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Great Series Poetic, I never knew he talked about spirituality

Curious, I really have a question, is the I-doser recommended? I get bad feeling from it, you can use frequencies to do good things, but also de-harmonize. Even the Solfeggio beats sometimes feel like they de-harmonize me, maybe because they cause me to center myself in a Chakra already balanced... or maybe just infiltrate my system. That, I don't know, could someone bring some awareness?

Only to the level I am on. Maybe you are clinging to a state a bit too tightly? The word infiltrate made me think of that. Music moves through me when I use ying and yang to try and match them up equally, which is really a skill worth investigating.

Something I read here, about moving up and down the ascent/descent, faster, and faster. The more you can handle bringing yourself to balance, and higher frequencies the better. If something is de-harmonizing you, you could choose to move away from it entirely, or you could work on techniques to re-harmonize no matter what. In my view the quicker you can re-harmonize or raise your frequency back up, the better.

These skills let you help old friends, or loved ones, no matter where they are, no matter what you come into contact with doing so.

I just burned some sage, and sat down to meditate, and clear the air, being open to aid in doing so. An old issue from my past came right through my door, almost literally, and I had a head on collision with an old lesson I am still learning

The lesson aside, I felt awful at the old state I found myself falling into, apologised a few times to move on,  but I realised that I could walk away from that person/experience right there, and many would as that person lives in anger. Or I can learn to grow stronger, and quicker back into balance when hitting negativity. It took me a few minutes to level out, from where i bottomed, much better than the hours it used to when I was completely lost. Plus my descent is no where near where it used to be in the madness I used to live in, next time when it happens (and catches me off guard), it'll be even less.

Hope it helps :)

Having said that, listening to yourself honestly (and free of ego) is the most important thing, it always is. Just wanted to offer a new perspective I picked up.

This may be a bit late lol but maybe its the re-harmonizing that was causing a discomfort at first



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