages lol. Its best to get familiar with the stages so you can adjust your personal curriculum to the right times. i will contribute more as I progress and will make this an open source project once SE is launched completely.

Thank you Sevan for bringing this information to my attention. These methods/stages will be great for us to build on. Glad to hear SE will offer support and guidance for parents!! We're looking forward to it!! 


Thanks..I know you will not lead anyone in the wrong direction.

Hey I applaud you for the effory, please keep us updated on what structures you utilize.

I am not pluging, because the website is not finished, but i am attempting to create a online school Platform where people can teach and learn , preferably for free. and to have a repository of educational materials.



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