Is eating soy really bad?

According to some it can be cancerous and many other negative things. Can it be purely propaganga against soy?? Soy is delicious and is one of my main protein sources. Can anyone provide insight on this topic??? THAnkS IN ADVANCE!

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GM aside which you should avoid like the plague unless you're looking to be part clone.

Non GM:

Being a bean it takes a while to digest, though it is quicker than most other beans. It possibly makes it more inefficent as a common/staple fuel source. What I think about is how long something takes to digest, how much energy, to how much I gain. My stomach would repeatedly tell me this when I had a lot of soya!

To highlight a positive replacement while i'm here - Coconut milk is what I've been drinking for many months, it's sweeter and more efficient to digest than soya, though its giving your body oil not protein as much (one of the rare common foods that promote good fats/weight balance), so you need to replace the protein, I use nuts/other beans for this - organic mixed nuts being my usual choice so I cover all bases, added to with personal choices for taste.

I have tried almond milk but the taste was not something I enjoyed, perhaps after having so much lovely sweet coconut :), but i'll be looking at milk from nuts as well as i go forward.

Do agree with soy being hard to digest, and nuts and other beans are probably better. Do you think soy is dtrimental to your health or just propaganda? And what exactly do you mean by part clone?jaja thanks

You become what you eat - (think/do/say/act/focus on). This is the basics on deciding what you want to get out of life, or rather how to shape your experience.

On the physical level and food, your body does its best to process all you give it into being usable. If you want to be a modified or cloned human, eat plenty of modified or cloned food. Some people see no problem with this, so I don't judge, but for me I want to be as natural as I can be.

For me when I look at food, I pick the best quality I can obtain, at the moment my limits are budget and availability. So it isn't about what harms, unless it's a really obvious high acidic poison (aluminum cans/tins for instance) I look at food more as least beneficial to most beneficial, this keeps things simple.

Soya to me isn't as beneficial as coconut milk, so I don't buy Soya over coconut milk. Soya's manufacturing methods are questionable, unless you know the source specifically, but that is the same with anything. You can only go by your own body if you don't know the supplier personally, which is always preferable. I also found when I first stopped eating all animal products I was relying on soya far too much, which of course was not healthy anyway, its just one food, a bit like bread is for many people eating lots of that.

Soya takes a while to be broken down in my body, I feel bloated if I eat a lot of it, takes a while to digest, so my own experience of it stacks up with what research I have done into that side of things. - That is it not being as energy efficient as the alternatives I have to hand, so the reason we have to ask ourselves is, why buy it if there is better sat next to it on the shelf or online?

That's all the experience i have to go by, all words for or against are propoganda if you want to look at the negative on the dual plane, unless I trust the person speaking them. If you are focused on trust - I think although trust is the natural state (you have to work to break trust) it is something you can look into, find out about a source, investigate their background and reasons for telling you what they are telling you.

Soy doesn't give you protein, it also lowers testoserone levels so it effects your balance between estrogen ad testoserone,

Not to mention so is typically a genetically modified food. Which you should stay away from by any means neccesary here are a few links I advise you not to get hung up on such things 1st off stick to you fruit and veggies and get there as soon as possible...If you are trying to get healthy.

  3. don't forget the horrible monsanto own and produces all of the soy produce

sorry thats not to get hung up on these things

yeah, i would go for almond milk, it's pretty good. It's true it doesn't have that much flavour but I will sometimes add honey or stevia to give it some extra kick ;)

take care

Try not to Soy-EL yourself .... but all jokes aside. Having worked in remote locations where I had to eat catered meals (by the Corporate giant " Sysco " ) - I was fed vegetarian, being overworked and hungry I decided to try some Tofu with my meals, needless to say I get the strangest abdominal symptoms from "Cheap Tofu" While organic seems to sit quite well.


Definitely avoid any non organic soy product.


On a dream level I have had the worst nightmares and almost "incepted" dreams into dark realms after a dinner of "cheap sysco soy" *(most likely GMO)


Note for the masses: This trendy "edamame" bean which I was recently fooled into eating (enjoying copious amounts out of the steamed husk-shells)  Is actually soy....


I guess everyone learns someway but just sharing if you were like me ... Avoid the edamame, and please avoid the "killer tofu" - Song on the dangers of GMO Soy.... subliminally defending the children from the evil eugenics of the controllers.


I've been eating some edamame that says gluten free..100% natural ingrediants..and non gmo on the back.  I know with certain loopholes companies can say anything on packages (cheerios say heart healthy yet have fructose or a similar ingredient)soo. Trustable or naw?

I found soy to be hard to digest, have tried it numerous times.  I believe it works for some and not for all. i am sure the soy used in manufactured products causes cancer,but then it might be the type of soy... Diet is so individual if it works for you and you can keep your balance. Good for you.

We all know the word organic in all we can do.


It's definitely not good for you. It disrupts the function of the thyroid gland.But if you choose to consume it, ensure its organic and non-gmo & only consume once in awhile. Balance in all things.

I stopped drinking Soy milk over 20 years ago.   I couldn't stand how it gave me a sore throat.




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