Sleep Paralysis and Astral projection link(GOOD OR EVIL)

Hello everyone, OK i have been experiencing sleep paralysis very often ( a couple times a weeks). It's like i think i wake up only to realize that my body is still sleeping. So I begin to panic everytime and rock myself out of it .

It also feels like there is a very heavy weight on top of me (since i cant move). I am beginning to realize that the reason i am scared is because of all of the scarey things like movies, ghost story's and alien crap that has made ma secretly freaked out of the dark and unusual activity. I am starting to realize that is the beginning stages of astral projection or  OBE (outter body experience) But ofcorse I ruin it in fear everytime.. I have to practice to restrain from watching all propaganda of scarey things.they may be put out here to freak us out on purpose.....

I have also ran across things saying "OBE's" were dangerous and demonic and controlled by a higher demonic force that may try to possess you or will not leave you alone. It could be disinformation I have no idea... but it is not a good feeling to not be able to move when waking up plus upon waking up plus I feel a weird energy in me after waking up and while thinking right before the dream state( I think)(feels like a brief small circular vibration in my head/almost like a quick dizzy pounce in my head that is hardly noticeable) It's repetitive when i am thinking before dreaming but silences when I stop thinking to notice it and so on ...

I just pray and hope there is not any evil things messing with me I simply don't know But my family are dedicated Christan's and I pray often and attend church weekly.I am a totally peaceful and loving person and I am strongly against any form of violence or sinful behavior....If anyone knows more about this please let me know Its hard to differentiate disinformation from truth online.

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Sorry 4 the delay, but this information is slightly flawed, my experience with sleep paralysis has been "EXTERNAL" a separate entity than myself was physically coming into my room or has been in my room all along...then waking me out of my sleep by grabing me with all of its force and holding me down, In 1 instance the door slightly opened by itself when i turned to look i was overcome by strong sleep in a instant , surrendered to the sleep, aborted it in a forced wake up only to be held down in Sleep paralysis,   On another instance i became stuck in sleep paralysis, fought it, right as i broke out of it, I saw a tiny blue light flee from me, I also saw this same blue dot on a wall from time to time...1 time the dot was only a few inches from my face on the wall, it look like nothing but a blue dot of light,   OK SO...SLEEP PARALYSIS STOPPED COMPLETELY...BUT.....there is something that either enters me as i am going to sleep or stands over me and alter my dreams into dreams i dont like..some sexual, some people I love getting hurt, ALL dreams i dont like but i know THERE IS  a seperate entity doing this and i can feel it in my brain sometimes like a faint pulse only when i am thinking, when i quiet to observe it.....IT silences, I am 100% of what i am explaining to you...I dont know why it happens, I quit the whole spiritual thing and went back to Jesus, im not shure if the spiritual stuff is altered to b a trap...THANKS 4 YOUR TIME



Thanks for sharing this.  When I read your entry above, it was like I wrote it myself and forgot that I wrote it.  I've been having this problem since I was 4 years old.  There's a book that might help you, if you like to read, by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and its called Astral Voyages: Mastering the Art of Interdimensional Travel.  Quoting page 76 under the sub-heading Techniques for Preventing Paralysis:

"Another of the complaints I hear from people concerning their OBEs deals with the paralysis they experience immediately prior to leaving the body.  This catalepsy has been report many times in the literature during the past 100 years.  It is really quite simple to remove this annoying effect.  This temporary paralysis is in no way harmful, but it does help to create fear in the projector.  Fear is your chief enemy, for it will either prevent you from leaving your physical body, or result in a very quick trip.  Two simple techniques will prevent this paralysis.  One is the super-conscious mind tap presented in chapter 4, and the other is white light or spiritual protection technique.  You will note I include a white light technique in my script of the superconscious mind tap.  Some [astral] projectors either ignore it completely, or delete the white light component when they practice these techniques.  These are the very same individuals who complain about paralysis just prior to their astral voyage." 

Pages 76 and 77 go on to explain this white light technique under the sub-heading Visualization of Higher Self Assistance:

"Another visualization that you can apply is the one that follows, which also brings your Higher Self in to assist you:

1. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight.  Keep still and clear your mind of all thoughts.. Breathe in deeply and imagine a ray of white light entering the top of your head.  Breathe out slowly.

2. See this white light now surrounding your entire body and a second ray of white light originating from your hear region.  This second ray of light merges with the first light and completely surrounds your body and the room in which you are located.

3. Accept the presence of this protective light [Higher Self].  Try not to think about it, just focus on your breathing and the presence of this light.

4. Say to yourself or out loud, 'I am completely protected and balanced by this white light.  Only my Masters and Guides, Higher Self, and loving beings who mean me well can influence me now.'

5. As you breathe in, say, ' The light and the positivity of the universe becomes a part of my consciousness and protects me."

6. As you exhale, say, 'I am merging with my Higher Self and my soul's energy is protected.'

This procedure should be practiced for fifteen minutes.  The best way to do this is by making a tape of this exercise and playing it with New Age music in the background."

Page 77-78 goes on to explain another technique under the sub-heading Protection Exercise:

"Here is another protection exercise that is one of my personal favorites:

1. Sit comfortably or lie down, dressed in loosely fitting clothes, and with your shoes off. Breathe deeply for two minutes.

2. Breathe in deeply and as you exhale, visualize a circle of energy in the form of a white light above your head.  Sense this energy moving in a clockwise direction as it moves down your body.

3. This circle of white light now takes the shape of a funnel and appears as a corkscrew as it slowly descends down your body.  See certain fragments of negative energy being ejected from your aura as it makes its descent.

4. Imagine this energy field finally moving into your feet.  Now see a gold band of energy moving up from your feet to your head.  As this gold band rises, it leaves a thin gold shield around your aura.  This is a protective covering that only allows positive energy to enter your auric field.

5. Spend five minutes with this last visualization.  Now take a few deep breaths and relax."

- Reference: Astral Voyages: Mastering the Art of Interdimensional Travel, by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Llewellyn Publications, 251 pages.

Let me just say personally, I've even done a mini-version of this technique for 15-20 seconds (along with slow deep breathing through the nose into the diaphragm which is near the solar plexus, and exhaling through the mouth) while in the state of sleep paralysis, and it also helps me to calm down and wake up if I need to.  I've also heard that sleep paralysis can also possibly be caused by not enough oxygen getting to the brain while sleeping.  So the breathing helps me.  Hopefully the picture loaded below.  Its showing the layers of bodies and the white light that is referred to above where it explains the Higher Self.  I believe that that is your ever-lasting, ever-growing, ever-increasing Highest Intelligence that is totally immune to any outside entity that is in disagreement with your Ascension.  I think you should use it.  I really hope this helps; keep us posted.





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