As promised Solfeggio. Starting with foundation.

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this link is for holy harmony i find this very powerfull please tell me what you think
it is that sound from ancient solfegio? I sonds good thanks
Indeed this is the original solfeggio let me add another.
something happened to me playing/listening to that, i had a clear train of thought for what seemed along time but maybe was not, But it was DEEP spiritual movement in me.
There is also a "Solfeggio Harmonics - 741 HZ - Consciousness Expansion" on youtube. This helps you expand your consciousness and awaken your intuiton. Here is the link:
Are the solfegio frequencies the same as the gregorian chants?
I am not sure about this, but I think I recall reading that the gregorian chants were contraindicated for our spiritual progress? Can you clarify?
Just found this link:

Half way down the page there was reference to Sedona and 11 11 frequencies, which I read somewhere on here the 11 11 frequencies have synchronistic significance. I also know and read of a lot of spiritual new age practices being central to Sedona. Any other connections?
Any comments to the inquiry above? Basically I think i remember reading that the gregorian chants are not conducive to spiritual development, but these solfegio frequencies are the same frequencies, or not? What am I missing?
So I did a bit more research and I do recall in Sevan's book that we are told to be wary of the Gregorian chants, which are in fact Solfeggio frequencies.

I am, therefore, quite confused at the posting of Solfeggio frequences.

Any clarity would be much appreciated.
Well the scale is like water.
The chants are like tainted water.

Tainted water bad. Water is good.

For clarity sake, everything is energy.
It's what you do with energy that counts.

So as long as it is in tones its good? and when it is chanted bad?  Please clarify.

I would love some clarity as well, before I just go ahead and listen to something that may be harmful.  In Sevan's book it does clearly state that the gregorian chants were negative.  Maybe if Sevan could answer this question himself?



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