Is everyone in a soul group at the exact same level spiritually?

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From my experience, definitely not. The sol is solo and we are all on very different levels in ourselves. The soul group I think has a lot do with the experience of the full spectrum of life. Some people in my group are not spiritual at all and it enables that level of vibration in the environment to be filled up. Basically, to me, innerstanding life and people is all about experience and so the group experience is crucial to total innerstanding of eachother which is ourself. The spectrum of people must be wide for us to be able to see from many of our points of views in eachother.

Yea that is correct, though we all have human souls and are at a human light level, and dog for instance are at there soul level or Group, your human soul is complex to complex to be incanated in a dog body with out changing its Zionic system, im not saying its not possible everthing is, though your physical body was chosen by your soul as its percitual ideal, so Josh is right but there is another way to anwer that question. were at the same soul level "human" but definatly and different levels with that 



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