note: I was thinking about this recently when it comes to language: there is a collective and individual meanings for each word read. Meaning to define a word, there is actually a definition given to a word which is done collectively which people can read and there is a definition given to a word by each individual which changes depending on what a word means to an individual due to life circumstances and situations. Confusion and arguments usually occur when there is an oscillation between people either assigning a  collective-accepted meaning or individual meanings to a word/s at different intervals from one another. I thought about how in school we're instilled the collective agreement as to what a ton of words mean (writing the word out/drawing a picture) and then expected to learn the rest of the words on our own where we assign really our own meaning to the word. It seems misunderstandings arise when people assign either their own personal or collective meaning to a word at different times. It's probably best to stick to collective agreements for words to avoid misunderstandings.

(this is an extension of information after reading this article which I highly recommend reading as it explains sidereal vs tropical a lot more detailed than I do in this post

One of the most frustrating things for me when learning about astrology was the fact that I had different places and charts telling different planets in different signs with nothing really telling me how could these people have calculations that were so different from one another. In one chart I would have my sun sign in Aries and in another I had it in Pisces. It was more disappointing when I thought people just had incorrect calculations from one another but it turns out the difference was in two completely different sets of astrological rhetoric which are Sidereal and Tropical astrology. Even astrology has been segmented at this point and I couldn't really continue with my astrological efforts knowing there were two groups of people fighting over different meanings for different charts (with a 30 degree difference in sign meanings, there no way I could continue using either or) so I've come up with a reason as to why both charts can be used in conjunction and SHOULD be used in conjunction which leads to a very accurate and descriptive chart.

Sidereal Astrology- sidereal astrology is astrology based on the actual position of the fixed stars themselves. Over the years, because of the wobble of the earth, the positions of the zodiacs have slowly moved out of the original positions assigned way back when current astrology first started so that what was originally Aries or the first sign is now in the same area that the constellation Pisces is. At first I thought it was incredibly silly to base astrology on man made divisions of the sky rather than the actual star systems themselves so I became a sidereal astrologist. But then I read this article (which explains the topic of sidereal vs. tropical a lot better than I) and Read the reason as to why tropical astrology is actual a viable chart to use as well.

Tropical astrology - tropical astrology is using the signs that were assigned way back when which is actually based on the position of where the Earth ecliptic( equator or center of the earth)  meets the Sun equator. Meaning Aries or spring starts at where the earth equator and sun equator meet and Libra or fall starts where the earth wobbles up to summer and then back on the way down to winter. These zodiac signs are NOT based on the actual constellations they were originally found in.

So I had to ponder which one was correct. Considering that the center of any body is where emanation is the most powerful, It made sense that when the center of the earth meets the center of the sun, there would definitely be an initiatory or Aries energy felt up until summer where the daylight gets more and more every day and then back to libra or center again and then to winter and then aries again. But it also seemed correct that maybe the cosmic rays coming from sections of the sky could also have their OWN affects with their own centers and maybe that's where the zodiac characteristic come from. Which is where I came up with a way to use both of them which I'm sure other have as well since it's kind of silly to use a zodiac chart without knowing whether 30 degrees makes a difference or not.

The chart I use to make my own interpretations uses a system of both a solar and earth zodiac. Sidereal being solar/cosmic ( or individual) and tropical being earth or collective. The easiest way I like to explain it is solar or collective being the reality when everyone is sharing meaning during the day time when we share the sun rays which can act as an information buffer and at night time or  when one is more individual shining ones own light and can easily access ones own personal storehouse of information for ones own life. The transition of information and action from cosmic to earthly is where both earthly and cosmic zodiacs can be used. A good example would be when one is on their own it is easy to stay focused and remember what is to be done which would be cosmic or individual and then finds it difficult to convey that same focus in a collective setting with other people which would be the earthly aspect.

I attatched an example chart here with some mini diagrams in the globe area along with a solar/earth description for each planet. Yes I know my writing is really bad but it's just an example chart showing descriptions for both an earth and solar aspect of each planet.

My reasoning for this being of any use is due to the spin of a planet and the magnetic field it produces. Aside from the pictures and zodiacal names, I'm pretty sure the zodiacs actually represent the cycles of change and motion rather than the animals they are supposed to represent. Meaning the Zodiac starts with Aries-which is initiatory and enthusiastic and ends with Pisces- which is sensitive, solitary pretty much opposite of Aries. With the rest of the 10 zodiacs being stages in between. I like to think of cosmic rays as lasers. In open space a ray will travel in a straight line until it reaches a planet where it starts to curve because of planetary magnetic field. The initiatory energy will be wherever the ray started and gets transmuted when reaching a planet. The spin of a planet actually transforms the rays effective time because of both the actual magnetic field itself and also because the sun is giving off its own light from receiving the same ray and also sharing its own rays. Hence the zodiac for rays shared from the sun and transformed by the earth which is a collective energy and the individual aspect which is ones OWN ability to see the untransformed information itself which reaches the earth without intervention by the sun. I personally feel the tropical zodiac is more useful right now since it involves the equator of the sun and we need more collectivism in goals rather than following the earthly equator and ITS own wobble. Also It might be unhealthy to go straight earthly to galactic equator rather than earth solar galactic but thats just my own observation/

Well that's what I felt like sharing. take it or leave it. I know I'm not the best person to be sharing this information but its something I really find annoying about current astrological trends and the information could help to make more accurate predictions instead of just half-doing charts that could possibly be 30 degrees off.

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