Sleep Paralysis and Astral projection link(GOOD OR EVIL)

Hello everyone, OK i have been experiencing sleep paralysis very often ( a couple times a weeks). It's like i think i wake up only to realize that my body is still sleeping. So I begin to panic everytime and rock myself out of it .

It also feels like there is a very heavy weight on top of me (since i cant move). I am beginning to realize that the reason i am scared is because of all of the scarey things like movies, ghost story's and alien crap that has made ma secretly freaked out of the dark and unusual activity. I am starting to realize that is the beginning stages of astral projection or  OBE (outter body experience) But ofcorse I ruin it in fear everytime.. I have to practice to restrain from watching all propaganda of scarey things.they may be put out here to freak us out on purpose.....

I have also ran across things saying "OBE's" were dangerous and demonic and controlled by a higher demonic force that may try to possess you or will not leave you alone. It could be disinformation I have no idea... but it is not a good feeling to not be able to move when waking up plus upon waking up plus I feel a weird energy in me after waking up and while thinking right before the dream state( I think)(feels like a brief small circular vibration in my head/almost like a quick dizzy pounce in my head that is hardly noticeable) It's repetitive when i am thinking before dreaming but silences when I stop thinking to notice it and so on ...

I just pray and hope there is not any evil things messing with me I simply don't know But my family are dedicated Christan's and I pray often and attend church weekly.I am a totally peaceful and loving person and I am strongly against any form of violence or sinful behavior....If anyone knows more about this please let me know Its hard to differentiate disinformation from truth online.

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Wholeness, I do freak out when it's dark, and it has a lot to do with all the Hollywood Bullcrap they feed us. I heard once about a ''shadow figure''(not for real) that may pop up when you're in sleep paralysis, like something that's watching you. By just ignoring it, it goes away. But it's nothing to get alarmed with. There is nothing harmful that may happen unless you attract it by being afraid. I don't know, but I think it's ok when you wake up several times in that state, at least you will get used to it and it will be easier when you get to do OBE's. Before going into the state, imagine a bubble surrounding you and protecting you, you can also stretch it to the boundaries of your room so your whole room is protected as well, be sure that, all that wants to harm you cannot penetrate that bubble. Try doing some meditation of course and massage yourself in the neck, hands and/or feet before going to sleep so when you wake up you can relax into that state. It's freaky because when you do it you might hear a buzzy loud sound. I do heard one.Anyways, there is a post here in resistance with a video with all the information. I also had tough about freaky propaganda. but at some point realized that in some cultures they like scary things, like in Japan. So that's why they make scary movies. Just don't put your focus on those things and carry on. Be confident on yourself.

Wholeness and blessing to you brother.


Thank you for your reply Migue, I found the information your shared very helpful...As I read more about the subject a particular document said that sleep paralysis is a physical - etheric being that seeks to "wear" your body when you are not spiritually present...Well like you said I will keep all the scarey thoughts(movies) away and prey for protection before I sleep and will definately keep the protection barrier you spoke about in mind.

Thank you very much

I have found out why sleep paralysis happens. It is when someone occult like a "warlock" or someone practicing "witchcraft" or "black magic" purposely summon a evil/demonic "spirit" and sent it to you. It can be broken with "HOLY OIL" "anointed" by a pastor and very powerful prayer by a "true christian". Sleep paralysis is a form of spiritual warfare and true christian's cannot be affected by any form of black magic.. only false believers and half believers can be affected.....Allot of people say "oh sleep paralysis is normal" NO it is not and you will agree if its happened to you...I hope this information will help someone.

Be Blessed

Actually sorry to say but although you may be right about it being an attack by demonic forces or other such evils, I experience these also but when i'm not really in need of sleep but sleep anyaways. However some advice fear is only in the mind but the spirit always overcomes such fears so fear is nothing. i have guardian spirits that protect me due to tyhe amount of demons ive actually faced off in the ethereal plane.I kill demons and dont fear them. However if im being attacked i know who does so becuase my skills with energy and analasys of said energies allows me to pinpoint the source through spiritual means. in my case someone is attempting to place a spell on me. oi know who and do to natural defenses against said forces this person is attempting more and more powerful levels of spells. I still dont care if it passes or not.

The spell is of white magic however. Besides one last thing my body has a trap system set to kill anything that attempts a takeover. its rather a a simple trick if you get the hang of it. they die from lack of control and are thus depleted of energy dying painfully for trying to do so. If that wasnt enough my nesting guard dubbed no name is a seperate spirit within my soul dedicated to handle these issues as well. if anyone wants defensive help i'll be here.

im an indigo child by the by, using the limitless power of hope as my sword and shield. Also i am a powerful researcher of advanced metaphysics pertaining to many forms of unscientific powers and abilites.

It took a while but the network i use for information has found some info to shed light on the subject.

I was to encounter magic at a specific time and date and well it just happened to be the same time my sleep paralysis started. However the magic is not what is important. The magic and timing was the only variable that changed when i first encountered sleep paralysis. So to shed light it can be caused by magic or some other powerful dark force but the flipside is the body can develop such levels of power subconsciously and cuase you to reach this state but its tricky as in without the right tricks this is a difficult level to reach. However i can always shed light or rather more light on the subject. 

The good news is, i can say when i am in such a state i feel fine and the power is not negative towards me but rather helpful. Im not the source of such magic but i dont feel like a victim either.

Also just becuase my situation is good it depends on how well your consciencousness can guage th happenings while in such a state to find out wheter you are doing it yourself, a victim of spiritual warfare, or being subjected to other sources of power. All in all stay cuatious and careful and perhaps be aware of how things are when you may experience sleep paralysis.

 OK this is what happens......I lay to sleep..either before i sleep or before i wake up....a heavy weight falls onto my chest and i cannot move anything...I am stuck....I cant talk and my heart rate increases......I have to keep fighting to break out of it but sometimes i have to take short breaks 2 keep my heart from racing 2 fast.... it happens almost every night.....Only 1 night the door opened a inch while i was laying to sleep and when i turned to look a HEAVY WAVE of sleepyness took me over...i could only fight it for 1 second and then i fell asleep but i still was i let it put me 2 sleep because it was 2 powerful then I immediately forced myself to wake up just as soon as i let it put me 2 sleep but i woke into sleep paralasis..and rocked myself out of it....maybey 1 other night i was put to sleep but that was vauge and hard 2 remember...but normally its only sleep paralysis upon sleeping and waking and sometimes when i dream it makes me have a bad/sad dreams purposely and  I am awake in the dreams just looking like daym....i get mad in 1 when a kid(maybey13 or so) dirtied my house then walked up 2 me and rubbed sumthing that slightly burned on the side of my face..I got mad on instinct and grabbed him by the feet and slammed his head into the wall...I dint know why.... but I am sick of it....LUCID DREAMIN was one of the first symptoms i was awake in my dreams all the time and it was like another world like this 1 plesant at first now im stuck with SP....I dont trust the spirit and want nothing 2 do with it

Time for me to step in. you seem to be under an attack of sorts and well i was a hunter of te preternatural world and even now still am. what you need is a guardian of sorts. They are rare. i use the spirits help all the time though. this spirit seems to want only malice towards you. if he bothers you he can be removed by a gaurdian spirit or a cleansing of your energy with a dash of protective tricks or skills. If you want help i can do so easily and while spirit guards are rare I know that demons and other negative do hate what i can bring to them. I can offer help but i always like getting the ok from a person before linking to their situation in haste. although yeah lucid dreaming is a way to fight this spirit that haunts you its true self will not go away without some sort of help.

My services are free as they help my research grow which is all i need.

Again spirit guardians are hard to find and nesting guards are impossibly rare but they are not the only solutions.

Thanx you for your help...I WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP because i am not properly trained in this area....last night did not even sleep..i waited until the morning to sleep (even though  Sleep paralysis is common in the morning anyway..but its a little less scarey.)....Last night when i layed down for a second..i just knew it was around waiting for me to fall into half i opened my eyes fast and i saw like a small bluish ORB on the wall..(its quickly vanished within a second)..this is not the first time i think i saw a orb but i was in doubt first of what i was seeing..i thought maybe light bouncing from traffic..PLEASE..YOUR HELP WOULD BE WELL APPRECIATED...By the i waited until about 8:00AM to fall asleep but before that i prayed and asked "Jesus/Yahsua, and his father protect over my house and send his angels and holy spirit to protect me and slept in a diffrent part of the house and sleept very well......From my understanding souls need the protection of the Holy spirit to travel into the  second heaven(not that i want to do that at this time) but it showed me that it is a protection mechanism because there is no LOVE there....Please educate me and help me understand the right ways                   P.S  Saviour

How can we see if there is s spirit guard or nesting guard available....they could be available...ofcorse i say this in hope...and i would like to hear your protective tricks and skills...whatever you think i should hear.

untrue. thats no warlock. thats a body affect to keep your body still so u don't start kicking and running in your sleep like a dog dreaming

Well truthfully when I said i'd said id offer my services i only meant that I would be glad to help. sometimes i word things in different ways depending on how im thinking.

While the spirits are available a self defense measure would be more accurate and more precise in the end so a trick like this would come in handy. Depending on your level of consciencousness you may be able to find a way to harness the help of spirits or perhaps even your own power. if you can'ti know how to start but what i do is keep the energy in and around me purified and remove shallwe say the lock on of said negative forces. that is a begginers technique ill post more later.

Other skills are more tricky. For instance say you are targreted again. Sometimes purity wont cut it sometimes as is can be difficult to maintain such an aura and spiritual health. This is where metaphysics research unrelated to reaching higher consciencuosness, albeit only partly comes into play. My tricks are based upon using the power of the mind body and spirit altogether but in ways beyond just achieving enlightenment or wholeness. Ive research how to apply it for helpful and useful purposes. peace being an all time high level goal. however achieving these tricks is not limited to hightened states of mind but to all who can apply them.

Before continuing  I want to say i've researched these "abilities" carefully first testing them on me, and if needed willing people. The spirit can do alot of things but it is aided by the body and mind to achieve hightened levels of awareness and power. Now imagine this power in your aura. It exists there and within. It helps you personally but can do more. Outside practices with me and my old apprentice have found fruits. we discovered the bodies natural route to harnessing its powers, may it be spiritual, mental, or physical. This is proven by spiritual healers that the power can exist outside. Even another example is possible. Take astral projection. the spirit leaves the body but in most cases stays bound to the host body. but all that power comes fromn focus, spiritual drive and stamina to form yourself outside of you.

By conducting my research i sored through spiritual boundaries by accessing the components aforementioned and utilizing it as a force. However unlike psychics with telepathy or various kinesis' i have found thwe elements that lay the foundation for all abilities. i only wish to share such knowledge to improve others lives and share delicate secrets with only trusted people. However a time comes when a need to publish ones work comes into play but to be given freely and wholeheartedly in the hopes that life becoe more peaceful trhrough a grand shared understanding these powers can bring.

Like a healer may drive power through thought to heal i have found other combinations of basic understandings to do other things. when healing isnt whats required i think only of what is required and attribute the proper components and structure other forms of etheric power.It should be known now however that the power and its components exist in all of us and that any mind can achieve the structures i have developed.

For now however i move to reasons why a Gaurdian is hard to find. First is the nesting guard a simple yet difficult understanding of soul proponents come together to form this type of sprit. it another soul given by divining. Such power is hard to find and determination equally difficult. a nesting guard is a spirit swarn to protect you as if it were to die without you living. that is not true however bold that is it is a very protective spirit and usually the spirits guide one to you if you are of importance to advance spiritualities such as peace and understanding through grand divine knowledge. My research warranted me one when i was young in a past life. speaking now as an awakened soul from ago and now. they find you thus my research warrants them as extremly hard to come by. Now before i continue i must say that sometimes if a person is altogether sound on thre own and/or in no need of protection a nesting guard will not come. Instead i've noticed spirits stand watch and guard these people from a distance. my old apprentice who is now a mentor himself has me to protect him and thus needs no protection the spirits can provide however gracious it may be.

A normal guardian spirit can be found but they protect you from problems in the real world. the realm of minds has yet a different dream like portal that only the dreamer can protect.

But a background on Guardians. They are rather hard to find becuase most spirits tend not to want to tie themselves to humans for particular reasons and some are actually for your health but others are because its rather simple to be more protective of ones self.

The spirits I commune with have led me to believe that ones self can be tghere own guardian. But in which way i should teach it is beyond what they wish to tell. so if one was to apply themselves at defending the dream portal that plagues sleep paralysis victims is simple yet intricate depending on the mind. my research in this area is rather limited howevr so i can only propose ideas to others as testing is still in progress.

To prevent possesion a strong will must stay fortified. To prevent attacks one must dodge or remove there target. while my tricks at aiding people are rather unorthadox to even enlightened minds a neccessity for such action must be taken.

your solution may lie in many things but most proven to be successful is what is called a spirit bug. Rather these are gifts from the spirits and harnessed to gather information for aforementioned goals but also have a diverse way of being helpful as protection. Like a spider may eat the fly, these "bugs" ar called so because they look like them to me anyhow. This is however not going to protect oneselfuntil it determines the attacker or perpetrator. however the analysys always comes to terms with solutions I can then construct and apply in the field or test them. They also make great beacons that can help determined where the counteraction is to be applied. the bugs are very adaptable as well and those who are very instinctual have been known to feel them physically.

Bugs are psuedo guardian spirits but may actually be constructs but this is the recommended course of action for you to take. That is if you are willing to take it.

Yeah sometimes my higher states align and help me to gather such information but i'm sorry this had to be explained so largely.



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