Shamanic view of Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia

For anyone going through depression, bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia. I would tell you that you do not have a "mental illness." Mental illness is a total lie manufactured by the Illuminati in their quest to maim and control very gifted and spiritual people. "Medications" and the "Mental Illness" also imply that there is something wrong with you, which is totally untrue. To see a psychiatrist is one the most dangerous things one can do in this modern era. Psychiatric drugs can cause all kinds of serious and incurable diseases and conditions - including suicidal or homicidal thoughts/actions.

In order to feel better, you must seek integration of your energies/chakras, as it is a spiritual/energetic condition. For this, I would recommend going to see a spiritual healer such a shaman or an astrologer.

Society will only let you get as sick as itself is. Western society is the sickest society of them all.

Just wanted to share my views with you in case any might be dealing with energetic imbalance or spiritual emergency. Please feel free share any information as this is an interesting topic to me.

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great articles!. wholeness

refreshing perspectives. especially liberating if one feels the burden of the stigma applied to the labels.

Totally Agree......Wholeness......

Half of all mental illnesses have no changes on a cellular level. It just shows how powerful our minds imagination when its not aim at ourselves. The brain cannot distinguish reality from fantasy it just take in information
But i do want to add that I personally found therapy helpful in realigning my mind in addition health and fitness. Getting it all out on the table help me reorganizing while fitness release serotonin and dopamine whereas diet heals the body to help you in the first place
this movie proves what you are saying too.

"independence is what renders authority useless,

and that is what infuriates it


how true. reminds me of this thing plato said

"it must be hard for those who believe that authorities speak the truth, instead of recognizing that
truth IS the authority".

and what is truth? A WORD, not a person, at least, not a single person in the way we think of them, not with a limited personality, maybe... a universal person, who has authority, not because he wants it for its own sake, but simply because he or she always speaks the truth, and lives by their word!
mushrooms really helped cure my "autism", it has gotten to the point on my journey where i strongly believe that all classifications of illness do more harm than good, and they should be seen as a temporary imbalance, instead of a life long ailment, because otherwise they become a crutch for why people can't do things.

how many times have you heard "if only i ... then i would do ..."

well, it's not time for that kind of thinking any longer, we are unlimited beings!

let's prove it to ourselves, together, as friends.

Yes, I agree, nice video you posted, I liked it.

i would like to share one more article that has come to a similar conclusion



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