I would like anyone's thoughts on these occurrences I am about to explain. But first... I am 32 years old, raised under certain organized religious ideals of which I questioned when I was five years old and completely disbelieved by the time I was 20. I spent my twenties finding a way to feel comfortable with the idea that there is no afterlife (and that a god/best friend/companion/guardian that I spoke to everyday did not exist and never had) and feeding my ego with social triumphs and career/work goals. About six months ago my husband began subscribing to these new ideas that I thought were completely impractical, to say the LEAST, but I started to bite, and I can't even BELIEVE that I, myself, am finding it hard to deny the new beliefs that are entering my mind. 
That being said, I now look back on some strange events much differently. I  used to call them "spells". I experienced my first "spells" when I was in fourth grade. I remember telling a friend at a nearby desk that something funny was happening to me, or I felt weird, and that everything that was happening felt like it had happened already and in my peripheral vision were scenes of a different place that I couldn't put my finger on (all this described in fourth- grader lingo). These "spells" happened to me at least 50 times, maybe a hundred during the course of the next 20 years. 
 As a young adult, I found them very uncomfortable and intrusive. My stomach would turn, especially if I tried to dismiss an oncoming "attack" and I would feel very uncomfortable, like a feeling of being someplace one should not be - like in the arms of a stranger - but the "spell" did not start out this way. I would first recognize familiarity in my surroundings that would peek my interest, and my brain would begin to scramble for a reference - like when you see an actor and try to figure what other movie you've seen them in and you can't focus on the current show until you figure it out - and I would search for a memory, a memory of the present and after about 10 or 20 seconds these feelings would become more clear as the possibility of pinpointing where they came from become more vague, at the same time, my peripheral vision would activate hazy unfocused scenes of always some repetitious, assembly line, looping act - people doing the same thing over and over but I can never figure out what - there's a metallic taste to it and this f-ing musical tune that plays over and over... These things, these "spells" or "attacks" on my brain, as I would see them, could last a minute or two and there was nothing I could do to hurry them along or get over it or get past it, as much as I wanted to. The more I tried to ignore them when they happened, the harder they hit so that they actually debilitated me. For example, if I was at work, I would have to excuse myself from the counter (where I was assembling sandwiches for a customer) and go to the back room. If I was working on wiring (as an electrician) I would have to stop what I was doing until I could think clearly again. The onset, and ending of these "spells" were as distinct as night is from day. 
 When I was a young adult I sought professional treatment for these episodes, attributing them to some sort of short circuit in my brain. The "professionals" never diagnosed me but thought perhaps I was experiencing migraines "with an aura". I don't think so. As I said, they began when I was 8 years old, peaked in frequency when I was in my teens, and have happened less frequently ever since.

 No one I have ever shared this with has ever offered any insight what so ever or has heard anything like it. I'm not on any medication, and I don't regularly use any substance...FYI.

What do you think?
Thank you for your time.

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Kai, thank you for taking the time to share this with me. I think that the "memories" that are trying to push themselves to the forefront are not of anything I have experienced in my waking life. That's the other thing - the dejavu I seemed to be experiencing was so unclear that I thought I must be pulling it from my own dreams. The most significant thing to me about each and every one of these unidentified thought saboteurs, was always the physical effects (stomach dropping - like on an elevator - metallic taste, repetitive 4 tone melody) and the undeniable presence of a strong interruption of my normal consciousness. I was interested to know that you can maybe relate; have perhaps experienced something similar.

Oh, ooh, Maybe, it's a wavelength bleeding over from myself existing on a parallel plane. I still don't know how I could put that to practical use. I also found it interesting that you suggest I open myself up completely to the experience and send out unconditional loving thoughts (in general? or directed towards unseen beings?).

At the end of the day, it sounds to me like each one of us has to find what calms our thoughts, unfetters our habitual actions and reactions, and slowly develop a regime of protecting our minds, clearing our minds, and practicing positivity and love...constantly. Crystal, magnets, frequencies, are tools, like shoes horns, that help guide us into the appropriate position for the best opportunity to maximize our efforts. Am I on the right track here?

Thank you again Kai -Lori
for the looping song, try rubbing the back of your neck on the hard area right behind your own ears and change the song in your head, or if you aren't a musical person, try just a basic beat or rhythm. your ears might start ringing or something, just don't be alarmed and make sure to not tense up your shoulders. If you're getting a metallic taste, i would recommend that you just smile at the first person whom you notice nearby.

On what Kai said, you should definitely send the love into a different body part, such as transferring it into a hand (love your hand and pass that) or a foot (love your foot and kick it over.) Opening up your heart directly to someone that is attacking you is a truly bad idea.

I do agree with all of Kai's other points, except for not running. Sometimes a quick, discreet scene change is necessary to center yourself and break the illusion, especially if its someone training a younger person or trying to feel "powerful."

And yes Iris, I can completely relate. My grandmother is Cuban and I know quite a few "shaman" and and heard quite a few stories that sound like they're out of some fantasy novel. It might sound odd, but the thought of even referring to it as a "spell" may be reinforcing it's power. I just call it a bad vibe or most recently I've noticed people casting their negative aura on each other. As soon as you get out of the person's aura, you're basically out of range.

You're definitely on the right track about practicing positivity and love. The tools such as crystals are basically dependent on your own beliefs.

I'm sorry that nothing comes to mind about the visuals. I wish you luck, and much love!
Definitely, Kai. I see where you're coming from but this is one of those hard to explain things. I hope we all understand that it will take a short time for her and her husband to figure out what happening and lead amazing lives.

Definitely I've encountered quite a few "vampires" and learned my lesson about sharing the heart chakra. If this doesn't quite make sense to you yet, Iris, I'm confident that it will soon. Again, I wish much love and serenity to you and your family.
Thanks for the cliffhanger guys. :) No, but really, I sense your sincerity and I guess that's what I was counting on when sharing this in this forum. Thank you for the well wishes. I wish much love to both of you and yours!
I'm not sure what you mean. I only refer to it as a spell because that it what I and my mom used to call it. I was little, so I called it what adults called it. They called them spells because they were like "dizzy spells" or something and NOT because they attributed magic or anything special for what was happening to me. Everything I'm describing - all of the details- are not separate parts, as far as I am concerned, but work all together. Each occurrence, all 50 to 100 of them, have all been very much the same; dejavu, visions of people doing things over and over in my peripheral, yucky taste in my mouth, dropping stomach, looping melody (4 tone) and then *poof* gone - all of it gone after about 1 minute or so, wether I gave it my undivided attention or not. Started when I was 8 years old, happened a lot when I was a teen, the last one I had was probably last year.
I don't don't work with spells myself, I'm new to all things in this forum, as my opening post explains.
It probably is just something wrong with my brain, but I've been tested for tumors and such. Oh well. Just thought it might be useful after all this time.
Well, I'm sure all of your answers will come with time and patience. Good Luck!

Also, be wary of who you consult about these things!
greetings iris,
am touching down here in this discussion a bit tardy and hope that i could give a bit of my experiences, as this is why we are here at the resistance to assist each other with our ascension. iris, very few of us have not been touched by religion that leave a deep mark that takes years to go away as it have laid hand on us and raped us of our innocence and plant a seed of misdirection and misinformation. as a child i also had experiences that was real for me and child play for the adults. in my teens it went into further into self-doubts and many other negative and rebellious behavior with these events seen only by me. in my twenties it gotten stranger and stranger and i thought i was going coo-coo also seek help and went as far as admitting myself in a psyche ward, wrong thing to do but at that time that was where the subtle mind washing by family and society was directing me subconsciously; this happened when i saw my father where i was and know he wasn't even in the same country where i was, i saw him as i was seeing myself. now let me tell you how i got to understand what was happening, a year or two later i went to visit my father and the same way i saw him that day i thought i was going coo-coo i saw him when i visited him.... it took many experiences as lessons to innerstand that it was a gift that i mistook for a curse. years went by and nothing happened and it started in my forties, now by this time i wasn't thinking bout the past event, and again thought i was going coo-coo when i start seeing things of unbelievable occurrences, i start writing everything that was happening cause no one was believing me again and how i paid for that with my own spiritual growth and character but to make a long story short, don't be afraid and most of all DON'T think it is a curse believe me it will turn into the worst living nightmare you could imagine that will live with you from day to day because there will be no one that will innererstand what you are going through but you because it will be very difficult to explain as most spiritual lessons are not explainable as it is there for YOUR spiritual growth and telling others only compound it as their energies start snooping there is no better word i can find to put it and distort and complicated the innerstanding of your spiritual growth, it is a private lesson between you your higher self that will guide you to your true purpose in this lifetime. the child within cannot be left out of this growth process but i cannot elaborate here on the child within i would just say i had my lesson from her also. as children we are innocent beings that have been raped of this innocence before we could innerstand who we truly are. we carry our soul memories with us from many lifetimes and since the norm have disassociate us from spiritual reality and implant false concepts of reality into our consciousness through religion and society woos; our subconscious, our DNA keeps accurate records that knows that we must evolve into higher conscious beings will do what it is guided to do by forces of the most high will keep it's agenda as it is an inevitable evolution that must occur in order for us to grow into a higher conscious being. we as a society of human being have allowed religion to teach us that we are human beings having spiritual experiences instead of a spiritual being having human experiences. it is all growth that is necessary for our ascension when we take the positive path instead of the negative path. when we can hold onto that innerstanding it makes life less complicated and distracting and more focus and insightful. don't throw out the soap with the bath water, it's the necessary cleansing, it all have it's purpose in the knowledge of higher consciousness by becoming aware of why these occurrences is happening; it will start working with us through clear interpretation. wholeness and balance vibrations to you iris.
Greetings Iris,

I have had occurrences since I was a little girl too. The first one I remember, I was about 2 years old. Many were very different from yours, but many were similar or nearly the same. Sometimes I would lose hours of time from my days but not realize that I had lost time (I couldn't wear watches because they wouldn't keep time on my wrist). Atleast I didn't realize it until the day my mother beat me all the way home from the wooded area of the countryside that we lived in. I use to love going into the woods to be with the animals, birds and trees there, but my mother was afraid that I would get attacked by a black bear, a bobcat, a cougar or some other wild animal. So she had forbade me to go into the wood without my big brothers. I did not go to the woods that day though, but my mother would not believe me when I told tell her how I got there, and no I was not sleep walking. I won't go into detail on it, but that's just an idea of the kinds of occurrences that happens to me. Now, the ones that are similar to what you described.

I know without a doubt, that I can see glimpses into other dimensions. Some are of the future and some are of the past, but they would always demand my attention. Many of them are like watching a clip on a movie screen, but few have been threatening. When I was much younger they were very unsettling, but I have always had a healthy curiosity and imagination. So they didn't frighten me even then. I have seen, experienced and witnessed too much in earth, out of earth and in-between to fear most things. Some of the occurrences play out in real time, where I find myself experiences something in another land, place and time. Then suddenly the other land that I was in, became part of my physically world. For instance, I was laying down in my bedroom and ZOOM! in was in another place, somewhere in the old world. I was sent there to save this child from a coven of witches and sorcerers who had planned to kill him at birth. I was told by the light beings to protect the child, because he was being born to bring more innocence into the world. It was a celestial practice to give birth to babies who would bring more innocence (or something else needed) into the world to keep a certain balance, until it was time for the cleansing of humanity........The sorcerers (all men) wanted to kill the child, but the witches (women) wanted to tempt the child and rob him of his innocence, so that they could tip the scale of humanity toward evil. So they were well into their temptation plan and had been sexually suckling the child for days, before I got to them to rescue him. He was prone to sexual temptation, like a normal baby to his mother's nipple when hungry. This vision took over my present time. When I grabbed the baby and tried to escape with him, 3 lesser witches fought me. I was holding the baby with one arm and fighting with the other, but the baby was pulling against me. He was clawing for the witches and trying to get away from me, but I was holding on. Eventually, the light that surrounded me became so bright that the witches could not withstand it's brightness and they fell away as I escaped with the baby. But as I returned to my present time of laying in my bed, by bedroom door opened about one foot and a witch with a very pointed wane in her hand, flew into my room and stabbed me in the eye with it. I screamed and jumped from the bed. My eye was on fire and hurt like you wouldn't believe! It hurt so bad that the next day I had to go see my doctor. My doctor looked in my eye and couldn't see anything wrong with it, so he told me to take tylenol and to come back if it didn't get any better. Well, to say the least, it didn't get any better, so I went back 4 hours later. Dr. Redfern was his name and he was my doctor because he was lnot ike regular doctors, and I am wasn't the regular patient. He had done years of study into the paranormal and supernatural phenomenon, as had I, but not in books-me. My studies were not by choice, because I had no choice, since my life was/is plagued by paranormal and supernatural things and beyond. When I went back to Dr. Redfern I told him about the occurrence, which had not happened to me before, atleast not quite like this one. I told him that a witch had flown through my doorway and stabbed me in the eye with her wane. So, he put this red dye in my eye, to see if it had been pierced. Hello! there was a pin hole in my eye, as if someone had stabbed me in the eye with a pin or needle. He was amazed and gave me drops, in a container to use in my eye. It took months for my eye to stop paining me. Since that time I have had many more of the same kind of occurrences, but I learned how to create a mental and magnetically energized shield around myself by the grace of the Holy Ones. I have not been harmed since. Dr. Redfern moved to Washington D.C. to participate in paranormal medicine, where he probably still is, to this day. I kept that drops bottle for years, but I have no idea where it is right now. That was 1990, 20 years ago. I have had hundreds of different kinds of occurrences.

It is possible that from a child you have had extra ordinary abilities, and if someone around understood them perhaps you would be able to control them by now. Maybe you are peeking into other dimensions from the past and future and maybe the presence, but somewhere else on earth. This may be a sign of your abilities growing and the distaste in your mouth could be your resistance to something that you fear or don't understand. Contrary to generalizations or denials, many things exist that we don't understand and are not always evil or bad, but are gateways to higher overstanding. If this sounds insane to you, I overstand that, but it's not and I'm not insane. So, on a sounder note, many doctors might diagnose what you are describing as schizophrenia or something similar because when they don't know what something is, they give it strange names like psycho paranoia like to pretend that they know everything about the mind. But on the other hand, learning how to create inner and outer protective shields for yourself, might be more useful. It's obvious that you can not run from it, otherwise you probably would have by now. I might be able to help you...it will all depend on your ability to first innerstand and then overstand that the absence of fear means to embrace your occurrences and learn how to regulate them. Fear nothing because there's nothing to fear except fear itself. Be like water and flow with the current...I hope I'm being helpful...even though I'm late in the discussion. Peace & Blessings...

One Love,
Well what i have read so far seems like there is something bleeding into this dimensional frequency and maybe your auras are sensitive to attack. I had something happen to me a couple of weeks ago while i was performing on stage in front of hundreds of people.

I'm a percussionist so i have to make sure that the time is right in the band in order for the song to be played correctly. However in my case i was playing a blues song that i do all the time with no problem when suddenly, my body started to freeze. I knew what i had to do regarding my coordination but i couldn't get my hands to sync with my foot to play the bass drum in time. But what i had also noticed that the guitar player has a horrible problem with turning up his guitar so loud that the decibel levels interfere with my whole psyshe,

My body had froze but my sprit inside was telling me to play play play, my hand was trying to hit the high hat while im playing the snare and bass drum i felt myself crying inside because i knew that something was attacking me, I was at a new venue playing at a blues festival so you know this was a serious affair. I was literally fighting myself to play. The feeling was like when you encounter an out or body experience wen your spirit is trying to leave your body when youre sleeping and you are aware of what is going on but you cant move. YEAH! Exactly that was how it was on stage. I was mortified. But some way some how i was able to get through it. Don't you know the entire crowd had gave the band a standing ovation after the song was over. I still don't undertstand that one til this day. But after we had got back home from the event, i had to let the guitar player know what he had did. He still tries to do it today but i know that it's a malicious thing he is now doing.

What i recommend for everyone to get is some tourmaline crystals , you can wear them around your neck, wear them on your waist, or on your left wrist. Read up on the tourmaline crystal and now it is very effective in preventing psychic attack. This crystal sends back the negative energy back to sender


Greetings Anunnakigirl,

Without a doubt other dimensions are crossing over (bleeding) into this dimension. And when this happens, debris (spirits, beings, etc.) from those dimensions cross over too. Sometimes when it happens it last a few seconds and other times it last a pleep, which is less than a second. By the way you're right, my spirit is very sensitive to the presence of other energies, both good and bad. I see beyond the rims, which means that they see me too. Thanks for the information on crystals. I wear selenite crystals on my wrist everyday, along with other protective stones, depending on the energy of the day.

Certain vibrational levels can affect your neo-cortex area of the brain and cause your body to malfunction (freeze if you will). Musical instruments have serious vibrational effects. So, depending on your body's vibrational DNA, at any given moment in time, a sound could paralyze you by overriding your normal flow of energy. To override the interruption, learn how to redirect your telekinetic energy, which we all have. Sometimes it requires practice to develop and control, but we can. It means using a part of our mental abilities that we are not accustom to using, but we all have the ability to move energy around, as well as the ability to block and protect ourselves from the dominance of other energies. Crystals/stones can protect us only so long. We must cleanse them constantly, because debris (slime) left from attackers will taint them, rendering them somewhat ineffective.

I'm also a percussionist, as well as a musician, etc. As a matter of fact, all musical instruments are percussionary. Nothing is more powerful than the vibrations a percussionist instrument can produce, especially the drums. Bass drums, or the bass part of a drum, can obsorb other instrumental vibrations into it's deep pool. I'm just saying...hit the bass drum and ride the rim. You might be able to stop whatever he is doing. It could take several times doing it if he catch you off guard. But do it in-sink with the rest of the music that's flowing, if applicable. Stumping your barefoot (heel) on a wooden surface can accomplish the same thing, because the heel of the foot absorbs vibrations and calms the body. I tend to go overboard, so I'm gonna stop right here...
Peace & Blessings,
One Love,
LOL!!!! As i read this im laughing because yesterday i had to perform again at a blues festival in Douglasville GA in front of the councilman and congressmen and women there. At first they didn't know what the expect because I'm a drummer/musician but also my mom is a bass player so my responsibility as a drummer is to keep time and to make sure that the band stays in pocket with me at all times. So, I had went wild on the set. We had played the song "Funky Goodtime" by James Brown and i was singing also. So, I told the sound man to turn down the guitar players amp so if he was to try to turn up it wouldn't go any louder from the his end.

Before the song started i had said a prayer then proceeded with the song. It was a success and i was happy to have done it with out any problems. Were getting rid of the guitar player because we had a meeting with him and he has slipped and admitted that he had turned up on purpose when he was told by three other people besides myself to turn down. If you can't play and respect other musicians why be in the band. So as of tonite he is history.

It's sad that you have to deal with so any ego's but it doesn't have to be if everyone would learn how to work together. I'm glad to meet another fellow female percussionist/ musician.

Take care,

Drummer/musician - keyboards, bass, songwriter, producer



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