Me and a friend went out to a bar Friday night. We both were a bit tipsy,but she started doing these weird dance moves.
Later, in conversation she explained this Gurdjieff foundation and the movements they do. She began to demonstrated these movements. Immediately a red flag went off because she unconsciously did the same movements in the bar.
I'll be going to this foundation Saturday to see what it is about.
Any info?

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A basic googling brings up:

The UK page I investigated and immediately turned away from:


If that is the same foundation and that is their recommended reading, it depends what entities you are willing to exchange with. I am not with that one.


Dancing itself however is wonderful and a great method to move energies around the body :). Kundalini yoga does the same kind of thing, but even without it I enjoy Kundalini movements in dance, tempered with meditation/fire breath or water. Yin Yang can also be balanced in this way dancing, but I have only touched the surface on that.

 I haven't consciously had any contacts with entities, so Im not to sure. But I have a hunch that this is a cult. I am more conscious of my "sixth sense" in temples, graveyards, churches - thats why Im going.

But thanks for the reply and the info about the Kundalini yoga 

Alot of the times the cults that emerge from the teachings of one man are distorted and conflicted.. I find the secrecy disturbing.. also I was looking through google and of course you get all perspectives there but I found this interesting to say the least:

Also the entity that seems to be associated with this group is Beelzebub .. heres the wiki for more insight:

Remember to tread carefully sister, breath your fear into strength.. Also note that they always need consent first.. it is

Universal law so dont let up or agree to anything.. Please tell us of your journey on Saturday when you get back.. And remember we are always with you. Wholeness!

oh wow! Thanks for the links..and especially the advice about the agreement law! 

I need to study and apply those laws ASAP!

I was going to recant a bit this morning and say it might have been ego that gave you that warning, but the warning was from the heart :). I have few threads toward Beelzebub, the only ones I do are negative, but that could be programming. In any case, giving compassion towards anything tends to work wonders in finding entities that can tolerate compassion, those that cannot won't stand before you. It is the same with any emotion, this can be a guide in places where you have no other guide, your own heart.

When I say entities, being etc, a human being standing across the room is just the same. Men and Women (same) who can't stand you being nice to them or joyful, compassionate etc will simply move away from you, else you will heal them.

Whoa! This sounds like Rainbow Magic. and that is so true. When being nice to someone that cant stand it, I always feel a jabbing sensation in my chest! Thanks a bunch!

since we're on this topic, there's a movie you may want to check out.  

Meetings with Remarkable Men

We'll I'll see how it goes! And I promise to report back about my experience 

I am familiar with Gurdjieff through Ouspensky and his Fourth Way. Ouspensky was very heavily influenced by his teacher, Gurdjieff and I run holistic creative workshops that touches on some of the Fourth Way principles. I also use lots of ritual movement as a way of shifting the mind and relocating self within the body but in now way would I liken the principles of Fourth Way to that of a cultish movement. I think maybe go and see for yourself what the foundation is about and if it doesn't sit right with your inner-knower, leave it well alone. What is right for others, even if they are close to us, is not necessarily going to be right for us.



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