Im proud to see someone is willing to consider the possibility that this could be true . Most poele are not ,therefore in can never be true for them . I have been investigating this matter for quite some time . And the evidense i have uncovered says that it is . I have seen multiple you tube videos on this working for poeple . Any police officer i have ever asked if they know the differrence beetween du jure and de facto govornment have had not a clue and had never even heard of these words before . ( look up the definition to de facto in the dictionary and that alone should merit your continued investigation into the matter) . Its a very in depth subject that requires years of study to get your head around it all . But i will stress the point that you need to file an ammendment with the state that says you are volunarilly forfieting your license and alot of poeple i have seen speak on this do not know this . When you sign the contract to recieve a license , you are contracting with them and agreeing to let yourself be legally robbed , kidnapped , harrassed ,
etc . You are consenting to all the above . All for the benefit of protection if your vehichle is stolen or whatever . A bad deal all around . You should also , when you buy a car , do not register it with the govornment . When you sign that contract you are signing ownership of your vehichle over to them . Thats how you wind up in a " privledged " position . You are signing your vehichle over to them and they are giving you " Permision to operate it , all at the expense of whats mentioned above . So when you buy a vehicle get a tax exemtion form and put your vehichle into a private trust . Thes soem thing else you have to do that i cant think of right off hand . Some very good information is available here . . But yes i have signed all me declerations but fortunately i havnt had to put it into practice, but am prepared to if i must . All the forms are available there at that website along with a free downloadable book on how to handle yourself in that situation . It willbe worth your time to look into this and put this into practice .

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