I think it time to teach people how to effectively use their rights it is time to stop with the protesting and start holding people accountable for their actions. I want to start a Sovereignty group and start teaching people how to use their Constitution and using the courts for their actual purpose and start restoring  natural law back to the planet.

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Hey Alphonso, you have my suppport. I would like to get more people in the know about this as well...let me know where you are with this...

Kishaun ~*~


right in time for tax season :)

I concour...Im with it! 

Just as All Walks of Life individually or otherwise, seek recourse for the invidious historical fraudulent misrepresentations and social engineering, we all must remember too endeavor reasonably.

To this actualization, as you will, any discussion appertaining to social paradigms, must be comprehended from a firm grasp of the illusion perpetrated by various adepts, operating solely to mislead.

Take for instance the Crown legislation of 1666, 'Cestui Que Vie Trust Act' and it's relations-ship to Birth Certificates. To the studious, these Birth Certificates are nothing more than death certificates operating in Civil Roman Law, adopted historically thereafter, as Canon Law. Of course, Civil Law still very much operates to deceive in our own day so to speak.

So, any discussion about exercising sovereignty in whatever reasonable form, must via variation by agreement, first replevin their E'States long abandoned to abuse, while remaining intact for their benefit by the administrators thereof. 

But lest you think the process of claiming abandoned property or ascension easy, let us inform you otherwise. Just as ascension both physically and mentally require work in fellowship, so does sovereignty in Good Will towards All Walks of Life similarly situated.

I'm really sure, both spiritual and physical health are both holistically part and parcel so to speak, to exercising just stewardship in harmonious sovereignty.

But, this discussion as raised herein, might not interest those looking to emerge as facilitators to ascension necessity, which All Walks of Life shall manifest accordingly, both for imperative and harmonious reasons.

My own experience into the realm of sovereignty and the exercise thereof, can be viewed via this web link: http://www.seagov.net/

In my minds eye, both ascension and sovereignty are manifestly one being, moving in harmony with others. But there are those who state otherwise. And for the life of me, I continue to listen, learn and Stand. Hopefully, my work and Life's persistence to avail me of your kindness and mutual concern, will lead All Walks of Life to discover the joys of both honor and love, while ascending to greater possibilities for the benefit of each other. 

Most graciously 'In Honor We Trust.' 

In response to any cursory commentary received or otherwise, appertaining to our efforts, please consider any contact for further information, must be predicated upon whomever, availing themselves appropriately to reading the website information to the best of your abilities.

If after which, any questions should arise in honor and harmonious intent, toward actualization and exercise of self-determination, then our best efforts will be presented as an exercise in Good Will for those seeking Universal Peace with All Walks of Life similarly situated. And, such communications may be recieved via the contact info provided hereafter: secretariat@seagov.net

Remember, life will always find a way. What may be your way of life or otherwise, must be expressed peacefully.

I/we do not adhere to any other form of exchange in self-determination, other than by harmonious Good Will with All Walks of Life seeking Universal Peace similarly situated.

Also, I/we who have accepted our duty upon the watchtower of life, do so recognizing our duty that is owed to one another proceeding in like manner. Meaning: I/we will expend whatsoever upon the ramparts of life, for the benefit of All Walks of Life similarly situated. I/we do not hide nor run from our responsibilities. But those of us, who have accepted such obligations, do so via variation by agreement predicated upon the Universal Declarations issued out from the auspices of the alliance (see: http://www.seagov.net/charter-and-declarations ).

Whether any other Life, wishes to do or accept such liabilities or obligations as those of our few who have manifested the due diligence appertaining thereto, changes nothing of our obligations to those seeking self-determination peacefully, while seeking Universal Peace with All Walks of Life similarly situated. Until then, I AM....

Most graciously 'In Honor We Trust.'

P.S.: I/we humbly express our heartfelt shortcomings should they arise, from the use of any word or term however expressed, which may be defined in such terms by others, to mean something another altogether something entirely different. Should this occur, please allow us the opportunity to either adjust accordingly via variation by agreement respecting such expressions, for the benefit of not only our own needs but in the interest of mutual growth respective thereto.

P.P.S.: Please for give us any syntax or grammatical error, that may occur, whenever and however. Perfection is something All Walks of Life should strive for. But humbly speaking, our own shortcomings reveal our own perfect condition thereof. And, why it is, each life form is/are so precious before the most perfect of All Walks of Life united in pursuit thereof! Nature's Law and Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason!!!

Greetings, Here I have attached a couple of documents that explain the Enigma of the Capitalized name per Blacks Law Dictionary and a 22 page Essay explaining the history and benefits of filing the UCC financing statement.  If anyone wishes to file.  I have templates for Security Agreements, HHIA, Sample UCC's and much more.  This information and the information provided by Magnus and Neil above are not to be read with impunity!  Please read and comment back for more information.  Many thanks and Best regards.

-Christopher Thomas


To All Walks of Life seeking self-determination for peaceful in co-equality, please consider that the alliance is more than familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code as it appertains to it's copyrighted material in various jurisdictions in their granted usages thereof.

Once again, I/we proffer nothing without impunity. Meaning I/we accept unlimited liability pursuing peaceful settlement of conflicts wherever they may exist, while seeking Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walks of Life similarly situated.

Now to the matter at hand:

The code aforementioned, is expressly private as stated by the lawful notice 'copyrighted' therein!' Yes, such copyrights can be overcome via variation by agreement. Not otherwise...!!! Those who fail to heed such lawful notices will only incur actualization of one proceeding as a tort feasor, from those who hold ownership thereof.

So, without lawful acceptance respective to any private copyrighted material by any other life, would reduce anyone acting in such a manner, a tort feasor as stated. Is this something any life would want for themselves honorably speaking? As if wantonly, and without regard, desiring to steal anyone's property, works or usages thereof, should be an acceptable form of expression or lawful attempts at seeking solution oriented expressions of free will in self-determination?

Hopefully otherwise!

As I/we know, anyone proceeding in like fashion, does so at their own peril for trespasses are not proceeding in Good Will in the interest of Universal Peace with All Walk of Life. But remember as I/we have stated before, all things are possible via variation by agreement. And. it goes without saying so to speak, life most definitely would cease to express universal free will if otherwise, wouldn't it?

So a word to the Wise....be frugal in your approaches to the usages of your natural absolute right of free will and expressions of self-determination thereto. And remember, keep the peace, lest your true intent (knowingly or unknowingly) is rather than you've intended to volunteer too, for from your own expressions, such actions will most assuredly be indicative thereof. Until then, I AM...

Most graciously 'In Honor We Trust'

P.S.: There are many gurus or whatever pandering the usages of many others efforts or claiming political rights inherently otherwise. For this reason, I/we humbly ask any willing to read the Universal Declaration on the Four Freedoms, issued out from the auspice of the alliance for keeping the peace respective thereto! And for those choosing to be or act otherwise, our most precious and humble concerns go with you, in our hope to cherish whatever life may actualized for your benefit in respect to whatever course of action each may take for whatever reasons. Hopefully such actions will be predicated upon Nature's Law and Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason. 

As mentioned in most of the content found within this site, I mention, admiralty law ,common law, and equity law quite often. Most of the time, this seems scary to folks, as the legal jargon can be quite intimidating.

When you are contracting, you can respond in either one of four ways:
1) Full Acceptance
2) Conditional Acceptance (Counter-offer)
3) Remain Silent
4) Argue/Discuss/Fight/Make Statements

With the first two categories you remain “In Honor” with the offeree and with the last two options you put yourself “In Dishonor”.

Contracts are very simple. Whether they be written, verbally exchanged, or “implied”, contracts are often legally binding, especially if they are well documented with proof.

When we get a bill in the mail for a “request” of payment, this is not a “bill” but rather a contract that you had previously entered into, and the alleger is simply attempting to enforce. However, did you know that you can write up a “counter offer”, with conditional acceptance? Often times when we receive bills or statements, or even citations, they put scary messages like “RESPOND WITHIN 10 DAYS OR………”

But, as a free and sovereign individual, with the unlimited right to contract with other free human beings, you can offer them a counter claim, and if THEY DO NOT RESPOND then you can hold them legally bound with your very own contract.

For any contract to become viable, certain evidence must be shown.

1. Full Disclosure:
2. Equal Consideration:
3. Lawful terms and Conditions:
4. Wet Signature of BOTH persons involved in the alleged contract (between two people)

If you can challenge these points with a well written affidavit, you can very well have your bills reduced or even eliminated in some cases.

Words are powerful……….use them, or else, they will be used against you.

Isn’t that what our legal system is based off anyway?

Watch the videos above and check out the rest of this website to further sharpen your common law skillsets.


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this should be a top priority. people need to be free.

nuf said



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