Sleep Paralysis and Astral projection link(GOOD OR EVIL)

Hello everyone, OK i have been experiencing sleep paralysis very often ( a couple times a weeks). It's like i think i wake up only to realize that my body is still sleeping. So I begin to panic everytime and rock myself out of it .

It also feels like there is a very heavy weight on top of me (since i cant move). I am beginning to realize that the reason i am scared is because of all of the scarey things like movies, ghost story's and alien crap that has made ma secretly freaked out of the dark and unusual activity. I am starting to realize that is the beginning stages of astral projection or  OBE (outter body experience) But ofcorse I ruin it in fear everytime.. I have to practice to restrain from watching all propaganda of scarey things.they may be put out here to freak us out on purpose.....

I have also ran across things saying "OBE's" were dangerous and demonic and controlled by a higher demonic force that may try to possess you or will not leave you alone. It could be disinformation I have no idea... but it is not a good feeling to not be able to move when waking up plus upon waking up plus I feel a weird energy in me after waking up and while thinking right before the dream state( I think)(feels like a brief small circular vibration in my head/almost like a quick dizzy pounce in my head that is hardly noticeable) It's repetitive when i am thinking before dreaming but silences when I stop thinking to notice it and so on ...

I just pray and hope there is not any evil things messing with me I simply don't know But my family are dedicated Christan's and I pray often and attend church weekly.I am a totally peaceful and loving person and I am strongly against any form of violence or sinful behavior....If anyone knows more about this please let me know Its hard to differentiate disinformation from truth online.

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So I have a window open in my conscious?....And I dont have a Guardian?    And my Aura is not that great?...And I am not a "trusted" person?  geesh         Well you did recommend that i should fortify a strong will...but i dident understand what removing the target was......

MOST IMPORTANTLY you ADVISED  that the spirit bug would be the best start for me and is helpfull if it determines the attacker or perpetrator first..right... "I was trying to see what it was that was hanging around but havent yet"

Well under the christian beliefs you have guardian angels. But evsn though i also believe in such a way i still find myself in comprimised situations. The bug is an option and the window in your conscious mind at is opened differently while sleeping than when awake. It seems this window has a weakness i could test to exploit that would actually benefit you. However i will ned time to think it over before relasing a theory and solution. The bug will come but you may not see it that is if you want it. Ill be back later with results.

Oh yeah that window comment gave me an idea. so this window in your mind it allows dimensional travel persay. your mind realizes this as fact. now for me i would try to have my mind realize this window to have a "screen" or filter so the "bugs" dont get in. basically try to allow a spiritual shield of sorts form over this window while going to sleep and only filtering in the dream world and not the attacker who strangely I know as a former member of a spirit library group I get info from. Sadly his mind and spirit have been comprimised and a cure for what has happened to him is still under wraps. By the way i have a gigantic network conected to my mind as if i had wifi in it. This network shows all sorts of data and activity that no other network can come close to. the problem is to read it takes a fast mind so until others are ready it is divined and quartered to my use only so others dont tamper with it. hope this helps bring your mind peace.

Interesting......I will review this a little closer

oops too much information.


thanx that makes me feel happy. did you get the chance to try it out yet. i would love to have more data on the subject if possible.

No, I wasent really exactly shure which method u were advising to try, did u say try to identify the attack with a spirit bug?  I have no idea how 2 do that?  Can u please make the intsructions a little more detailed, this Think is aggresive and is trying to kill me with a heart attack..when it all is over i am tired and my heart is beating so fast and hard from trying to get loose...I could just lay there and not fight but it's a scarey thought what would happen if i did nothing....Man I have to figure this out b4 its 2 late

Well the thing was i used the bug to survey the information. your heart troubles coulds be from staying up all night and be aware that the heart bcan beat faster depending on your bodies oxygen levels. Also i use the bugs. they only listen to the one they are gifted to so thats me. i use it to gather knowledge and since i have it u should try to check youyr minds astral window and fortify it so that the dream comes in but the attacker stays out while sleeping. i have am igraine so its difficult to guage everything but the complexities of my methods are teachable. you shoulod also try purifying your energies and rally them all togehter to strengthen yourself.its like they say. you give a man a fish he eats that day, you teach him how to fish and he can feed himself i try to teach butt if the situation is urgent you could have made that more clear. i would be happy to help you with your problem. but just one question. has it stopped? because various protection methods are available i have the ability to project my protective services without contact to the victim. i can save you as i have others then teach you i suppose. what level of strength would you say you have spiritually and ill teach you based on the answer to the question. as for helping you i dont norally invade other peoples privacy without consent but this seems to be an emergency so i have the ability to enter minds. i can discuss that later. my hope is that a proper filter has been placed within to protect you. try not to tamper with it. and trsut me everything i do is safe. i have a friend i test with by his consent of course but we have succeded in 60 years of research within ten years.

I can be considered a prodigy and even in the spirit realm im regarded higly. good luck i hope i helped. also i am wondering if i should make a way to form a library focused on my studies and findings as well as research and development. i'm open to help and ideas in hopes of spreading peace and understanding.

Well when it happened last (earlier this morning) I slept good until in my dream I thought to myself that This Sleep paralysis may be gone and not coming back..THEN BAM!!  A heavy weight fell on me instantly and i woke up as soon as i felt it.....I struggled to free myself it was very hard as always...But this time I wanted to Hurt whatever was doing this to I gathered up strength to lift a arm to just Grab in the air above me with force(i wanted to just hurt it)  It felt like I had 500lbs holding me down but i finally was able to grab like i wanted to seriously hurt the air just above me in hopes that maybe its there but i cant see it!!  So then it stopped and I broke out of Being stuck......Then i noticed how my heart was racing because of the strenuous fight I just put up....Its like its goal is to get my heart beating rapidly...out of fear and putting up a huge fight under tremendous weight....My strength spiritually is OK but all i know  to do is to prey to GOD and be a good person that affects me spiritually..the rest I cant see or verify to know what is right or wrong....After this Sleep paralysis i think anything "OTHER" then being christian and loving God or Positive spiritual aspects are Not positive and could be demonic......So i dont do anything else apart from just praying to God and asking for protection...Ofcorse its not working because I still have "SP" almost every night so I believe it is my faith or my sin Although I repent daily. But asfar as why I get "SP" in the first place I have no idea...Maybey it was the reserch into Historic and unorthodox ways of Early history or maybey even the slight UFO interest i had in the past...or maybey someone else did this to me....But u know what..." I HAD A DREAM OF THIS BEFORE IT STARTED HAPPENING" that there was something evil in this house and if i remember it seemed to be inside a closet within a book or something is where it chilled at in the dream...ODD  =|  ..well now i dont sleep much and stay up all night, drink coffe then go to class and work......or i i absolutely have to sleep i try to sleep near the edge so if i get stuck in "SP" I can snap out of it by trying to fall of f the bed which i never successfully tried yet...I wish i could get rid of it once and for all but I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO...It all started with really lucid dreams and i enjoyed them....not Im to afraid to go to sleep..UGH!     If u can help please do.....Someone told me something about burning SAGE and praying....Tell me something good

well you have been targeted by some sort of demonic force. it has left us few options. i can snap it kill it or repel it from you but apparently it is not entering through your dream window cause i did one hell of a security check last night. i communed with the spirits but only to gather and focus my energies. i have now a focal point for residue and the analysis proves an outsid force is attacking you from the outside and not the inside. i would know cause the bug has great info. now in my opinion the snap option is my favorite cuase it has a chance of turning this beast. but you need to find him. Perhaps he is in your house but can you find him. also without sleep you will wear out eventually.i know that better than most of what kinds of wear and tear can happen to ones self. Having faith may protect you but your still attacked. im working on a project called spearite but for now its also under wraps. however since that was for internal issues i need a different strategy.

i can still use a spearite cell just have to augment it for use by others. as for seeing the beast your best bet is the spiritual or third eye. you alsp know too much about something to be warranting demonic attention on this magnitude. my research has brought som many demons to my doorstep ive lost track of how many ive killed. i have actually experienced something similar before and the cure was a special barrier called a kekkai or whatever. anyways the idea was to project a spiritual square around your bed only you and what you want to have enter. it stopped all the thoughts of night attacks cuase it drains the lif force of those you wish not to enter but that only works on spirits. and now that youve reminded me perhaps you and some others could truly benefit from my research. however the steps are taken slowly to get farther.

the barrier technique has some quirks however but ill retest a new strain of power to double check any particular flaws of its past. i think people need to learn the true power the spirit possesses. i actually feeel quite safe with the current prototype recreation of the shield. it actually seems to give off a euphoria of good feelings. however proper protection can still be broken. only i can snap the demons or at least am the only one im aware of that can but kiling one is possible. at your level i hope you can focus real well otherwise i would invest in some choline to boost your brain functions by improving brain health. and just for the record if the site allows im starting a training thread for spiritual training that has blown the minds of many. good luck and ill send you some assistance for a while considering your current sleep levels will have offset your spiritual strength.

Thank your for your time I went to church 2day and asked the preacher and other annointed ones to prey over me for protection and i also rededicated my life to Jesus Christ..Then i went to the choir room and joined the choir Although i still experienced a attack when i took a nap i dont expect the cure to be purpose of all that was to Build on my Aura and invite nothing but positivity into my life especially that of unconditional love.. and You were right about me knowing 2much about something .." The astral beings that put the 13 royal families in power through the deminic bloodline of RH negative since there bodies are organized 2 b possesed and the world is ran by these spirits...

On the contrary this spirit messing with me just waits for mr to fall asleep then it attackes me then it steers my dream in a negative manner than BOOM snatches me up and i go into "SP" My new defense is to fill myself with high vibrating frequencies of Unconditional Love, love gratitude ,appreciation , caring and GET RID of and fear doubt, helplessness and outright ignor the spirit and not give it the fear it needs to eat 2 survive.....I also noticed i have more control over this spirit in the DREAMSTATE and have beaten it up pretty badly in the last instance....I CAN TELL WHEN ITS A MANIPULATIVE DREAM BECAUSE THEY ARE NEGATIVE AND WANT ME TO BE VERY SAD OR MAD...i NOTICE THEM IMMEDIATELY AND CAN ABORT ANY DREAM AT ANY TIME ONCE I REALIZE ITS TRICKERY...i LEARNED THAT WHEN I WAS IN THE LUCID DREAMING STAGE AND I DID NOT LIKE THE DREAM I COULD ABORT IT AND WAKE UP ANYTIME.......WELL LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK AND THANK YOU AGAIN



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