Greetings all, I was hoping to get a few different shadow work techniques for releasing past traumas and behavioral patterns, so if people can list or link any that have been effective to them that will help a great deal.

I've been on the tails of quite a big one in me. If you could list any without bias that would be great, for everyone.

Then for me - a lot of them require visulisation to be guided to answers, but I am unable to visualise very effectively, and don't receive dreams very frequently. I do however have a natural ability to manipulate energy.

Thank you for your help.

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forgive me for the late reply, was feeling it for a short bit there.

you may be familiar with some if not all but i will start with the basics and we can work from there:


self inquiry (who am i)



research (books, articles, studies, videos, audio)

generosity, compassion (acts of kindness)

satsang (association with the wise)

nature ( gardening, hiking etc)


breathing with nose and other pranayama

writing in a journal

cleaning (body, mind and environment)


therapy( counselling, acupuncture, massage)



and that's all i can think of. i think each of these in their own way connect to the others and each in their own way can be seen and explored in multiples ways.

good luck and take care

Thank you, really thank you, and for everyone reading there is your list, really is a good one that I can recommend. If anyone has any others please add to the list! :)

For me, all of those things help the present but don't let me remove all the repeating traumas of the past  I've tried every single one. Not the core issue I am dealing with, though they helped with many. Perhaps the core issues stem from my life's purpose, at least that was some limited guidance I was given. Though all I can see are the branches of it, not the stem, as it were. Personally I see the life's purpose as a large unresolved trauma in the subconscious, so its one and the same, for me.

I was hoping for a process by which I could see that repeating cycle.

A current inquiry and related experiences for me as well that I am surely behind on. Activities such as those on bruxby's list greatly assist in the process of wringing stuff out.Within the meditation scope one could meditate on/visualize a past trauma memory playing outside of you, like it is on a screen. Surrounded in transmutation/manipulation flames. Just the memorable parts playing like a movie. Transmute however you choose then subsequently 'seeing' the current physical cellular structure following suite. One could use energy or visualize a more positive scene, etc etc.

Or when/if any pain comes up isolate within your physical structure, observe and inquire into it. Transmute it. I noticed that transmuting the low vibe pieces of the memory may leave an intact clearer memory with less low vibe emo charge if desired.

I would think experience in adequately handling/experiencing related projections can hone one in to quickly catching then healing/transmuting low vibes from the present point altering past traumavibe to strengthen dna.

Behavioral problems can be tough hardwire changes. Guess it depends on the nature of the problem as to whether to alter it. When aware I consider if the pattern is destructive or constructive, or what is the quality of it. Does it fit into the actuality desired.

Makes sense seeing life's purpose as resolving trauma in the subconscious. Do you feel life changes if/when traumas are resolved?

Interesting questions I'll contemplate further good luck on the big one you are working on I know support is comforting if anything.

Thanks Jana, Visualisation I struggle with. I realise I even asked to -see- it above, and I guess that's my problem. Wanting to see it but not being able to. I realise that list helps as for example memories you can't see are locked up on your back, so with energetic work you can resolve them, trouble is most memories are not the core issue, they are experiences related to it.

When I realise something. I do transmute memories with picturing me hugging me at that moment, or saying to come back to me, the pieces of ourselves we lock away or no longer use because of something that happened in the past. Trying to say I understand, whatever works just to resolve what was there. If I don't have the memory in the surface mind though I am at a loss, and just have reimagine the event and what it was like.

I do enjoy the idea of using the physical body more, as you say inquire into the pain. I always feel exactly where the block is when it's one of the strong ones, if it comes from the throat, the stomach, or even a muscle on the back. Thank you for that.

Yes life does change when these things are healed. I've healed long running cycles in my life and seen the difference. The issues people face remain the same until resolved, but the environment and people change. Whenever the patterns of life are altered, life is altered. You can do that just by letting in a bit of the white bliss, that will help change the immediate environment, and you. Much easier if you attempt something like that for others, especially in a clean environment, as you are pushing energy out, and it thusly opens you up.

Thank you for the comfort and the exchange :), best of fortune wherever you are.

ok lets keep going. i will just go into some articles that help explain the journey and role of the shadow, the counterpoint of our self. i have felt the same when going deeper into the journey i feel like i am going too high up and and i get scared and i need to get grounded. and that is what i like to focus on and my teachings point me there, to get at the root not the leaves of the issue at hand. i was thinking about this earlier that when we ask others for answers especially when it comes to philosophy and spirituality the best thing we can do is speak from the heart to just show the freedom that we are living in. the actual content doesn't really matter as sevan has discussed the language itself can be a barrier to actual communication. that is why it old stories the sages would learn through silent meditation alone. however, like i said in the first post each of those practices meant can be experienced but it is when we go really deep down and actually get the whole experience from them that it really matters. like when you know the finer details that it gets so subtle near the atomic level that we get powerful. the counterpoint of that is that when we expand to include all of it the power is similar. but these are just words, the past is a collection of thoughts and memories that ingrain in us are something that is powerful and sometimes it is meaningless. it is scary to climb the mountain and you look down and see how far you have come or to dive deep down into the depths of the ocean and look up and see how far the surface is behind you, i believe it is the same. these are the things i could only write out at 3am. 

may you be happy

Lovely commentary, Bruxby. I have injoyed the artistic posts also they are beautiful and inspiring :)

I understand the missing half of language as sevan puts it, not merely because he said it (though that helped to focus me) but because i see it all the time. I use language with more finesse than most and I can see where it falls short, where it falls short IS the shadow of it. We are either writing the shadow, or we are writing that which lacks a shadow, it's a strong hard right angle with no z axis or depth to project meaning for the person reading. You'll probably read this and not have a full understanding merely an impact reaction with no depth, like your computer screen. I am assuming here as that is how the average person takes language, the right angle or x/y axis, no z axis or depth.

Still I think after all this I need to ask.

How does someone who used to be able to visualise so vividly as a child, learn to visualise again. Who is the best teacher for someone who has burned out the ability to visualise, the healer as it were of the minds eye.

Thank you for any suggestions.

this is the domain of the 6th chakra i think it is to let go of some of the past conditioning that has become blocks in your mind. so you can go more subtle or expand more. your identification with who you think you are is crucial to this.

you can also try it the smaller and subtle aspects of your mind and see the gaps between thoughts or breaths. or even see the dna in your body

the other interesting thing i thought of is to try the techniques of lucid dreams before you sleep as well as while you are awake possibly during meditation sessions. as with most things your intention is key.

good luck, take care and may you be happy. 

I was raised on all of this scale and as beautiful as it is, i have trouble with the opposite. 

I cannot visualise a rose very well. If I cannot hold the picture of a rose in my mind vividly then all the scale in the universe won't help. How do I visualise a rose, anyone, just picture it? It's so distant now, like grey memories, lacking depth, lacking any kind of substance. Can I not breath life into it some how, or a butterfly. What does it matter if I can picture myself creating a galaxy from the ground up, orbitting several suns, and all the life in contains, multiple dimensions and more, if its no more real to me than a distant picture on a wall. 

That is where I struggle.

Much as I would like to lucid dream, I was denied lucid dreaming rightly so for abusing it, so that technique is not available to me for now. Perhaps I'll have access it to again one day but not now.

Hmm maybe breathing into it will be enough.

yes this is it. that is why i love writing in the mornings to help clear out and organize the thoughts and feelings in my consciousness. you see when you write out what is bothering you or what you are having trouble or what you have not been able to accomplish what you expected to do; there creates an opening when see what is not true, then there is some strange duality which collapses upon itself and you can see what is true when the dust has settled. these words which when they are accepted in their meaning and their significance as confessions the blocks and shadows may start to lighten up. i think you can visualize these things, even if it not very well as you put it. this as with all experienced can be developed with with time and skill. it is very significant how you are pondering these things. can you breathe life into it. then what is life? is breath a part of life or is it separate? where does this life come from? is it good or bad? these beliefs are tricky and slippery like shadows.

may you be happy

Can you recall the smell of a particular rose, or recall the texture?



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