St. Malachi's Pope predictions from 1148 A.D. and 888 days.

Before I begin, I must preface this by saying that I am not a Christian.  I read about St. Malachi's predictions of the last 10 popes in 2004, where he mentioned that the 9th pope would be someone from the Benedict sect.  He then said that this pope would go into hiding and be missing for 888 days, and a new pope, Petras Romanas (Peter of Rome) would then emerge as the final pope before the "end of days".  I was startled to hear in 2013 that the Pope Benedict would be stepping down from his duties and immediately thought about Malachi's predictions.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the original letters that I viewed from 2004.  They all have been slightly altered.  None of the new versions mention the 888 days.  None of the new versions mentioned the New World monarch either.  My question has to you all has to do with the prophetic number of 888 days.  Do you think he means it literally?  Or is there some numerological influence to this "888".  Also, does anyone know when the Benedict is officially stepping down?  I wonder if this will happen during the 2013 Spring Equinox?  Lastly, does anyone have an unaltered version of the St. Malachi prophesies?  Opinions? 

Christopher Thomas

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888 when referring to the Papacy is the Brotherhood of Hong.

"Petras Romanas (Peter of Rome) would then emerge as the final pope before the "end of days".

The end of their days is more correct. If you notice at the end of the latest twilight series the final song they play is Perri's a 1000 years. This 1000 years doesn't seem to be the same as Earth years however its clear it has reached that point for the exposure of their dominion and a awakening of the common sense of the people. This we will see happening in many sectors as the people who once made up "the masses" become less dense and move in to higher harmonics which have no stagnancy such as dictators and false man gods.

Thank you, Sevan.  Thanks to you and your team for all of the hard work.

Brotherhood of Hong Data.

Disclaimer: We do not entirely support everything written in this document however it has a great deal of true information also.


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Thanks MetaPhi...thank you for your response and suggestions.



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