So last night I was sleeping like a baby and around 2 or 3 ish I had my roommate and 3 others arrive home from the bar. As they walked in (my room is close to entrance) I woke up struggling \ screaming... For no real reason... (I wasn't dreaming or aware of any dreams as it was only 1 pm or so...) Anyways I'm wondering if some negative entities were brought home by their arrival... And perhaps me waking up was a safety mechanism??

Anyways I would like to prevent that from happening if that was the case and am wondering if anyone could provide any feedback on defending oneself while asleep.

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This Things happens to Overcome your inner Fear it happened to me very Often wen i was 15 years, i Learned to overcome this by not fearing i faced them as the day pass they have disappeared, i do OBE often when i Wish.I Remember Lucid dreaming i understand what my Higherself trying to communicate.
Keep in mind NO ONE can Touch your Merkaba Field Humanity is the last powerful creation in this universe.
Flow with your Emotion and Face them so your higher self can Guide you towards your Path you will have lot more Sync in Life seeing 11:11 very often.
Your First Step is to Face Them.
Their is no need for Protection, trust your Higherself.
Crystal Operates on Frequency it depends which star, day, planetary, alignment you were born,you cannot use just any crystal.if you use crystal,You might be in trouble by other entity to control you Merkaba field if your Planetary alignment is against the crystal frequency used.
You must need very advanced knowledge of using crystal.
Stop using crystal we dont need those our merkaba fields has all frequency you ever imagine hence Humanity is the last powerful creation form in this Universe.
Our own DNA strands are Removed,Hence using crystal to power or shield it with wrong one is not recommended it is very dangerous.
I dont practice any type of "magic" other than self development with crystals. I do not evoke spirits.

I will try the eye stare mirror test... interesting though can that test detect positive entities as well? Or is it just to detect negative "parasites"?

I did confront the roomie and said they brought home negativity from the bar.

Thanks for the replies!
Yes you are so right the negative entities want to "suck" energy. Happened to me three times last night ... 2 of the dreams were "fights" with aggressors.... I would get that feeling (in the dream) as though I was about to "pass out" then would wake up as I resisted... then even worse I had a third where a woman "seduced" me , as I went over to her... her face turned black... evil like SHOCKING evil... I felt a flow of energy from my body rush to my root chakra as I saw her menacing black face ... like just pure evil.... Even as I woke up... I opened my eyes and was fighting it .... I could STILL feel the energy sucking from my root chakra... I imagined myself as a golden orb of light as a defence... then it stopped.

( O ya and right before this happened I had a "bad feeling in the dream" I was in some type of official seeming building ... marble ... 20 foot ceilings.... Obama was there and he randomly purchased ... 2 cans of cofeee ... several packs of tobacco cigars... and I laughed at him at said ... "coffee tobacco and alcohol eh?" Basically mocking his "evil" ... it was after this that I saw the woman and approached her... she had her head down... as she looked up it was truly menacing... it became the focus of the dream.. my intuition told me it was like a form of ishtar ... seduced to her ... then she turned Black and truly vile.... I am not sure if I lost any energy to these entities... though I definitely felt them trying to steal mine.... truly a first ...

The main point is that feeling I got all three times.... like I was going to pass out ... in the dreams... so weird.
Wow yes I do now believe it was a reptilian being trying to suck my energy. I just want to stress that I still felt the "draining" or attempt to drain anyways as I woke up...eyes open in bed I basically jolted right up... I put a stop to the attack by imagining (invoking) a golden sphere of pure positivity and it cut the parasite off.... Wow... this article is exactly what I needed to read ... EXACTLY what I saw... very dark face, very evil looking, like a "black hole" ... the face was so evil... It stared right at me.

All I gotta say is ... Dont mess with the irish... you stinky lizards. You no gooders! Beee yaaaaa! lol

I know this isn't a joke but .... I feel like the vibration of laughter is too high for these scum...

Camphor can be used to clear the environment of parasitic negative energies. It should be burned on coal. This is not a ritual. Its something about how it purifies air.
Transmutation is the spiritual art of raising your
personal vibration so that it is so high no form of
astral aggression can reach you. The more you
achieve enlightenment, the less you are affected by
thought forms, sour emotions, fear, envy, resentment,
retribution, the Seven Deadly Sins, covens, cults,
religious programing, unwanted mental influences,
rituals, spells, curses and everything else that we call
evil in this world.

Read this E-book this might Enlighten you.
If You want to know more about crystal read this even the author didnt know the working of crystal but he was close to the truth about grid systems in solar.
This is Close i can get you after reading this it is your Freewill what you chose.
This was one of many encounter when i was 17 years,Later i successfully fought with this Entity with my Eyes Open.Look Left side of the Image you see the Entity face this is the First time i am sharing this Image.This one i took with my cell phone camera wen there was no Power at home i lighted candle and i knew there was strange felling and the Entity Started attacking me.After the Astral Fight it never came back again.
Zoom if you cant see it clear.

Saudações. As entidades negativas não dormem, logo aparecem a qualquer hora do dia. Para evitar que elas apareçam mantenha o seu pensamento elevado. Firme uma vela para seu Anjo da Guarda. De vez em quando convem defumar seu quarto. Pode consagrar um amuleto ou algum cristal para esse efeito. A turmalina negra repele esse tipo de energias.



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