Spiritual entities, visitors, and ancestral communication

I need some help here and I'm not getting anywhere with my research on my own.  My husband said that there were people connected with this site that were well studied in this area that may be able to help me and I have no fear, so I'm just going to put my cards on the table.   


I'm new to astral projection, but speaking to my higher self or sensing/seeing entities beyond the 3d is not new to me.  I encountered some type of initiation during an astral projection of mine during sleep a few months back and my senses and abilities continue to be hightened.  Mostly during and after meditation.  So the other night there was a number of entities greater than I could count surrounding me (my eyes were closed, I think)  asking me for instruction as if I were in charge of them all.  The ones closest to me, I was familiar with but there were new entities that seemed to just have been newly assigned to me, yet I don't know how or why.  I feel that I'm constantly in a state of wonder because I'm doing things on a spiritual level and experiences events and not exactly sure what all is taking place.  Its like I'm a part of some greater plan, having a major role (part of the inner circle), and yet at the same time have no clue.  It seems that no one can relate or give me insight on what is going on.  All of these experiences are positive and powerful, so keep that in mind when you respond.  Any information would be helpful.   I would like to know what these entities are exactly, why were they assigned to me and by whom or any information about how to find these things out.

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it seems they are aspects or something you have control over but you may not know of the function.I think that we are all just fitting into place here at this time for what i dont know but maybe it will be wholeness.I feel similar at times
These are definite indications that one is been given a position to instruct. If you refer to the Koran it says that even the Jinn huddle in groups around the Guided to see if they can be convince. In this case it would be to convince them to convert to Islam, in your case it may be to take them beyond religion and other such boundaries. It is possible that in past lives you held authority over the village on a spiritual level and now all those spirits have sought you out as a guide to their next level/experience. In the case one may have a child one of these beings may choose to reincarnate through that child. (I am keeping in mind what you were saying about this being a positive experience). This situation can also occur if one has an ancient name connected to these advanced spiritual guides. So in effect they may think you are in fact the Ancient Guide because you carry their vibration in your aura through the name.  Many ancient names have been uncovered and given to people one way or another and that brings that energy back into the cycle. Either way it is your responsibility to all sentient life to show them truth so this appears to be a major moment in your personal quest. Congratulations!

Some things cant be said in words. Its weird but its like a mental language that would be better to communicate with these beings or spirits etc......


@ Sevan, that was very helpful.  Thank you.  @w/all41luv How does that diagram relate to my question... not sure that I've made the connection between the two @ Everyone thank you for the input

Sister Nanu,

In the circle of life, your circle of life, are what I call "memory pockets" stored within your inner being.  These memory pockets hold all the recorded memories of the lives of your ancestors, back to the beginning of time.  It could be that the souls/spirits of all your ancestors have been waiting for the "one" who could see and hear without fear, so that they could all be free of the shackles that hold them in bondage.  Perhaps you are that one. In the liquid fire (blood) is recorded the lives of all our ancestors, those who came before us, as will your life be recorded in the blood of your children and your children's children, until the time when your bloodline becomes whole again.  To become whole again means that your bloodline will then know all that there is to know and become identical with the original blood DNA provided by the Universal Creator, to all in existence .  Once that happens you will become infolded into the Source of all that exist, the inner circle of life, the Creator. 

It appears to me that you are already on the path.  Though we as beings can find many answers in books and from others, the greatest truth I can share with you is, all source of knowledge is within you and all things in existence.  You could ask for answers from the great one dwelling within you, your I AM, and then allow the knowledge to flow through you. Perhaps the beings (ancestors) around you can see their completion in you, as you approach your ascension to the inner circle.  You would be what I call the "Star Child, the Awaken One", the one who bring them all home to the Cosmic and Divine circle of completion.  Perhaps if you sink even deeper (through meditation) within your divine "Inner I AM", you will be able to cross the boundaries of your inner-world to see and hear all there is to know.  Knowing is the key to completion.  I hope this helps...

Oneness and wholeness, Ipriama

@Ipriama, very helpful indeed.  I've been in this inner circle that I feel you are reffering though I've beent attempting to find out what it all means.  I appreciate your assistance in my discoveries.



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