A close friend of mine has this duality about her which leads me to believe that at times she is not always acting from her own volition. She at times invites negativity into her life as though it is a means of sustainance. She sought counselling but things only got worse. It is my belief that this problem needs to addressed from a spiritual standpoint I would really appreciate

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You are right everything must be approached from a spiritual stand point first, that woul be handling the problem at the root. See postings in the forum on Salt baths and Crystals. Those who know were these postings are, such as Tina Springer or Agent Elusive will assist you further. Send them a personal message and they will be more than happy to direct you. Welcome to the Resistance. 7
Thanks Sevan for the speedy response.
Great advice Tina I could'nt say more.
Thanks for the support and advice and to answer your question on whether or not she is part of an organized religion, the answer is no, but she watches TV alot. I am going to try and encourage her to join the resistance and to have a chat with you (Tina) or anyone of you fine folks.

That cathode ray tube is a real hexagonal mean machine. Wait until you see what they have in store for the new digital network. Then again don't wait and see, stay away from the T.V. this is the only warning I can give, I know its hard, it takes 21 days to break a habit. Schedule your "programming" lol meaning if you have to watch something watch youtube or old movies, Adepts should flat out be doing something else right now. I'm going to make the whole body breathing video this weekend so We can show you how to get high on air and crystals.

Check it here:


Knowledge is power and We are giving the best here.

Much more advanced technology is being used with the new display unit. I would assume the gemetrics are more complex to access deeper portions of the mind, a double hexagon was probably the next experiment, then on from there.
The only issue is We do not have a video camera, which is what I was explaining to Agent Elusive. If We had a video camera I would have already been doing programs with a drawing board showing the meaning of sacred geometry, number, and breathing techniques etc. I'm sure the Most High has something planned.
Here is another thing. This post is an older post but has been resurrected. Notice how The Ringing in the Ears post and its correspondence to Television has been brought to the forefront. I will be sure in todays recording to highlight what is going on with the T.V. as it may be about to be used for something of a sinister nature. We were told that when the U.S. went completely bankrupt Lord Matriayah would come forth as the final Crocodile Messiah. He would then use the T.V. to perform some type of miracle which We believed would be speaking into peoples head while they were watching. I will personally take some time to send a transmission to the Most High "Inwards" about what all this is about so We can be clear of what those who are ever watching over the Resistance are trying to convey so we are prepared. It is good the Most High sees intent, because Ours is definitely to go higher and become more awake, not lulled to sleep.



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