Sleep Paralysis and Astral projection link(GOOD OR EVIL)

Hello everyone, OK i have been experiencing sleep paralysis very often ( a couple times a weeks). It's like i think i wake up only to realize that my body is still sleeping. So I begin to panic everytime and rock myself out of it .

It also feels like there is a very heavy weight on top of me (since i cant move). I am beginning to realize that the reason i am scared is because of all of the scarey things like movies, ghost story's and alien crap that has made ma secretly freaked out of the dark and unusual activity. I am starting to realize that is the beginning stages of astral projection or  OBE (outter body experience) But ofcorse I ruin it in fear everytime.. I have to practice to restrain from watching all propaganda of scarey things.they may be put out here to freak us out on purpose.....

I have also ran across things saying "OBE's" were dangerous and demonic and controlled by a higher demonic force that may try to possess you or will not leave you alone. It could be disinformation I have no idea... but it is not a good feeling to not be able to move when waking up plus upon waking up plus I feel a weird energy in me after waking up and while thinking right before the dream state( I think)(feels like a brief small circular vibration in my head/almost like a quick dizzy pounce in my head that is hardly noticeable) It's repetitive when i am thinking before dreaming but silences when I stop thinking to notice it and so on ...

I just pray and hope there is not any evil things messing with me I simply don't know But my family are dedicated Christan's and I pray often and attend church weekly.I am a totally peaceful and loving person and I am strongly against any form of violence or sinful behavior....If anyone knows more about this please let me know Its hard to differentiate disinformation from truth online.

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Good peace to you may it last forever. I knew the spirits woukd be happy to help you as well. good luck and if you have a problem stil just weaken the demon till he cant do no more.

Charlie R. Balch I saw your comment late but find it very  interesting  I dont know why i cant see it on here but i do see it on my email.....Very encouraging to say the least...stay blessed

I have personally experienced both sleep paralysis and astral projections.  In my opinion they are definatley different, in sleep paralysis you have no control and you feel very negative emotions like fear or being laughed at, and I also feel as though I am being pulled out of my body and at the same time I am fighting whatever is pulling me so the tug is what gives the impression of paralysis but I feel as though its the resistance to being dragged out of the body.  I always eventually force my body to move and release the tugging.  It certainly feels as though a negative entity is trying to take me outa my body.  When I experience astral projection it is so amazing and freeing.  I either get a spinning sensation and now that I know what it feels like I just go with it, and it eventually starts making chimmy noises.  Or I just realize my soul as just rolled out of my body on to the floor or floating up towards the ceiling.  Most of my experiences have happened to me before I became awake to the matrix so I didn't realize the potential of this till later but plan to take advantage of healing myself in the astral the next time it happens.  I tried to induce it but it never works, it just randomly happens.  Astral projection really is the most exhilarating thing I have ever experienced and running through walls and flying to the sky is indescribable!  The opposite is true for sleep paralysis it is not fun and you feel as though you are fighting off a negative reptile or something uncool! 

talking bout pastors and holy oil…..cmon can't you just explain to her this is coming from the darkness and fear in her own mind. no ones summoning a warlock to press on her chest. its a common experience in lucid dreaming.astral projection.seems like you are splintering and multiplying her illusive fears.

Well after drawing up some tests i had found a quick release for those that suffer sleep paralysis and those who wish to exit quickly however I've only had so much testing but the fruits of such labor have brought me to the point where with enough energy the spirit overides the bodies need for paralysis and then suddenly you wake up. I will contiue to test and tweak but will eventually find ways to safely use such a state of mind if needed and/or find a strong preventative measure against this affliction.

It may not be just be an attack or interaction with some spiritual force however as in this state, if the mind is willing to fathom, you can utilize a larger level of brain power and thinking so perhaps some information on that might be found elsewhere which is why I wish to further research the state but currently quick release from such a state using the astral centers power has been effective to get me out of sleep paralysis and awake again. Also since sleep paralysis can actually be valued as an optimal way to be relaxed and near sleep while being asleep using such a state may assist those who wish to pursue the energies and techniques available like astral projection.

And lastly my research has found that if one stays calm in such a state they can experience wonderful peaceful feelings depending on the energies the body releases.

I also found that a peaceful state of mind without fears of this affliction being an attack can repel the attack as well.

All in the research.

Peace to us all.

i've noticed that if the astral sources put put correctly the body wont paralyze a=unless the body is fully asleep  mind and all. but that may only help those who can do that. also it doesn;t much help entering the state but relieves the body of the stressses sleep paralysis can cuase.

only an update. if it isnt getting the power it doesn't seem to work correctly. ive only tested it so much.

here is another update. based on research the minds level and capacity for activity highly weigh in as factors for sleep paralysis but other variables are still being researched. however control over the body using something like my system as explained here

has shown that a more operable level of brain activity increases the control one has over sleep paralysis. as for removal i went and found a short term cure but it can eventually overtax the mind and is dangerous to people who haven't been introduced to them. they are called bio waves. special vibrations that while improve the bodies functions and efficiencies casues a psyonic stress build up. Now with little research on how to remove this stress it can cause debilitating migraines or worse damage to people that dont take it slow. ually an immunity to the worse side effects is built up but the migraines are still always pretty bad and it takes a while for the mind and body to flush the psyonic stress after cutting off the bio waves. however a stabilizer vibration sytem has een known to ease the effects i might be the only person who understands it making.then again it alsoo depends on where the bio waves are directed.

for instance if the bio waves went straight to the brain psyonic stress would build over time but it hightens the effectiveness of the vibrations. but if one had a natural stabilizer compound the vibrations would lessen the psyonic stress however im working on a better stabilizer to work with usage of removing psyonic stress altogether or at least moreso.

now i have researched the effects ofbio wave vibrations intermingling with bloodflow and found that blood while decreasing effectiveness produces little to no psyonic stress.

but enough of that. im always thinking of better ways to do things. since i tested out the difference between a lower x level of systems vs. a higher x level of systems i must say that it is true that a more operable mind can handle sleep paralysis better than a less operable one. however when weighing the balances the hightened operable levels and bio waves i used to fully alleviate sleep paralysis are moreso only safe to those who would have the ability to have them shut down after waking up. i also talked to a doctor about sleep paralysis and its rare but heard of in the medical field as far as i can tell.

luckily ive been protoyping a mental construct of the spiritual dimension to help build up bio wave immunities in people and use it as a means to help others. the higher operable brain is another story. to have such a strong level of mentality while sleeping is usually i higher level skill set. in my other page

im teaching others how to actively awaken their minds while staying within the physical realm. its not hard and the more adaptable one is the easier it is to learn.

i had to flush out the system for a while after burning out my hightened operations. while its now possible to push further id still like to make sure my systems return to a more normal state before working with bio wave vibrations again.

The mistake is choosing to keep thinking anything and everything is either good or evil... the more you play that game you'll never explore free and wont ever get to the truth of things ... which all is self... fear is the number one tool you use on your self why not or why you should try this and that...  get off the duality of your mind and learn how to work with your self, through all figures and shapes of existence ... because is all you.... 1

The astral dynamics book in this section is the best book out explaining it all....  Astral Dynamics

i can say that its not as fearful when the mind is accepting. and regardless its a feeling that will happen regardless of anything. i do agree with you whole but i also want to know what is possible in such outcomes. its how i learn. thanks for the link.

Thank you all for your insight,  I am realizing the bi picture of things and truth is unraveling itself at a fast pace.  I really appreciate each and every one of you that commented and those who dident. I have read every single reply that you beautiful people have left and they all furthered my journey in one way or another. Thank you

I remembered you were speaking of feeling suffocated and this came to mind as I was reading the site, at least it may show you the related physical information or be beneficial in that way to understanding the state.



Sleep Paralysis with its complete or partial atonia, most likely is the result of hyper-parasympathic activation of the DVC. Sleep paralysis is experienced when the individual bypasses directly to REM dream sleep with its Beta-wave cortical activity. The REM sleep phenomena is associated with the inhibition of certain motor neurons; inhibition of sensory input; rapid eye movements; activation of brainstem neurons that control the movement of facial muscles; and important to the hallucinatory experiences associated with sleep paralysis, the activation of visual pathways. These events normally occur when neurons in the pons (a medullar structure) become active after a period of non-REM sleep (slow-wave, synchronized sleep).

Sleep paralysis is an evolutionarily old function to keep animals still while they are sleeping and prevent them falling off cliffs, trees or attracting predators. Certainly it must have emerged simultaneous with REM dream state to prevent motor response to dream imagery. The most obvious neurotransmitter agents to sleep paralysis would be inhibitors GABA and glycine, but it probably more complex than that. Those that become "aware" of being paralyzed descend to hypnogia/Theta without going through the normal phases that kick in the loss of consciousness, so they are conscious while paralyzed, usually with amazing visions to account for their journey. The lucid perception of sleep paralysis can give one the sensation of compression on the chest and suffocation as energy is removed from the diaphram. It is the sympathetic side of the nervous system that stimulates breathing activity and thereby raises blood oxygen.

Besides Robert Scaers idea of the dorsal vagus complex causing freeze paralysis another possible cause of paralysis during extreme spiritual energy states could be the hyperactivation of the limbic system and brainstem and its consequent effects on incapacitating the motor-sensory cortex. Rhawn Joseph at says that freezing is brought about by both the overload/overwhelm of the motor and frontal lobes and the consequent burnout of dopamine and serotonin in these areas. Freezing is a life preserving reaction in nature that is apparently mediated by the amygdala and striatum. He writes the amygdala under conditions of extreme fear and arousal, can induce catatonic-like frozen panic states--resulting in a inability to initiate a voluntary movement, and the "Will" to move or vocalize may be completely negated. Given the extensive

interconnections of the medial frontal lobes, corpus and limbic striatum with amygdala, it appears that when exceedingly aroused or emotionally stressed, the amygdala is able to inhibit (by overactivation) the frontal-striatal motor centers. When this occurs, the organism may fall and cease to move, blink or even breathe, thus appear to be dead and in a state of rigor mortis.

Rawl Joseph suggests the numbing during the fear response is caused by a massive secretion of opiates within the amygdala and basal ganglia, while the rigidity and loss of Will is a consequence hyper-amygdala influences on the medial frontal lobe and corpus and limbic striatum. The amygdala is able to induce these catatonic states, via interconnections with the basal ganglia, brainstem, as well as the medial frontal lobes. Under extremely stressful conditions the striatal, frontal lobe and amygdala, are simultaneously undergoing dopamine depletion, which in turn results in hyperactivation of these areas.

In the Eastern traditions there is a catatonic deathlike state called Nirodha "meaning "prior to the arising of ignorance and volitional impulse." Like deep Samadhi, Nirodha is a very high non-meditative meditative state. During Nirodha there is no time sense, heartbeat and metabolism are slow and practically cease so very little energy is burned, and body temperature drops well below normal. In fact this spiritual catatonia is so deathlike that there is the danger of being mistaken as dead and so buried alive. It is said that Nirodha is a precursor to Ego Death. Nigredoin Western alchemy is the death-like withdrawl of the soul from the body.

"The Gnani (the Enlightened) continually enjoys uninterrupted, transcendental experience, keeping his inner attention always on the Source, in spite of the apparent existence of the ego, which the ignorant imagine to be real. This apparent ego is harmless; it is like the skeleton of a burnt rope--though it has form, it is of no use to tie anything with." Sri Ramana Maharshi




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