I'd love to get other peoples insight on this topic because it is one that I seem to be "stuck" on. I feel I need to transmute this energy into something more productive yet I do not know how to go about doing so.

Being a male, I would hate to fall into the typical male stereotype of being 100% motivated/driven by sex, yet I feel this urge/desire to have sex constantly with a plethora of women. Maybe it is due to build up energy though I do have a partner and we have a health sexual relationship, I feel we both would like to share our sexual energy with others(both of us are very sexual). The problem is it has gotten to a point that I feel it distracts from other objectives (spiritual and physical) that one might have. I am attracted to most women, I find them irresistible and not purely in a physical sense. I don't simply want to have sex, I am seeking a deeper spiritual connection, especially with feminine energy. I am particularly attracted to intellectual women with a spiritual side. I find this desire gets distorted when viewed through our social filters and made impure, It is especially suppressed by religion and other conservative ideology that wish to chastise the act of sex and turn it into something "un[w]holy". This is where the conflict hits home, I was always a timid person growing up, a bit of an introvert, so it is hard for me to express my thoughts/feelings to others especially on this topic because I know many people have those conservative ideologies running somewhere in the unconscious if not consciously. I don't think simply going out and having sex will satisfy me, there needs to be a deep spiritual connection, an equivalent exchange of energy, where both parties can grow from the exchange. I feel like I have certain qualities to offer, energetic imprints or vibrations that I hold which would be very beneficial to women in particular, and vice versa.

What are your thoughts on this? Am I just addicted to sex? Though I don't think this to be the case because I am not out every night having one night stands, though I fear if if this goes unresolved that might manifest as a consequence just to relieve the pressure. Also one needs to be careful who you combine/swap energy with, so I would not be too keen on exchanging energy with just anyone. Can sex be a vehicle to advance our ascension or is it just another distraction?

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"Oftentimes, we talk about alchemy as something materialistic: we think that we merely take the sexual energy, transform it, and then we awaken consciousness. It is not that simple. You cannot get anywhere with just that attitude. The real process of alchemy is to transmute your entire psyche. Where is all of your sexual energy anyway? It is trapped in your ego. It is all trapped in lust, anger, pride, and envy. So to free it, to redeem it, to free yourself from suffering, you have to transform those elements." -http://gnosticteachings.org/courses/alchemy/3112-the-laboratory-of-...

I feel the exact same way as you sometimes dude. Embrace it. There's a great quote from Osho where he says sex is just like the muddiness, and it is through growth and awareness that a flower grows from out of the mud. I get the feelings too dude, the lust, desire to have sex with a multitude of females. Don't try and supress it or feel guilty about it, these are completely natural feelings! It would be a weird world if no guys felt this way. Just learn to keep cultivating energy, not spilling the semen but sending it up the spine (Multi-Orgasmic Man) and be completely honest with yourself and your partners. And if you do have a one-night stand, assuming you arent cheating on your girl, who cares?!? It's fun. We're all at different stages of our growth and we have plenty of time to figure this all out.

yo bro you got to tell me more about this multi orgasmic man thing, I heard about it before but I have no idea to go about shooting my semen into my spine. You wanna spill the beans or point me in the right direction with some literature or maybe an audio file? Sex is like muddiness, I like that it is secretly dirty huh :P

There's this technique he talks about in a book called "Multi Orgasmic Man" where when youre in the heat of it you tighten your PC muscle, the one used to stop flow of pee, and basically imagine the sex energy going up your spine as you do short inhales each time you squeeze. You also draw your gaze upwards into your crown point because energy flows where focus is placed. You do this 6-8 more times, then once you have collected enough sex energy in your brain, you "swirl" it around 9, 18, or 36 times one direction, then the other direction. At this point you touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and keep swallowing your saliva, what this does is lets the sex energy flow down into your dan tien where it is stored in your body for use later. This is called the microcosmic orbit

Little late on this post but really to make a comment that to sleep with others is fun sounds pretty far out there being intimate with others can be costly on someone who is wanting to keep their spiritual centers clean. Remember the saying cleanliness is next to Godliness. You are not a person to be ridiculed for your feelings however the sexual act is not suppose to be dished out like candy equal an meaning your body is the spiritual temple an you mustbe extremely careful with performing sexual acts with othersyou have no feelings for or attachments to this is how you can get attacked spiritually, when energies are exchanged. My brother we are sexual by nature but your fluid,temple an spiritual path is highly important you are here for a reason stay blessed.

my tip: find the pain, there is always some pain associated with love, with letting go of the ego, with recognizing it in the first place. and do not try to manipulate yourself or others, just seek to understand... then the alchemy can begin in your being.

as for monogamy, where children are involved, i think it's a good idea, several women have also told me they are "built that way"... it's a firm stable foundation for life. 

go into yourself, do you really have to have sex with all of these women, or could you just exchange energies with them via. for instance a conversation or reiki or ... you get it.

I understand what your saying, I know I don't have to have sex with all those females, lol because I haven't done it but it's like a feeling I get, like a craving but I have enough self control to not go around and fornicate with everything in sight, but you have to admit that there is a big difference in energy exchange through conversation or daily interactions then when you get intimate with a person. Reiki idk I am not tuned so Who knows.  My partner is keen she is innerstanding of what I'm going through and very supportive.

SEX. Synergistic Energy eXchange. Neal Donald Walsch

It seems a matter of balance. If the goal is activation and syncing available chakras, one may notice focusing a lot of energy on one center will detract from this goal as the energies are meant to continually cycle. Many women feel similar to you and in my observation the balance issue is not unique to either. You may be interested in researching astral sex.

I will look up astral sex, sounds fun! I do tend to dream that I am having sex often, it's always very pleasant. I do seek balance, my soul craves to exchange energy and I have not taken care of it's needs, which I think has lead to an imbalance and is messing up my other chakras. I am going to walk more confidently and speak as genuinely as I can when I bring up this topic with a friend of mine, I just don't know how to lay it on her "Hey I find you attractive not just intellectually, but physically and spiritually, so you wanna go swap energy? I guarantee you won't get pregnant I can shoot my semen up my spine." See it sounds silly (this is where I lose it, I drop the ball). 

Thanks for the feed back everyone, Its good to hear others advice at times. I think many people feel this way in one form or another. People in general are uncomfortable with their sexuality and don't know how to express it. I believe that is why marriages fail and people resort to cheating in relationships. I have a very special connection with my partner, there is no envy or jealousy, we are both open minded and embracing of our sexuality. I do feel like I have a block in my sacral chakra. which is what I want to resolve. Like a bottle necking of the flow. When I was younger I was not to confident in my physical appearance and I had a lot of repressed sexuality. Now that I have awoken from my beauty sleep, equipped with a fresh look  due detoxing and diet change I just feel sexy haha. But truth be told I'm still shy to bring such things up. Plus I want to foster a real relationship, to make a real connection not just something superficial.

I don't want this to be a distraction, I know my main goal is to activate all my chakras. But when I walk the streets my mind just likes to fantasies about females, not always but enough to let me know it's "hungry". But I want to feed it something healthy, not just whatever scraps i can get my hands on (lol don't think I view women as pieces of meat it's just a metaphor). Truth be told I honor and respect all women very highly, we all came from a womb, lol well most of us, and there is no deeper connection then with that of the universal mother! 

Unfortunately society teaches us negative sexuality.  We are programmed to be ashamed of our bodies if they are not the "ideal" shape, size or color.  I have always been a bit more hyper sexual than most and as I have activated over time, my sexuality has increased exponentially.  Through a bit of trial and error I have found positive outlets for this energy; however I find myself feeling as if I'm on fire or wanting to crawl out of my skin due to the intense energies from my Root Chakra.  I have found some great outlets to help with this while keeping my Chakras in line.  As Jana mentioned, it is key to keep all Chakras balanced.  With that being said, as long as you have communication with your partner about your wants and needs, I encourage you to embrace your sexuality in a healthy way.

"male stereotype of being 100% motivated/driven by sex" - there's many males out there genuinely not motivated and driven by sex, sure the urge can caught up from time to time particularly if one doesnt stay away from sources promoting sex i.e. the TV as probably the biggest, but it's not a topic wich is a focus in the mind for sure.

"I feel this urge/desire to have sex constantly with a plethora of women" - again, it can be about about mentality, sometimes allowing the mind to take a vacation from certain sources, including people or friends we deal with, can give us enough space not to think as a "herd" and realise that some thoughts are not really ours. Or/and can also be that if you feel those urges maybe it's how you are wired and put together from the zodiac perspective. It can be simply who you are but it doesnt mean you can't find a balance since the purpose is to find a balance despite the inclinations you have.

I am seeking a deeper spiritual connection, especially with feminine energy. - have you tryed to tap into your own feminine energy? Women also have a masculine energy.

Can sex be a vehicle to advance our ascension or is it just another distraction? - Both.



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