Our entire existence is being conducted across several dimensions and planes. Many are so much higher than the one we are on now. This should always serve to assist us when we feel alone to innerstand that you are not and everything is going as it needs to in your life which is constantly being watched over. You are encouraged to fully participate by obtaining total consciousness and awake from all subtle stages of sleep. When you show that you are responsible, without delay you will be given great talents. This is the Path of the Adept. There is no such thing as a wrong choice because even choices that may appear incorrect always serve to show you the correct way in contrast. Some lessons once learned need not be repeated over and over. Once you learn that fire burns you learn how carefully it must be handled.


This limitation for our minds is how something comes from nothing. If you really sit down and think about it to our minds everything comes from somewhere, but when you get all the way up there in your mind you will still ask, but where did the first one come from? These questions cannot be answered on this Plane so always know there is an adventure and great discoveries ahead and it will enliven you in moments of cloudiness. This quest of realization, when we choose to take it serious, feeds the Soul the knowledge of its imperishable existence that has spanned across every Nano Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month, Year, Decade, Century, Millennium, Epoch, Era, Eon, and Parsec. We sure have learned how to count time no, let us then examine the meaning of what has taken place.


You were there during the Great Assembly of the first Beings compressed and magnificent and out of a few sprang forth many. We now have an opportunity to recount very crucial levels in our development and I know this will serve to make you more sound in who you really are. This will allow man and woman to truly know what they must do for each other. You will need to know the role of each of these Creations in order to bring about the true clarity that you are looking for.


The entire knowledge of our beginning has lost it's meaning due to improper explanation but that does not mean it is lost altogether. This is because we are it. We act it out everyday. When you remove all of what is not important then you see it just as if you have cleaned out a closet and have now found good things you thought were lost. Of course we are the beginning and the ending of ourselves because the actions we take propel us in one direction or another. We will now reenact that creation only from the points of importance and not the numerous stories of Creator Gods and Myths that have gotten so tainted it is starting to assume humans were created as slaves. Humans were created as Humans and Humans are not slaves unless they chose to be. Humans may feel enslaved when they are tasked with the burden of managing themselves and their animal counterparts that have also arrived externally on this dimension with them, but do keep in mind first, before the split, all of creation was inside of you.




Let us begin to unseat the misconception right away. When people here the title AD-AM they immediately think of Adam as a Male who had as his wife Eve. Here you find the root to all confusion. This is because by this connotation it makes Adam male and Eve female and we are made to understand it this way. Those who taught it that way are the bringers of the deception who birthed the divisions caused by the ego/eagle God. I will lay their lies to waste by clear proofs. AD-AM is a composition of the words AD and AM or DA and MA/Daddy/Mama since english is backwords (not misspelled). These are ancient tones and vibrations for our Mother and Father nothing can change that. Our mother and father were originally inside of the same Being. 


This clearly shows the word AD-AM already insists that the Being is Masculine and Feminine in nature and contains both counterparts. As I have remarked before how could woman be pulled out of man if she was not already inside of him. Further it is clear that female is still inside of man because he can produce a female offspring through a female semen. Again there has been a great confusion here because many are using ego and status to judge all of this and not common sense along with the everyday fractals of instruction that we witness in real life. Truly the only book you need is life and experience, that is of course if you had the proper way of analyzing things which is just to pay full attention to detail.


Man and woman are explicably linked, and no matter how much one may insist they can live without the other those who follow such ideas, even if just mentally, will find their mind and energy blocked. Our lessons here are each other and once we innerstand each other we draw our divided self back unto us. So it is clear, innerstanding the female and male for who they truly are will allow you to fully realize your Wholeness and not before then. As long as we continue to misunderstand and even abuse each other, we further misunderstand and abuse ourselves.


Etymology of Androgyne - Andro = Male  Gyne = Female  "Hmmm dreams of Genii"


So we find AD-AM as an Androgyne who through some technique or occurrence externalizes its feminine and masculine counterparts as pairs. If you think about it there is really only one reason why such a Being would do something of this nature. It wanted to "unpack" all of the Myriads of existences that are generally compressed in an "Atom" and bring them out into an external world in which they could be realized once again. Have you ever wanted to see all of the things that your Soul contains? Have ever wanted to recall your entire life in front of you so you could view it like a movie less you forget it all since it is so expansive? This thought is shared by your Ancestors.


I find that our gesture to split the Atom is like this. There was untold energy and potential and as always the hint of danger looms. However since the original Being had little if any fear this did not prevent it from externalizing its then internal womb.  "Womb-man" or Woman was then brought out with the ability to bring compressed life into a external world after it has be shaped and formed properly. The womb shapes, forms, and cultivates the seed of man so it can live in another environment since it begins as a Semen. This is also what Earth is doing now, She is preparing us. I have no doubt that Earth is prepping us for yet another great phase of our existence in which we must be first developed in this current womb/matrix before we can gestate into the next expansion. As can be seen with Semen they cannot live outside of the scrotum except in certain conditions or they die within seconds. When cultivated they become humans who also cannot live outside of this Matrix without Being developed or they will die or divide within seconds. The development is happening now, you are in the in-cube-bator. We will pull all of the mysteries apart, piece by piece and then reassemble them in perfect time. 


Before we go any deeper it is important to make it clear that within the Atom exists all life very similar to how every part of the hologram still contains the whole. This would include the original state, so now you are aware it can be found. This will allow you to know that despite whether you are male or female you always have the ability to identify with the original state. This will kill all quarrels that may later arise when we start to analyze the role of the male and female as they go into court"ship". Always keep in mind you are looking at things when they are pulled apart if you start to think you are separate do not hesitate in bringing yourself back to the AD-AM which is Androgyne.



Know that if anything was once originally inside of us in the event it was removed we would long to place it back inside of us so we may feel complete, this is the whole basis to attraction. It is important to reflect on original life and how it works and not allow our minds to stray into this current timeline and how things appear after the mysteries have been misinterpreted and emotion has run amok causing the birth of imperfect states of consciousness and ways of being that still do not sooth our inner soul but rather appease our flesh and ego for a brief moment before we are off to the next thing. This includes all the various sexual preferences including homosexual, bi-sexual, trans-sexual etc.


I will make it simple the sexual and emotional attraction that we feel when seeing someone that we like stems from us longing to be whole and complete again. We feel at that moment something is missing inside of us and as if by instinct we look. This is easier to point out through man and woman's desire to look at what he or she feels is beautiful. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder the appearances and even genders may vary, however, there is one basic thing happening, opposites are attracting. What the person feels they do not have on the deepest levels they sense it in another and that makes them look even if they are trying their best to control their eyes which are the faculties of the Soul. The Spirit of humans are called the Watchers because they use their eyes to do just about everything. Hey you are even using your eyes to read this.


So you can say its instinct for us to long to be complete and since most have no real bearing on what they are looking for, and even why they are looking for it, they often fail to find it. This does no stop the outcome of the relationships that we may enter in where both parties walk away sometimes feeling as if they will never find what they are looking for. That is of course until the next attraction comes along. This can be a prolonged cycle that produces little benefits and more adversities such as loosing valuable time. As humans we do have a timeline to figure all of this out so I will clarify now what is really happening.


For us on this Planet there can be no higher attainment than Kundalini. For the spiritually inclined Being their Spirit already knows this and because Kundalini has everything to do with uniting the masculine and feminine energies internally the whole of the persons Being begins to attempt to do this first externally since they are raised in an environment which states that everything can be found externally. Remember everything comes from the inside out, to effect the world around you change it first inside. What a person is really looking for in a Mate is someone that activates them. 


I will have to take a moment to explain briefly about how Kundalini works with the Hormones but you can find all that information perfectly detailed by clicking "here". Basically what we call Kundalini is all of our hormones and bodily fluids working in total harmony generating pure salves, elixirs, and substances that further compress and condense themselves to release even more pure energy on a perfected cycle. It is easy to see why Kundalini challenges the mental, spiritual, and physical state of the person. It is easy to spot one who has Kundalini because they are extremely compassionate and seem to have the energy to assist everyone tirelessly. They are magnetic and need no advertising. There is an undeniable magic about these people that should not be confused with the acts of many of the modern magicians and religious leaders who are always low on miracles and high on demons.


Many have tried to gain Kundalini using videos and various techniques while their minds are still partial, judgmental, and unforgiving. In most cases they never achieve Kundalini and in the event that they do, it reduces rather than increases them. For those thinking they can fool Kundalini such ideas are mad since Kundalini is really us locked away. How can we actually fool ourselves? So this is what is actually happening, people are trying to find shortcuts to the higher attainments but because the higher attainments are actually inside of them they are being watched from within. Thus ideas like "I will find a shortcut" and "once I have it I will control everyone" etc are all foolish. The fluids behind these thoughts circulate through the body throwing everything offline and off balance.


The misuse of Kundalini power is what got us here in the Pen/Pentagram and it will be the proper use of Kundalini that will get you out. But notice how the problem and the solution are always the same thing. The more you dissolve the clouds around this reality the more you will see this reoccurring fact. The poison contains the antidote but you cannot approach this as a careless seeker you must approach it as an Adept that is ready to manage every point and gain total access once more.


What happens when we meet someone we are attracted to is that many of the fluids spoke about in the document linked above begin to increase, especially testosterone and oxytocin. These fluids give us the feeling of motivation, being young again, prowess, stability, etc. So it is no wonder when you meet someone that you truly like, you begin to sharpen up. You start to exercise, sing in the shower, participate in random acts of kindness and things of this nature. But as things continue and the initial luster of the encounter begins to wear down these fluids reacting on the persons demeanor begin to subside and even become toxic.


It is not long before the person begins to actually do the opposite of what they were doing before. They become more tired and lazy i.e they no longer want to go on outings but would rather stay at home, they let themselves "fall off" which means they don't keep themselves sharp for their Mate anymore. In the later stages arguments ensue which totally distort the entire system of the bodies. So it should be clear now a unhealthy relationship will prevent you from activating Kundalini. It is too late in this game to still be playing around. The only thing you have the right to become the master of is yourself. Do not let others entangle you in emotional confusion and if you truly care for them you will place yourself in another environment that you can activate in. Once you have done so you will know for sure if you are to return to them once more since now you have gained all of the means to assist them in making the transition from experience. 


This should certainly clear up the mystery behind instinctual attraction we will now move further. To recap we find AD-AM now completely externalized and split on the Earth plane in Beings called Male and Female. This has been done to unfold the child or compressed existence that must act itself out once more for all to view since everyone is watching. It is important to remember that Man contains the Seed and surely Woman knows the value of the Seed. It is useless to deny this. Woman contains the perfect incubation chamber/womb/matrix. Without this the Semen would remain in their original state with no way of developing or unfolding. A seed is not a tree until it has the proper Soil/Soul, same word basically. In the ancient teachings after the division of AD-AM all true titles in the ancient languages given to woman actually meant boat or ship. Then it is very simple, the Semen/Sea Men must enter/neter the boat in order to live or they may drown in the vast abyss.


Now the mysteries begin as I'm sure many were like "when is he going to get into the esoteric nature of all of this" lol well here it comes. As they say about the Goddess she chooses her mate and once she has chosen then the one who has been chosen cannot refuse. A dark ominous tone generally fills the room after these words are pronounced. I suppose this is what happens when you let people filled with fear interpret the ancient knowledge. This is referring to when the male ejaculates into the woman only one, if any, of the sperm will actually enter the ovum. All the others will perish, this is a fact. So in a sense only one is chosen. Everyone here in this world has already been chosen to enjoy life. We are all the Chosen Ones.


This brings us to something else that is very important. Many men right now are wondering why they have no clear dream recall, no energy, often sick, can't think clear, can't focus, feel like the glass is half empty etc. Likewise some woman are wondering why they also feel these symptoms. The mystery is it has everything to do with the male wasting his Semen. This is why the first male that wasted his Semen in the Bible was destroyed immediately as an example that when you destroy and discard your Semen you are truly doing it to yourself and your lineage.


You must learn to cycle them up through the body out of the root chakra which is the land of Saturn who is Brahma who most are now calling Abraham. When they remain locked in the base of the spin your consciousness basically remains locked in the base of your spine or hell like state. You have very little currency because you have no current or circulation. You must raise them to the more lofty regions or chakras and then you will experience the corresponding change in your life. This is very deep knowledge and will determine whether you make it or not so take it very serious. Any real teacher will walk the Path with his or her students, I'm telling you clearly we are now about to raise the ship, we are starting at level one. I would also like to make a point, they say Jesus was like Man but without sin, then that would mean he was not like man, period. So any true Messiah lives through the sin and then shows how to dissolve it.


Women who are with a man who spills his Semen carelessly inherits his weakness through kinetics, ever watched a weak man and see how it makes you feel after? The two basically drag down each other. He has no energy thus he cannot transfer energy to her through Shakti contact. The two thus enter a vampiric relationship in which the female drains the male of his seeds and then places them on infertile ground in which they die. This gesture is the atrocity of this Planet, its real Qlipoth. The Seed should never be released unless it is to make a child, a man can have even greater sexual pleasures if he learns the secret to cycling his Semen. When a male has strengthened himself through these techniques and then chooses to have a child this child will not be like the normal offspring of weak men, this is a fact. The baby will come out with endowed intelligence and intellect. 


Here is another mystery revealed. Many are asking what is truly to come next in our advancement through consciousness. I can tell you at some point we will not only be able to create Worlds which we can do now as each person is a world, we will be able to manage them properly thus becoming the Higher Beings that we so reverently speak of that are assisting. I have even asked where would the inhabitants for these Worlds we create come from? The answer was from within, we create inhabitants all the time they are called Semen.


For males once they connect with their other feminine half through the divine wedding they then can move their "Beings" into the new spheres that have been prepared. A boy thinks of himself, a man thinks of his entire lineage but if you did not notice that is a feminine trait. It is the mother that considers all of life most. For Females they are those new worlds so if we do not assist her in preservation the Worlds our seeds will live in may be barren. A Woman is a world, a world is a Ship, we are flying through space people and more fleets are being added at every moment. The Seeds of the Male are fuel for the Ships or else they would not move. In this sense moving would be life, if the Ship has no life it has no fuel. Let us take a moment to imagine Earth with no living beings on it. At that point it ceases to become Earth. The Creation is much more expansive than most have been letting on. We all have a place far beyond our Earthly desires but we must innerstand each other and fulfill each other, not forsake each other.


The hidden symbolism is when a man marries a woman before he kisses her he must first unveil her. Do not pay attention to how weddings go in this currently confused world (Kardashian) to determine the truth behind the gesture, just pay close attention to the symbolism. Until man innerstands woman and the true meaning of her existence he remains veiled, this also works for in reverse because many women do not innerstand what it means to hold that title while they struggle to become more manly which man is showing a bad example of also. The blind leading the blind. When they fully innerstand each other by what I'm explaining in this post the world becomes unveiled. As it says "I AM Isis and no mortal has lifted my veil". This means once you innerstand the mysteries of woman you cease to die and truly begin to live in the immortal state of consciousness. Human beings are immortal anyway but they do not live life believing they are and this is why they think they die when in actuality they just transmute.  


There is a great deal more to add to this as I have now lifted the veil and solved evil. Anything that we are unaware or unsure of begins to manifest as a fear. This is why the Code to the Matrix was design to make one question everything so they could look over things that they may have skipped in thinking they are true when in fact they may be false or important when they are truly unimportant. It was created to train the mind how to do such things, the content itself was timed for that level of understanding and now Wholeness awaits. Neutralize your fear and make your enemies your dancing partners surely they cannot withstand a dance with Kundalini.


On Earth we see everything as dual and this is how we have learned but I come to tell you we are at the point of moving beyond this and humanity is rapidly discovering that when we can rid ourselves of the phantoms of the negative things we created through misunderstanding then we shall pass. Just by what is explained in this post you can see how if something meant to be symbolic is explained on an external level then it sends a ripple effect of illusion across the dimension. To me this is the real deluge, when the mind, body, and soul are drowned in the abyss of consciousness unable to find its way, but alas a beacon appears and several Ships await. Meet me on the bridge of your Consciousness. 


James Evans Bomar III

Planetary Resistance



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Love your expression of Spirit... being you sharing honors being me sharing energizes our growth as a family and creates our world... My spirit is soaring and I am so grateful    -   feel me  -  I am a novelty of the great spirit loving the novelty of you and our sacred family

JOY and Riding the waves of love WBV

Nice! Your continuous expansion is our goal. 

Hummm! Fascinating!

Sevan, te admiro por todo el conocimiento que has acumulado, este trabajo es magistral.  Felicidades!!!

I read this several times. It makes me sad & angry at the same time. Sad that more of us did not have this information when we were young. Angry that so much truth has been hidden for so long. And yet these very emotions create mismanagement of my own world. However, I am also relieved because some of the things written were whispered thoughts of my own throughout my life. Thank you for bringing it together.    

You put that right in a 'nutshell' James ,thank you. This is what I was seeking/studying/revising for over a decade ago. Truth be you.


This had to go back to the top for all the new folks to check out!

This deep thought is a true wakeup call, great post Sevan, it just makes so much sense..thank you.

You took the words right out of my mouth.. Finally some real knowledge,there is so much to learn and understand, but he breaks is down in a simple way. I always knew that we as humans have a much higher purpose than what is programmed in society, that there is more to life then just what we see, and are influence to do and become.

For fresh eyes to see

Great Job Sevan, this is what I knew you knew but would not reveal. I learned from samuel aun woer, but ended up going over the edge. I come from the bottom now. To be reminded, at a time when it's needed. Thank you sevan I will continue to find more of this truth until wholeness is accomplished. I recomend everyone not to dwell on this post but find it within and without as to integrate it fully.

Just joined the other day but none the less found this inspiring and definitely in tune with recent thoughts.  I was talking to my friend earlier about how im convinced that the adamic and atomic were the same and were entirely built to limit us as a species.  That we are photonic beings is becoming more and more a truth as quantum mechanics progresses.  Also another hint at the hindu At-man-- suggests that the word atom is literally(to me nehow) a play off of adam and atom at the same time-- not to mention that m and n are right boink next to eachother in the english alphabeth but that they originate exclusively from Mem and Nun of the hebrew alpha-beth-- water glyphs of the seed element and scorpio in astrology-- so to say ATON is also about the same, being that they are water glyphs describing the element itself at its primordial root(mem) as well as the fixed element of scorpio N(un).  So lets see...  Adam, atom, atman, aton--- we could even go as far to say that Amen Amoun OM exct exct, pertain to these originating templates that may or may not manipulate our concept of MAN-- or better yet, our species.  It all comes down to the what where and who but culminates in the wtf are we gonna do about it?  I for one agree with Reich that we could easily decloak the mothership.  Thanks for the inspiring writing, Sevan.  Wholism all the way...



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