Solar Plexus Issues - How do you interact with it when its thumping.

Hello all, question to an adept.

Again I am brought back to the Solar Plexus with a bump, I knew it was coming the moment I started meditating! Several burned out energy centers need work again on the back of the head :).

When the solar plexus speaks to you. When it is saying more needs to be said, or that what has happened is unacceptable to you or others as a human being, what is your first thought?

How do you rationalize a third party into emotions. When you give an emotion you are getting it. Anger, happiness, sadness etc. How does a third party, say a pet that is being abused, how do you react to that. There are three parties involved, and this makes things more complicated, for me. Please adepts only on this, or initiates who have the meat of what i am saying.


Usually I have got around this problem by logic, and knowing all is self, or that all is a lesson, many people are ill or children, anger is just intensity and all is source giving me a reflection etc. Great solid foundations. Yet when something comes up that I cannot logically do that with, the solar plexus takes over. Like abuse on a pet for instance or abuse in general, they are always harder to rationalize. 

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The lesson was to really innerstand finally that all emotions are shared. To project it, you must be projecting at yourself at the same time, there is no distinction. That all things in life are like this, virtues, energies, acts. 

That the third party is really just two, and really just one. I have inadequate means to solve the situation ahead of me, too many pieces who do not know they move together, so it will remain unsolved till I have access to more. But the communication with the solar plexus remains, any general tips?

Hey Mark is this regarding the life mastery! album I sent you? if so to reply to "When it is saying more needs to be said, or that what has happened is unacceptable to you or others as a human being, what is your first thought? I would continue listening as there may be more behind those words. Then once you comprehend the message once   the data becomes more understandable ( perhaps your chakra may require balancing are you still doing kundalini yoga?) you can speak and shape the conversation. Think of like commmunication equiette with another person, in order to fully understand a person and have influence over them for the better you have to construct the innerworld of that person in your mind and reshape the conversation to work in both parties interest. I hope this helps please pm this or reply as I'am having a bit of a problem understanding the full spectrum of this paragraph. Wholeness

0. Keep it simple

1. To balance, neutralize,breathing,

2. holding your breath,  -words-  inhale, adjust to their-C level- of the other parties

3. Step out of the ring, Be unaffected by them

4. if possible project, otherwise step 3



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