So today after an hour in the hemi-sync device I took a shower and it came to me. Cleary my mental portal was wide open and I was recieving transmissions from the Most High.

This is a Sionist/Zionist Matrix that is constructed off Our perception of this reality. Everyone eventually has to go to sleep so that is where most of the pre-programming takes place, in the sleep. Those that refuse to wake up to what is going on will wake up in the new Matrix never suspecting they have arrived in another program that is accessed through the brain. Sort of an organic computer. When you unplug from the brain, you unplug from this Matrix and the only thing left is to find another reference point to plug in to.

VISION: This word is used to described a future outlook and seems to have positive canotation. In all actuality this word means VI(6) Sion or more simply the 6th Zion. On the last Matrix movie the not so Great Architect says they have worked on a succe"sion" of Matrix's in which all have been destroyed, so they say. I know for sure the program would have to say all previous ver"sion"s" did not succeed in order to push those that are actually focusing on ascen"sion" and study, would attempt to be all they can be thus producing a better future model constantly, the cream of the crop.

Truly this game has all the features of an organic virtual reality. What makes it so real is only death, the other mind controller, until one learns what exactly happens after death, which We know. He goes on to boast that they have become succesful in destroying these Matrix's in which comments like this make me want to smack the ^&)(*! out of the Dark Side. If they could destroy Us they would have done so already, THEY ARE MERCILESS, they do not have the final say so, there is no doubt in this.

In one of my occa"sion"s of death by drowining. I was in the Ocean and ended up in a undertow, I rememeber taking my last breathe, I was gone no doubt, no lifeguards. Then there was a pause and I could literally hear the Ocean ask something could it take me. That Something said NO and in that instant a wave came and pushed me back to the shore. I have almost died at least five vivid times that I can count, not to mention the times I was told to go left instead of right or vice versa.

So going on, this is an old code, the (VI)KINGS, which were the 6 Kings that slew their way into dominion, may they be purged in sheets of lava. This is only more proof that the Roman code is still present. The Ro-man is actually the Or-man or Gold Man. Notice also these words Ro or Row and Or /Ore are key parts on a ship. Ore has always signified the Gold. It is also the LION.

Cracking more codes this Lion is infesting everyone with it's cowardly ideas. They want everyone to think of only getting MIL"LIONS" BIL"LIONS" TRIL"LIONS". Meanwhile this is still paper. They are on Metals, Elements, Minerals, they are Alchemist so they know how to enhance their body thus making them superior, for a time. Until the Children from the sky, that is you, activate and come together. Then the gig is up. They will run or, if they fight they will perish. Parish?

I will give you some more later, this information has come in large "light-data packets" my mind is yet to finish unpacking it. The new book must be written, The Sion Experiment, but again I'm constantly delayed with monkey business, keeping the lights on, it makes me want to cry, serious. I've now written things on my drawing board that could easily be Peace Prizes, the latest "upgrade" has also come with certain enhancements. Its funny, learn from this, the easiest way to succeed is to help others succeed.

I just want to say this is one of the most valuable messages that can ever broadcast to the Planet, especially for Our children. When people know this it will wake them up from the Matrix to the level greater than the Twin Towers. If you know anyone that can sponsor The Resistance to get this message out I'm willing to risk my life, actually I'm continuously risking my life because they can't kill me, I cannot die, I will just keep coming back to free the people, when We are all free then I will enjoy something pure that I can free my mind with, until then there is no rest and I'm not weary. The pen is mightier than the sword. Now We have keyboards. Splendid

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sponsor the site? I suppose the money is tight. That sucks. If I had the money to give I would... I do plan on making a video to upload on my channel... I can't stand it when money becomes an issue... always brings up an element of distrust. Not saying I don't trust you... but that can be a perception. I am very thankful for the info on the site though. BUt if it had to be downgraded then so be it. Remember, money comes from the strangest places.
Indeed that is why We have done it this way, We have presented everything and have been active, thus We are not asking before We have done anything, we would just like the opportunity to do more. I may do this for free but other people want to be paid for their time, or they will do nothing. Don't pay the server and they are not really trying to hear about ascension as compensation. :-)
I should be able to throw a few bucks your way towards week's end... not much... but this site has been quite informative and helpful... very much worth it and I don't want to see it crash...
The pen is mightier than the sword. < indeed , New members please read this... if you havent yet...
wholeness 2 u Sevan. WE CAN AND WE SHOULD SPONSER THIS SITE FOR OURSELVES! WE DO NOT NEED AN OUTSIDE SOURCE 4 FAMILY SHOULD TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN. WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE!! At this stage of the game monetary input from us should not b an issue. You are our source and connection to the light and we all should be getting you what u need.
Indeed those assisting Us are strong and I've learned personally to take a little and make it go a long way. Like I often mention the Resistance has been up for almost 2 years continuously putting out content and application, thus We have proved that we have no monetary angle in all of this. On various occasions we have even been falsely accused by others looking for something if anything they could find fault in. Of course the last laugh was on them, the Knowledge will remain accessible at no charge and in the event we produce DVD's or other content as such if there is a price on it, for those that cannot pay, we will donate it to them. ;-)
Sevan although I know you already know, Im almost at the position I need to be Once I burst that threshold its on brother!! Alright Resistance yall already know YEE!!!
We will continue to stand firm
If you have something in mind and can help the resistance (wich is you) follow your Innerstanding(litle voice), reach those you feel that atleast they will hear you out. Now is the time to act on everything and act bold and stand firm with what we have gather here of the highest of knowledge for the race. There is no point to keep shying away from those in our reach that can contribute time, monetary, or re-sources because if we are out to awaken the masses we need help from those in a possition to Aid us in the means that we have yet to be funded or sponsord.

The resistance continuously will and by all means keep moving forward assisting the race for free, all we ask is for those that view the site, members or non-members to ask Thy self what else can you do for the resistance for the resistance has always and will always be here for you > ? Just look around you, we all have resources around us at all times, willing to help us. Dont be afraid to stand firm and act now, because the time is now "2010". There is very little that those in the know can continuously keep doubting about what we are presenting Here. Right now is the TIME to stand up for your self and those ready to ascend with her (earth). We need to just stop the he said she said game, and the whole pointing the finger game and just move on from this dogma or stagnent believe systems that continuously keeping the masses at sleep and those ready to activate and ready to move about the globe like willfire activating those around them on contact. So we can continue to bring awareness and thruth with the hisghest of pure solution not like the other factions who clearly hold on to their members pretty much hsotage and continuously living in false-hood. IsTIME to start acting NOW!

wholeness to sherry, follow your will reach whoever you think will listen and do something with the information...

THis is for everyone, The TIME is now, I personaly ask everyone reading this to follow your will and do what is right by The RESITANCE within you!
Hear hear! Well said Whole.
Friendly reminder
Seven you have warriors at your side, The Liu Cifer is taking big hits

Thank you for that piece. It's comforting to know that this kind of thing is happening to others than just myself! (following very near-death experience)

I know no-one around here who hears this kind of talk as anything other than borderline psychotic gibberish, I was beginning to wonder if it was all delusions in my old blue-pill mind....

Lately I've been feeling like the protagonist from

as my old self was no longer able to exist in the face of Truth.




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