So you guys. I have a very strange thing.
If I wake up for an hour, and then go to sleep, which is supposed to cause dreams (and almost always does for me, often very lucid, and almost always even if I havent been dreaming much lately), but as I drift from awake to unconscious I usually experience a phase that I feel myself transition too. When I get into this stage I usually can't move. I can usually relax, and drift fully to sleep. Or I can try to move until I break free. Sometimes I experience strange things like grinding noises in my head, or other strange things.
However theres one very strange thing. If I focus on my third eye at all, then I have a lot of very strange things happen. The hallucinations caused by the sleep paralysis become significantly more noticeable. I hear noises in my head, and I feel like I'm thrashing around, however that could actually just be what I thinks happening. But if I focus on my third eye I almost always experience significantly more strange things happen. Its like a tension on my whole body and such.
However if I dont focus on my third eye and try to ignore the sleep paralysis, its usually not too strange.

But this feeling from the third eye wouldnt necessarily be a positive, but it is way too interesting to be negative. But at times I decide not to continue focusing on my third eye because of the strange things happening.

What do you guys think of this? Should I focus on my third eye as long as I can and see what happens, or does this sound like a bad idea? 

One time I also heard voices when it was happening, but not usually.

Any idea what causes this? 
I'd like to get your thoughts in general on this. As its a very strange thing, and definitely is affected by my third eye in some way.

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Hello there. how u doing.

. Once I was punshed In my face, and i screamed like hell while looking arround and noticing no one was around me.

Often times I heard a ghost klaping like real hard, I went under sheets untill I felt a sleep, and many times I heard voices (screams) you know what that is, it's when you lucid dream too much the dream starts beoming you reality, thats the risk of going lucid. I thought  I where Awake but infact I was a sleep in a dream state. hope this will work out for you.

Greetingz my friend

Sleep paralysis is the gateway to lucid dreaming and astral projection. If you're in a sleep paralysis state try and keep calm and just imagine yourself roll out of your body and you will and then you will be free to roam around wherever you want to in the universe! I used to have a lot of sleep paralysis when I was younger and I didn't know anything about it so I'd freak out and, like most people experiencing sleep paralysis, id see freaky stuff that freak me out like ghosts and snakes. Now that I'm older and haven't had sleep paralysis in a while I starting studying astral projection and I came across those facts about how sleep paralysis is a gateway; I wish I had known that sooner so it'd be easier for me to project! I'm sure by focusing on your third eye you might be freeing yourself from your body as well because those noises and tensions you hear and feel are very common among people who mediate to try to astral project so it all depends on if you want to project or not but if not I would recommend not focusing on your third eye.



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