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I am very new to posting, as I have a tendency to usually keep my thoughts and ideas to myself.  I am being to understand more and more the assistance available through the Resistance and other avenues are very valuable.  Let alone me keeping ideas that could be benenfical to the whole is extremely selfish. 

 I have a tendency to be long winded so here is the topic of my very post on the Resistance.  I need everyone who has experience,feed back and knowledge  to please contribute.  I'm sure these are questions will help more that just me.


What is your take on sex and spiritual growth?  Here is my situation in a nutshell.  My significant other and I live together, have a child together (together we have four) and had plans on being together forever.  I have always been on a quest for knowledge, growth, being one with the Most High (at the time it was Jesus/God).  When we meet, it was like a dream...to good to be true.  He is still the same and I think that's the issue.


In October '10, I began to really wake up.  Things changed in me really fast i.e. food intake, exercises, attitude, smoking, drinking, views on holidays...just about everything!  I'm loving everything about the changes, but not my hubby. He keeps saying I wish you would be who you were and I'm like I wish you would open your eyes or EYE to this illusion we are living in.  We rarely talk anymore because the things that excite him or interest him I can see through, therefore I can't pretend it means the same thing to me that it does to him. 


It is definitely a strain, even though I still care for him deeply...he annoys me with the things that comes out of his mouth, the foods he ates, what he listens to, he attachment to material things and more.  I know he notices the separation in our realtionship because I do.  Today he wanted to be intimate with me and I turned him down, I really don't want to be touched by him...but I do to a degree. 


He stayed in the guest room the rest of the day and was sullen, so I asked him was he upset with me.  He replied "not upset but hurt that you don't want to be next to me."  I couldn't respond because I don't know how to explain what I really to him in a way he will understand because I barely understand.  I just feel that his sperm does affect me on a spiritual level, just as much as a negative aura does.  He doesn't eat things that are bebnfical to him, he's still eats McDonald's for goodness stakes, he has thoughts/response that oppose my views, etc.  I just feel it not a good thing for me and I'm probably not explaining this all right, but if you have input/experience please help.  WBV!!!

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For the record, I am and try not to judge him in anyway at all, I want to help him wake up, but he is not receptive.  I saw a post somewhere that said you kinda have to show people.  I am in the showing process...there isn't much time I feel and have been feeling this way for quite awhile.  I'm hopeful for him and really hope he with let go of the ego, as I am, and not care what EVERYBODY as to say.WBV


Were in the transitional period.. Many toxic and negative relationships will have to go and be replaced with positive relationships that can elevate you spiritually .. I dont think its a good idea to cling on to people that go against the new paradigm or are negative in nature.. they do affect you.. and i dont think you will want someone holding you back from your highest potential.. time to move on sis.. it may be hard but its time to cleanse yourself of all these negative holdbacks... and learn to let go


about the sex.. you know when you do practice it.. its pretty much a exchanging of energies/karma whateva you wanna call it.. so i think u should think bout that..

I agree. Being around negativity all the time isn't good for anyone....Maybe you can eventually get thru to him and help him awake...Good Luck. WBV

I had this same problem with my girlfriend. I will tell how i overcame this problem wich is very private, but i believe you need this now. We have a relationship for about 5 years now and i really love her with all my heart. So when the true meaning of this life became clearer to me i had to share my ideas with her. The problem was how to tell someone who is satisfied in this illusion and make m interested in this path im following. (sounds like a jehova witness ;) ) Every time i started to talk about these things she would agree on certain points but afterwards she would be like: oh well its gonna be fine. So i had to think of something. This was also for her spiritual growth and i knew that together we would stand strong. Unity is the key in my opinion. People are correct when they say that you are influenced by your lover. This also goes the other way around though. So with all the will and faith i had i contemplated a way to awaken my loved one. Any soul that i can awake brings more balance to the whole. What made get through to her was ask her about her the things she really wanted the most. Her answer was, a girlfriend or real friend besides me to talk and share her thoughts with. From her point of view she thought i was some kind of guru always having an answer to everything. That made her feel unworthy to be in any friendship whatsoever. So then i asked her, what makes a real friendship. Se didn't anwer. Then i explained to her that a friendship is the connection you have in your heart with that person. Sharing your true feellings without being ashame of it. Growing together because you know you are connected in the heart and soul. Every time one shares a thought wich is really private and emotional the connection gets stronger and the friendship will be more real. All about Love+Empathy. Then i asked her how many true friends she has and she start to cry. One of her true friends is on the other side of the planet right now in Australia. I had to balance the emotions i dug up. I asked her how much empathy she has for the people around her. Not much was the conclusion. What has caused this lack of empathy? It's everything you see around you, watching tv, going out to the club, wanting material possesion before true love, superficial friendships etc. But reality is everybody wants to be loved. So what makes it so difficult for her to get a friend? Nothing. Be a love-able person and people want be your friend. You show empathy and you'll get love in return.


That's how i have waked her up and she changed her doings overnight. This happened last week and was my final shot at fixing our connection. I hope you can find the energy it takes to reconnect, i believe its woth the trouble. Makes you an Adept in waking people up. Wholeness and Faith in you

I can feel how much you love her.  Our stories are also very similar in terms of their views and our views and how to get them on board.  It's like a mission.  I've felt this way before I became awake, now that I'm awake I'm like what's my place in this mission.  Deep down I feel we are sooo powerful together, if we tap into it.  I'm just trying to gauge how and when I should approach him.  My last efforts, probably because of the drastic nature of them, did not pan out so well.  Thank you for your story!

Ok interBeauty, hi!


First i would like to thank you for sharing this with all of us. I think we all have gone through this or are going through it or they will at one point in their lives.. So for this, i do have to say you are brave, this is a very person topic, so i thank you.


I have very deep experience with all of this. Here I will share my ongoing story at the same time i will touch on advicesing you but with respect and honor to your own unique experience...


I grew up very fast, life came fast and aggressive. Throughout the years I have had alot of relationships, long ones and short ones and they are all special, they teach us lessons (like all parts of life). On this one that i will touch on now, Is by far the most important one yet because is on REAL TIME (Actually in Progress). I have been with Her for Almost 3 years now, the special part about it is that she has stuck it out through one of the toughess part in my life yet, >(The transformation). Before meeting her I have been waking up r growing up more like it. My life style has been One of the type we can call the STREET LIFE. She met me that way, so in a way she was attached to the things that come with that type of life. So its very hard to take someone from the Illusion of darkness into the Light and then into Balance in such a shrort time (but oh how gorgeous we all are). So, Here is a girl that has never had this type of knowldge in her life let alone any recollection of what a Spirit is.. So i began to change and so fast i lost most of everyone in my life, so drastic that i Almost lost my KIDs, Because I am bold and staight forward about Ascension and activation, those who know me know I dont PLAY! (WE are Ingaged) so it was so hard everyone told me to let her go, even Psychics,,, It took me lots of meditating and going within to find the solution beause the solution exist before the problem. One day a good friend of mine told me, true wisdom comes with true LOVE and Intent to wating to find out what LOVE is, in my quest to it, it was about letting GO, but letting go of what? your lover? ah thats to dogmatic and drastic for me... why? because first you have to "think"? what is important to you? NOW, WAIT > Everything is about letting go, and YES this is true, but lets go inside and see what that is from the inside... shall we? ok, everything you have to say about your lover or anyone in any manner is a reflection on what you see in your self. soo lets go from there... whatever you have to say about a person either you did it in this life or in another. so one should always remember NOT TO JUDGE, why because thats how you truely start to see.. and the magician will grow within.. NOw watch how is done. You want someone to change then you change.. you want to get closer to them then think how can you, or is it that you are trying to hard? and go from there.. but the true wisdom is In this.. how strong are you and how much energy do you have for the JOB. is ok to pick up and leave the person or stay and work it out.. but only you can answer those questions no one else.. so one has to start teaching from the point of an observer not a dictator. true wisdom is being able to be around those vibratiing low and you bringing up the vibration from within you so they can feel your energy not your LOUD MOUTH..  how does one do that.. you cant change NO ONE, first start there but you sure can change your self. so what i did.. I bcame the magician... you can start to send healing energy to your lover (try crystal grids).. assist them by taking them around the new wisdom (even just a peek).. share ideas events or even shoot them a crystal or two and see how they feel.. If you cook, get creative and cook him a nice healthy meal but make it sexy and romantic for him, spice it up ( let go of the ego, and pride) go into his world a bit and get on his level but make sure you dont get drained you have to "charge up".. You must be creative.. you can try it all if your up for it.. if notyou'll know when to stop if it hurts you or it feels misserable then go back to the drawing board and try something else if not let go.. that simple.. ME!  I dont quit with out a fight.. lol but i dont battle, I think in conjunction with Intuition.. the mind is still the most powerful tool after the HEART. But I love her as much as I love all of you (the type of love one speaks about their own seeds). So i said come on is not over not like this. I rather seperate from her once she has woken up if thats the prize, but their are no doubts and no buts in a creators being (YE ARE GODS).  I had to shed all sort of veils or layers of years of lust/jove/love/evol. why? because we forgot how to love our selves... with dicipline, self-love, faith, patience and alot of remembering/membered you start to find your self and that my sister comes with your answers..


So the journey was tricky and hard and allworth it and why? even if it didnt work the experience was the gift... but in this case because there is no doubt in the power of concentrated thought, in self learning one can see what one can do and what one should just let be.. great wisdom comes when one innerstands ones power.. But here we are still at it, everyday is like a rollercoaster, lol yes i know.. but You have to ask your self what you should do in your case, kids are involve and that is another story. so one has to look at all the angles but dont get to caght up in the love triangle you are still responsible for ones own doing... In my case I won... why because i always win, there is no losing only that life takes things away from us and we make the idea that life is not fair that why do we have to lose those we love, but we did not lose them they are still with us same concept when one leaves christianity or any other religion, you didnt leave it you took it with you.. Is all about what will you do with the lesson that have been taught through the experience. "Is not about how much you know, is about how much you Innerstand". Love is about letting go altogether, love has no attachment, that other things people go around calling love but they kill or they fall apart bcause they lose one of their lovers. thats not love i dont know what to call that.. loe has no attachment, true love for self that is. one needsto always check them selves and they will figure out the rest, that simple.. the more you do for your self the more you do or those around you specialy the one you call your men or women. The Resistance "HERE" is all about teaching from our experiences and seeing the GOD or the MOST HIGH/Creator w.e. you want to call it, is to see it through filters of experiences. I write this and my girl firend is on this site, if she reads it and feels like sharing she will or not is ok. but you can start to see it unfold right before you, becaue is already inside of you to KNOW! I love her alot but I also hae to let her find her own if that is without me.. you see i no longer feel the emtyness of not having her, yes i will miss her but i can learn to accept it. but what i have learned and i thank her for the challenge is that i lerned to love my self and like that i truely learned to love her. the love opend her up and let her see the true light. now shes is on her own buying crystal doing her work, eating right. yes at times i have to check her a bit, i call it tought love.lol but seriously we ave come along way. I am ok with w.e. happens be cause she is on her way to who? her self... this is what we adept do. we can clear the way for those still stuck. I only help my self by helpig others that it...  and i grow because they grow up to teach me. and is a lovely cycle of energy flow, be like water my friend be like water! live in the moment. you should see the quantum communication videos if they are still up, sevan posted them.


the beauty in all this, is that who cares about what i just wrote, go within and see for your self... is all inside. If you let him go then so be it, life is clearing the way for you and if you want to know and fight for your joy,so do so. stand up and fight with wisdom with patience with flow, dicipline. stand up and love your self be their bekon and shine the light on the lost ones start with your man.. but be wise.. be the catalyst to the solution.. generate the energy and the positiveness that it should flow with it. He is a great man i am sure. "He jus needs a tune up" lol tell him I said the greatest weapon in the household Is a man with CHI FORCE in him FLOWING like the mighty universal mind that he and you are... trust me i kid you not.. slowly e will get there youwill see.. Either way everyone will have to choices, Either you wake up or stay a sleep for eons to come. thats it in a few months their wont be no in betweens. people will start to make some life changing decitions, is all good. all will know and those that wont oh well they closed their own door.. we love them but we must go UP! and the more they wait the more the enrgies wil rattle their cage (the pent) and trust me once they look at those babies they will ask them selves very impacting questions... so dont be scared do not worry. find the solutions inside be creative or make a choice.. but be kind to your self. take time to reflect on ones doing... you will find it may the force be with you.. I send you love and energy vibrations your way... wholeness..


I am always here and everywhere!

Thank you for the experiences! If I tell him about Chi Force, he will probably laugh or roll his eyes like here we go.  I was giving him my perspective yesterday on why in regards to the government shutdown.  He is a vet so he gets a check from the government.  He was like how can they not have enough money to pay his and that and so on.  So I just told him quickly and in so many words...remember the one world or new world order?  Things are not as they appear, the economy will crash and the U.S. government will fail in an effort to assist this push of one currency for the new world order.  He was basically like what about people surviving? What about ____? and he keep asking questions.  Maybe that raised some type of awareness in him to make him dig deeper.  He thinks when you begin to searching you keep going in a continuous circle never finding the truth.  Whose truth is my question?  He said he will meditate with me, so THIS WILL HELP and I will be making grids as well.  THanks!
I have no advice but I want to say how nice it is to read what people have to offer about themselves in order for you to help yourself.
some times people who you are cemented to you are actualy holding us back from growing spiritually .It to me is about breaking out of who you are incarnationaly as your subject role mother husband worker or anything else and being who we are realy as spiritual beings.relationships for the most part are designed by social standards and dna manipulation to be near imposible to balance .I know i got realy lucky or was lead by some force.We bring eachother up and we have to keep going.People can easily get stuck in lower things,if they do not have the will then they are sucking our energy they then are holding back the frequency or whatever.we must do something,something that changes things.How it goes though is its hard to get to peole to get in there hearrts really.Expression ,we must express fully acuratly and with such energy that it makes a wave.Whole full volume wholeness to all seeking spiritual life partners with these degraded alien manipulated bodies in this day in age.It can be done
yeah talk about lower things...His brother, who I commend because of his efforts to keep young men out of the streets, has parties basically every weekend.  These young men and his children are exposed to this (the fried chicken wings, music, language, smoking weed, drinking etc).  While I think it great he is trying to keep them out of trouble, I think he could also use thhis as a way to teach them how to go within and truly use their inner strength for good.  My hubby thinks that fun, not me.  I explained to him how it is draining for me to go over there and I have to consistently refocus or wash my hands in efforts to protect myself, but he still wants me to go to show my face from time to time and I do, but I feel like I should not be subjecting myself to unnecessarily. It is my hope he would wake up some because I see alots of greatness within him, that he isn't trying to see in his self.  Wholeness Brother! 

I am sooooo grateful you all have responded and giving me an opportunity to gain wisdom from your personal experiences.  Even though it's ultimately my choice, I am somewhat baffled at how much what you have said resonates with my own feelings and thoughts.  I am truely thankful!  It's very funny that after I posted this the very next day we got into a discussing "how important sex is for him" and how he can't help it if I changed. He also said in so many words, what about his needs pertaining to sex....huh?  It's like dude have you not just heard anything I have been saying at all.  Don't get me wrong he is a great guys to have, he's respectful, a good dad, good provider and many other great attributes.  Then I think about the fact, we are 7 days apart and 7 years apart (it meant alot to me when I was strongly influenced by the Bible)  My family is basically like you've got it made, you better not leave him he's a good man etc.  Yeah if I were sleeping. 

In no shape, form or fashion does he stimulate me mental or in another way, for example he doesn't read, appreciate nature, take initiative to think out the box or be different in any kind of why.  Did I mention he was in the military?  I could keep going....I know many of you have said to use other methods and I am, but this guy is stubborn.  He will say he's not gonna change, he is happy with his life, he watches TV all day (news, cop and medical shows, like House and Criminal Minds...I don't know.  As much as I try to change my perspective, I continously keep planning a way out, out of the country...but then I think of my children (ages 8,6,3) and how it maybe best for me to find the strength to stick it out and help awaken him as long as I can, than for my kids to be with him visiting and being babysat by the TV and radio and being feed posion.

Thank you all again, in the end I have to trust what I am being told/feel within (Higher Self). Wholeness

Greetings Interbeauty and yes thank you for your post. This is a topic that many of us are going through right now and I will be responding to Wholes post which was a great read at that! Being in a relationship is hard as it is so when things start to change with one of persons involved confusion doubt and seperations are sure to follow. I can understand where your husband is coming from. Its hard to accept change in general but when its coming from a loved one who you thought youve known so well you start to become confused and push away n Im sure the same for you. You go through it bec he doesnt understand u n vice versa n he wont listen to u bec he doesnt understand u. its hard to understand what u dont know. At first whn all these changes are taking place im sure its easy for u to naturaly pull away bec he wont listen n for him to feel hur that your changing. This will continue to go on untill both of you are willing n wanting to work together. When whole stared getting into this more i didnt understand him or what he was doing let alone talking about. All i could see was the changes he was making and how we didnt fit in each others life. Of course that caused conflict. All that cnflict was based on confusion and not knowing. All youcan see is the differences between one another and that over rides evrything else. It is very easy to fall apart from each other at that point. What I can say is this.. no matter how much I didnt know or how little i showed interest he never gave up on sharing his experiences n his knowledge w me. He would show me books ideas I may like and try to expalin things on a level that I would understand. Eventually as I started to actually listen I started to understand more and actually wanted to know more. One thing I can say is communication and understanding is a must. Also the will to want to make things work with one another or atleast give it all youve got is an important factor in it all. How can you end something if you in your heart know u didnt do all you could have. Nobody like to cut themselves short and the same applies in a relationship. (in my relationship)  Both of us have that fight in us. We said we will not walk away without doing all that we could without draining energy from ourselves.. If that occurs you have to stop. It shouldnt have to be that way. Effort has to be put from both parties. Talk to you husband. Bring him on the resistance and into your world. Expalin things to him on a level he may understand and dont give it to him all at once. Let him understand the basics first n once he gets that u can share more. Also show him things that may catch his interest n take it from there. With me it was health so my bf would show me things about the body and that grew my interest. It all starts somewhere.  From there you could bring in other things. He also has to want to understand you and be willing to work together. You cant focus on ur differences rather that this is your significant other and this is the person u share ur love and life with. Everyone has differences anyways we just have to learn how to understand them and work with them. Tell him how you feel how it hurts you with whats going on between you. If he cares as much about you as you do him he will understand. You can also incorprate your kids. All parents want the best for their kids and if u start giving him facts about how this can help them im sure he'll be willing to get on board. Also get your kids involved. Kids will love it as well. Get them crystals do family things that are positive. That should also make him want to come around. I know this is all much deeper than this but you have to start somewhere. You have to approach people on their level so they can then start to understand (your level). Also dont focus too much on the differences and on changing him. Once you start making changes in yourself you will see changes all around you. Nobody likes to feel pressured and sometimes being on the end where its your partner who is the one changing we feel like were being pressured to change if we want to be with you and thats where we push ourselves away. Dont force it on him.. start to make changes within yourself and along the way show him things. Teach him what you know. Most importantly talk! dont stay quiet it only makes things harder on the both of you.Hopefully he can come around. he also has to be willing to understand you and work with you. My biggest advice is talk to him from the heart and tell him to express himself as well. No yelling or frustration and try to bring up propblems and come up with solutions together. Remember there is a solution before there is a problem.  You also have to be underatanding on his end. It is difficult to accept change sometimes. I will tell you this. It is a process and its not always easy.  You just have to remember that this isnt just anybody. This is the man you share your home with. You both are half way there. And of course.. if you still continue to try and progress is not made than yes.. it may be time to let it go. You cant force this or aything for that matter on anyone. He will learn and grow at his own pace and at his own time when he is ready. If he is not ready to accept the changes and move along with them then of course yes the only thing left to do is let go. Of course it will hurt but it will hurt more on a personal level for both of you if you do choose to stay.  But clearly it wont work.  When you care for someone so much it is sometimes best to let them go so they can truly be who they are instead of just holding on and hindering them.  I hope this helped on a level to where you can atleast see where he is coming from.. you both are going through it might as well work together to see if it works and if not atleast there will be no more of the crazy feelings that beng in such a confusing relationship brings. it only causes hurt and pain. Im sure neither of you want that. And look theres a start. Neither wants to hurt themselves orone another right..well take it from there that will surely get his interest. Let him kno youre hurting and you know he is as well. Im sure he will be willing to talk just on that alone. I hope that had given you some insight from the oher side.. WBV



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