So you guys. I have a very strange thing.
If I wake up for an hour, and then go to sleep, which is supposed to cause dreams (and almost always does for me, often very lucid, and almost always even if I havent been dreaming much lately), but as I drift from awake to unconscious I usually experience a phase that I feel myself transition too. When I get into this stage I usually can't move. I can usually relax, and drift fully to sleep. Or I can try to move until I break free. Sometimes I experience strange things like grinding noises in my head, or other strange things.
However theres one very strange thing. If I focus on my third eye at all, then I have a lot of very strange things happen. The hallucinations caused by the sleep paralysis become significantly more noticeable. I hear noises in my head, and I feel like I'm thrashing around, however that could actually just be what I thinks happening. But if I focus on my third eye I almost always experience significantly more strange things happen. Its like a tension on my whole body and such.
However if I dont focus on my third eye and try to ignore the sleep paralysis, its usually not too strange.

But this feeling from the third eye wouldnt necessarily be a positive, but it is way too interesting to be negative. But at times I decide not to continue focusing on my third eye because of the strange things happening.

What do you guys think of this? Should I focus on my third eye as long as I can and see what happens, or does this sound like a bad idea? 

One time I also heard voices when it was happening, but not usually.

Any idea what causes this? 
I'd like to get your thoughts in general on this. As its a very strange thing, and definitely is affected by my third eye in some way.

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I think you are on your way, having an OBE or astral traveling. Research OBE (Out of Body Experience) and Astral Travel.

According to my research, there are several stages one goes through when attempting to astral travel:


High pulse (the heart beating fast)


Noises (could go over to music or voices of people talking)


One may experience one or more of them depending on how fast one go through the process. To keep it positive, or not make it negative, one must shed all fear and stop following the thoughts that come up, what Albert Taylor calls dream material. One should just observe them and let them go or else they could ruin the whole experience.

According to my experience the noises come just before or just after the moment of separation. I hear something like many cars passing by and then I start seeing the room with my eyes closed, like looking through a hole in the third eye.

What I recommend is to shed the fear, that is what helped me.

Thanks for mentioning focusing on the third eye. I will try that, have not thought of it before.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Are you sure there could not be anything else causing the paralysis? If theres nothing bad that can come from it I'm sure I can take it farther by focusing on my third eye. It really only stops when I stop focusing on my third eye, and when I do it gets stranger and stranger.

But no problem. I highly recommend going about your normal spiritual practices when in alternative mindstates such as in paralysis or a dream. I once had a dream in which I was flying into the sky (because I realized I had control so I should fly since I really dont fly in dreams much) then I focused on my third eye, and as I got higher I saw an eye in the sky.

No I am not sure, only sharing what I think based on my experience etc.

But if you feel it is uncomfortable then give it a rest and come back to it later when you feel that it is time or that you know more.

this used to happen to me before in the past, it usually occured after a bad lucid dream, a lucid nightmare as i call it. but once i became more spiritually aware it stopped happening.

Mine began about a month after I first started getting into spiritual things.

It is more so triggered than occurring on its own, however. I have to wake up for 30-90 minutes then after almost every time I drift to sleep I enter a state between consciousness and sleep at some point.Often I drift from this stage back to consciousness, and then enter it again when I begin to get closer to sleep again. I've went to this state, to awake, and back several times before actually falling asleep a few times, however.  I can usually control wether to follow it to sleep or stay awake.

When I first had this state occur I simply couldnt move and was very creeped out by it. Then often there would be grinding noises coming from in my head and strange feelings around my body. Lately its been more of simply not being able to move. If I ignore it it usually picks up then slowly fades. If I fight it it fades quicker. If I focus on my third eye there begins to be a lot of strange sensations, and it becomes more intense. I imagine if I continue to focus it will only become more intense, and when I stop it seems to fade out in the next few seconds. 
common sensations were things such as grinding noises in my head, strange feeling over entire body, electric sounding noises, and other things I cant think of at the moment

I once saw only myself thrashing around despite I wasn't or couldnt actually move. I also heard strange voices before. Definitely not a familiar language either.

Wholeness Ryan, like Amer i think your just about to enter the OBE, in the occult they always talk about 'the dweller on the treshold' wich is this entity who waits for human souls to exit their bodies. It can cause a feeling of absolute terror wich will go away if one ignores his presence and goes on with removing the soul from the body. I strongly advice you to watch the video Kai posted here.

Second part is on vimeo


About the third eye. Sevan has posted a book on how to awaken the third eye and dealing with the things involved when one goes to the astral and lucid planes here,


Good luck with you study and practise



it is associated with your REM phase in your sleep


there is documentation about similar experiences


take care

Thanks you guys.

aceofswords, I started using that book about a month before I started getting sleep paralysis.
Also, that video has made me realized a lot of strange things.

In the video it says a good way to seperate from the body in a beginning of a dream is to imagine yourself rotating 180 degrees so your head is where your feet were. This happened in the very beginning of my dream last time I had sleep paralysis. I find it extremely strange that my body already knew how to, and decided to trick itself like that. Now that I know that I'll be sure to do it more.
It makes me realize why I only have sleep paralysis in the morning though. It says its the most ideal time to because of the brains chemicals. Which I always knew, but not why.
And it also makes me realize that often I wake up for an hour, and when trying to go back to sleep (and hopefully reach sleep paralysis) that I lay there waiting for the sleep paralysis, and I reach neither it or a dream. But I reach a state in which I think I'm awake, yet I dont really think about everything as much, and are in all black and such. I often stay like this for what feels like hours and hours. The whole time I think that I'm awake and trying to sleep and wonder "why is it taking so long to fall asleep?" and then "hours" later I wake up about 1 real hour later, and think "wow. I thought that was longer" 

I realize now that in the mindset I was actually really asleep the whole time, yet rather than blocking it out like I normally would, I completely remember the dream. This dream is simply a dream of me trying to fall asleep as I was when I was trying to fall asleep. It makes me realize that at any time in this state I could have tried to seperate from my body and begin a lucid dream, and probably remember the entire dream.
I've only had a few fully lucid dreams, and every time they were after sleep paralysis. and a fully lucid dream is an amazing experience because so much can be learned about the mind. I've had what I considered "lucid dreams" that I would only remember parts of, and would only have some control. In fully lucid dreams I can anything, and I remember it all.
I've already learned to trigger sleep paralysis almost any morning, and after I end up in what I now realize was the perfect state to lucid dream. I entered this state almost any morning, and now realize that I can trigger a lucid dream from it very easily. I'm very excited, and I'm sure I will lucid dream way more now.

I also still want to continue trying to connect to my third eye while in sleep paralysis, as now I am not afraid and realize it could lead to even more strange things. 

Many thanks for all this information everyone, it has truly helped me.

I feel gifted that I figured out how to trigger sleep paralysis on my own so well, as now that I realize I can trigger a lucid dream with it, it has become even more useful, as I believe it would normally have been the hardest part of triggering a lucid dream.
It is also the first time that I have learned how to do something like this on my own. I typically have to look things up on here to get started, and then work from there with no understanding other than the guides. Now I feel that I learned on my own, and then read a guide to correct anything I learned wrong. I feel very proud of myself.
Don't fight it. Embrace it. Tune in. Look for patterns and clues. Settle in. You have entered another layer. See past those hillucinations, they can simply be programings. Built your intuition so it can guide you. Learn the system. Control your on reallity. Find your way around. keep going back to where you left off. Get to know the place. Prepare yourself. Don't be afraid and never show Any fear.
I feel you want to keep it positve but sometimes your experiences can feel a bit strange and negative. As much as you want to keep the experiences positive, realize that negative comes with the territory. So don't fear negative! Embrace it and turn it around. Always be proactive with your thoughts. You will built your powers and then you will have to decide what do with that power. You will have to make choices. Choose wisely. Think fast.
Thanks for this. =]

I originally wasnt sure if I was harming myself when the hallucinations started or not, as it was pretty strange. But I understand there really isnt any reason my body would harm itself like that. I understand a lot better now, and know its not an outside force.

It is funny because I have experienced sleep paralysis since a long time ago but wasn't really aware it was such.

Now, my last experience was really intense; I had a really strange and kind of negative dream just before then I felt like I woke up, though I was still dreaming. But then, I was conscious of my state and simply felt my body lifting. I then had several sensorial hallucinations such as strident sounds, almost radio-like, and the feeling of small electric discharges especially in my arms. Meanwhile, II saw objects moving as if there was a presence... I thought to myself that I should escape this imagery: I started imagining myself diving in the water, in which I could breath. 

I woke up no long after because I was feeling very anxious and in a lack of control upon what was happening.

I'll go on watching the video you linked Aceofsword, and thank you all for sharing your experiences and insights.



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