I am kind of new and will spare details to get to the point . I live in Boston mass does anyone know the correlation between my area and its anchor point ? Does snow effect frequency in winter months since it effects sound ?
Also I would like to know what that symbol is in the videos and in some of pictures ? I've seen it all my life with my eyes Not in pictures but kind of just in the air .I would say it looks like circles around circles almost like orbs of different colors moving around each other ,it's always there . I've only seen pictures when I recently discovered seven . Totality and wholeness

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weather has set frequencies and such that can impact ones own setup. each weather type like lightning or snow or rain are similar yet in some ways different. weather is also manipulated by frequencies so its delicate to other frequencies. generating an abundance of energy or using such forces form within can alter and impact outer weather. i usually cancel the negative outer frequencies though. 

its beside the point i guess. i wouldn't know much of how outer frequencies affect internal setups. but id guess it would be best to harmonize with it instead of fighting against it.



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