Greetings all, I was hoping to get a few different shadow work techniques for releasing past traumas and behavioral patterns, so if people can list or link any that have been effective to them that will help a great deal.

I've been on the tails of quite a big one in me. If you could list any without bias that would be great, for everyone.

Then for me - a lot of them require visulisation to be guided to answers, but I am unable to visualise very effectively, and don't receive dreams very frequently. I do however have a natural ability to manipulate energy.

Thank you for your help.

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Where do you do this, can you drop any contact details? I am sure nobody will mind a website link or some self advertisment. Anything in the UK?, that's all for now, more to follow! 

I can do the shadow work over the phone or Skype, works with each option!

I do PNRT, Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy!  The best way I have found to do the shadow work!

Usally your triggers are a sign you haven't delt with something,i find they best way to do shadow work is to listen to those triggers,and then meditate on them,is uncomfortable to sit with those feeling,and even painful,no one whats to go there and we repress alot,but its a purging that must be done,the biggest realization is when we accept those parts in us and love them because we understand how they were done or happened,throw light on it,and your subconscious will be conscious,know thy self.......x

Its important to make yourself aware of your own addictions. We all have addicitons, but we should be aware if they are wanted or beneficial to us. You can recognise behaviours in patterns, that your mind has become accustomed to carrying out, but the chains can be broken and changed into more desired directions. By recognising these and reconditioning your behaviours you can align yourself as you'd like

Thanks all for the help all.

Here is where I am at, using various techniques.

When my awareness is put on an emotional state, a few different things happen.

1) I cry, which is good, release. I see that as a great outcome.

2) When i touch depression, which feels too big to fit in my body, and has been building for many lifetimes (I believe), I get release of sorrow, which is good, but I can't get to the actual depression fully, its too big to fit.

3) My emotion retreats from me. This often happens sadly.

4) I get a jumble of images which don't seem to make sense. Last night I got this:
Tvs within Tvs
Mask and Mannequins
Rounded surfaces with pins sticking out of them.

Cackling faces and shadows.

5) The emotional is physically painful and hurts physically to actually connect with.

Just sharing with you where I am, in the case it helps someone else, or someone has some advice. If people don't speak about their unconscious side, it will never become conscious.

All the best

I wish you well mark,as someone who has had a very hard life,i know how hard it is to face the shadow,i adopt a warriors spirt,and face it all,even when its the most painful thing i have ever experienced,only a small fraction of people are brave enough to face it,most only what to feel  love and light,and all that,but human beings do have this other shadow side,and untill we look at it and thow light on it,were fragmented,x

Thank you :)

I had a very easy physical life but an utterly disconnected, numb, scarred emotional life. To be honest because of how easy and fortunate my physical life was I didn't even realise the extent of the damage when I began my spiritual work so I was just working on my spiritual body and physical body, but without doing this nothing is ever going to be stable or make sense.

It also meant for a period of time I felt guilty or at least had a belief that I couldn't say I had it hard, because I didn't compared to most of the world I had it easy, unless we are talking about emotions, then yes I and my family more importantly had it very hard.

Thanks :) WBV

Hi Mark, The process of freeing ourselves from the childhood events does not happen in 1hr. one session, Pretty much we have to go thru all of the events again!  Find out what we decided that day/moment in time, validating each part of us!  It is a commitment and the reward can come quickly or slowly!

We are dealing with the subconscious mind the ruler at the moment, it isn't until this is dealt with that we are able to create innately .  So worth the effort!

Thank you, it's a process i've been going through, in one way or another, all my life/s. Would you say this is true on the macro as well? Say on the level of the home, community or society.

Many thanks.

Hi Mark,

I've been away from the site for awhile, busy with school. I've wondered how you were doing and keep abreast of this thread. 

Yes, the macro will be affected, substantially, by healing your shadow self. Every aspect will. 

I feel pretty confident in saying that your issue stems from early childhood, when we may not have conscious recall of events in later periods of life-


-an event that happened after early childhood (around 4-5 years-old) that was repressed for any number of reasons.

I would recommend EMDR, because you will be able to take the triggering emotion, the sadness or crying, for example, while your eye movements will be manipulated. The EMDR therapist will take you through symbols, images, anything that comes up, and reintegrate whatever associations need to be aligned into an organic, neural healthy state. Reintegration after 1-2 sessions will be like opening doors to your shadow self, each session will be like turning the dimmer switch of a light up and you will see more and more clearly. Your psyche will guide and protect the tempo of the process.The eye movements that the clinician guides you through are associated with REM sleep cycle eye movements, and is how the brain naturally modulates emotional neural regulation.

There is a vast amount of academic research done on EMDR and it is proven and safe as the most effective treatment, statistically, for emotional trauma treatments. I recommend EMDR because your trauma is shadow. Other treatments may be more effective for more overt traumas. Only clinicians (licensed counselors, psychologists, etc.) can be EMDR certified and they are highly regulated. NHS may cover it, if they cover counseling. It is between 50-80$ a session here in the US and many issues resolve in a couple sessions. Just google EMDR, and look for EMDR facilitators in your area. It's not for physical trauma.

I'm glad you are still working on this, although I'm not glad you have to in the first place. Healing shadow traumas requires fortitude, and perseverance. I know you have both, and much, much more. Please continue to keep us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,




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