I have finally located a good pdf. unloader thanks to a Member, so I began taking all the books that I have and uploading them. I have read about 85% of these books completely, others for obvious reasons, I got the just of the book and chose not to continue. I can only say one time that there are books here of the highest magical nature. Such works should be read from an investigative informative standpoint. To practice dark magic is to speed to the doom of Choronzon 333 which is at this point upon the dimension and prepared to consume its maddened servants and worshippers. 

For a moment I thought of holding certain works to myself because of their potency and danger of falling into the hand of the fool. However, I have determined to censor knowledge to Resistance Members would not be in Our benefit. You are grown. :-)

Lastly I would like all to consider that since I have access to this knowledge and have ingested just about all of it, that means what I am saying now about what is to take place in the future, which is rapidly becoming now, who is involved, how it can be stopped, is all based on not only this data but also the transmission from the Akashic. Let Us stay active and not delay at what We must do. 

Welcome beyond Levels.

New Books Being Uploaded by the hour....

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Thank you.
And it came to pass that pearls were cast before the swine.

This caused the swine to come rushing forward, to sniff at the pearls and then they got EXTREMELY upset, because they were hungry and hoping for something good to eat, and instead they were getting these inedible pointless hard ball things thrown at them they could do nothing with!

This is funny. I can say as the wheat has grown up with the chaff they are both now of the size where they can be distinguished and pulled apart as such.
Thank you Sevan! I feel like a child in a toy store. Lol!
Sevan = thewords of which we have none, maybe path of implosion..
Thank you so much for sharing this ...
Thank you again for extending this knowledge, this will definitely increase the innerstanding and get me closer to the goal. Much appreciated!
You may want to recheck that, this should be totally virus free.
thx, sevan
You have a couple repeats in there FYI. I was gonna get a few of these books already Ty.

@sevan this link doesnt look active anymore, can you update? Very interested!

Hello Whitney, all these books etc have been moved awhile ago to the Master Library@ Issuu




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